Time For Your Satisfyer to Satisfy-Her

Getting the most out of your Pro 2

It’s the worldwide best-selling toy women can’t get enough of.

Satisfyer’s Pro 2 is a clitoral stimulator renowned for helping women achieve faster, more intense and repeated climaxes like nothing else.

Its ability to deliver pleasure in record-breaking time, quietly and in a range of settings from bedroom to bathtub, has seen the Pro 2 become a prized possession.

This miracle worker has even been credited with making orgasms possible for women who have never previously experienced one.

Add to those feats the gorgeous rose gold finish of the Pro 2’s discreet ergonomic design, and it’s easy to see why Satisfyer’s hero product is, well, satisfying.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator
Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator uses Air-Pulse Technology to deliver oral-like sensations.

How does the Pro 2 work?

Although it’s often referred to as a vibrator, the Pro 2, technically is not.

The Pro 2 is a stimulator. It uses a whisper-quiet motor and patented Air-Pulse Technology to deliver oral-like sensations to the clitoris without direct contact.

Made from matte rose gold-coloured hard plastic, the Pro 2 resembles a cordless phone but with subtly concaved sides that make it easier to hold. At the top, an inviting, nozzle-like head juts out to the side, ready to encompass the clitoris.

The Pro 2 … uses a whisper-quiet motor and patented Air-Pulse Technology to deliver oral-like sensations

Simply hold the curved handle and place the soft silicone head over the clitoris to form a seal. For a firmer seal, apply some water-based lubricant to the rim of the Pro 2’s circular head.

Then use push-button controls on the back of the handle to power on the toy and explore 11 different programs, each more powerful than the last. The Pro 2 can be used up to one metre under water where the air pulses feel even more intense.

Don’t dive straight in though! When I said intense, I meant it.

This isn’t like the stimulation you might experience from a traditional vibrator, whether delivered by a light and buzzing or deep and rumbling motor.

Exactly how to describe the sensations depends on whom you ask. Sucking, massaging, flickering, pulsating, the list goes on – every woman’s body is unique and so too is their experience of the Pro 2.

Don’t dive straight in though! When I said intense, I meant it.

What is common though, is that this toy works fast and powerfully. I’ve heard of female colleagues climaxing in less than 60 seconds flat, then continuing on for more rounds.

The Pro 2 stimulates the clitoris by increasing blood flow to the area, causing it to throb, swell and redden with pleasure. Even though these effects are only temporary, it’s one of those situations where the adage “too much of a good thing” rings true. Give your body a rest after one or several orgasms – around 15 minutes or so should suffice.

So what’s the Pro 2 Plus Vibration?

Just as its name suggests, Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Plus Vibration is essentially the Pro 2 with the addition of vibration. It adds 10 vibration programs to the 11 pressure wave programs thanks to a second motor. The two motors are independent, so you can enjoy the air wave stimulation or vibrations separately or simultaneously.

The Pro 2 Plus Vibration adds 10 vibration programs to the Pro 2’s 11 pressure wave programs thanks to a second motor

Both versions of the Pro 2 look similar, with curved rose gold handles made from durable plastic and soft white silicone heads. However, the top and bottom of the vibrating model are slightly more angular than rounded.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration
Satsisfyer’s Pro 2 Plus Vibration adds exciting vibes to the Pro 2.

Many women find that adding vibration once air pulsation has stimulated their clitoral area further supports blood flow and circulation in surrounding tissues.

Suffice to say, combining the air pulsation with vibration makes for an even more intense experience. The toy may be whisper-quiet but I challenge you to be!

Using the Pro 2 for a g-spot orgasm

While the Pro 2 and Pro 2 Plus Vibration are famous for their clitoral action, did you know that you can use them to stimulate your g-spot too?

In fact, the Pro 2 can encourage incredible blended orgasms, involving the clitoris and g-spot at the same time.

How? Introducing the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is one of our longest nerves, bridging our brain to our heart, lungs and digestive system. It also plays a role in our tone of voice and facial expressions.

When stimulating the thousands of nerve endings of the clitoris, it is channelled through the vagus nerve deeper into your body

The Pro 2 can encourage incredible blended orgasms, involving the clitoris and g-spot at the same time.

To put it simply, a blended orgasm is when the clitoris is being activated and another pleasure spot is involved.

You can jumpstart this process with the Satisfyer Pro 2 because the touch-free air pulsations stimulate not only the outer, visible part of the clitoris but also its deeper, internal structures.

The pea-shaped nub that we refer to as the clitoris is really the tip of a much larger organ. In fact, the glans, which is the only visible part, actually makes up one-fifth or less of the whole structure. The rest includes two bulbs that extend down from the glans to the vaginal opening to form a structure that resembles a wishbone.

By using the Pro 2 while holding kegel balls inside your vagina, you can stimulate the spot where your clitoral bulbs root around your vaginal canal. This is your g-spot.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator
Designed for faster, more intense climaxes, Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator is a best-seller.

How to have a blended orgasm using the Pro 2

  1. You’ll need your Satisfyer Pro 2, kegel balls (one or two) with a retrieval cord and water-based lubricant. Ensure that your toys have been sanitised with toy cleaner before you begin.
  2. Sit on a chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees, the balls of your feet touching the floor and your heels slightly lifted. This will help to activate the arches of your feet and, in turn, pull sensations higher and deeper into your body, and bridge a connection to the root of your clitoris.
  3. Apply water-based lubricant to your kegel ball/s and gently insert them into your vagina, leaving the retrieval cord outside your body.
  4. Apply water-based lubricant to the head of your Pro 2 and then place it over your clitoris to form a seal. Turn it on to a slow setting and breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on extending the length of breath out to pull the connection of the vagus nerve more deeply into your belly.
  5. As your sensations deepen, you can increase the speed of the Pro 2. Try moving your pelvis and spine to help expand the sensation of orgasm throughout your body. Aim to harmonise your breath with the dual stimulation for true pleasure.
Kegel balls in woman's hands
Combining kegel balls with the Satisfyer Pro 2 can lead to blended orgasms.

More ways to use the Pro 2

For those keen to try temperature, the Pro 2 can be a great alternative to glass or metal sex toys.

Simply place a small crushed ice cube inside the opening of the head. The cold helps to constrict the blood vessels, which can be an effective way of ‘self-edging’ your orgasms. This refers to bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm, then backing off. Repeating the process multiple times will make the eventual orgasm that much more intense.

It’s also a fun way to involve a partner in your Pro 2 sessions or introduce temperate play into your mutual repertoire.

Other forms of sensation play include swapping standard water-based lubricant for toy-safe cooling or warming lubricants or arousal gels. It will take your Pro 2 tingles out of this world!