The Best Anal Sex Positions

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Anal sex is a popular form of sex that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone, both penis and vagina owners alike. Some people get excited by the idea of anal sex, for others it can make them feel nervous, and for a lot of us, we will fall somewhere in between the two. 

Anal sex can require a bit more knowledge and preparation than other types of sex, but it’s always important to know how to be prepared. But I guess that’s why you’re here, to learn! Well great news, because we’re here to teach. So, what are the best anal sex positions? Well, there are a lot of great ones, so let’s work out which position is gonna be best for you and your bum and get you closer to the elusive anal orgasm

Best anal sex positions for beginners

New to the anal game, hey? Great to hear that you’re exploring different aspects of sex (and clearly doing a bit of reading up on the topic too). So what are the best anal sex positions for beginners?

The lap dance

Two people having anal sex in the lap dance position

The lap dance is one of the best anal sex positions for beginners because it allows you and your partner to ease into anal sex by letting the receiver control how much they sit down on their partner. This control is great for beginners because it allows them to go as shallow or as deep as they feel comfortable with. 

Most anal sex positions require partners to be facing away from each other, but if you want to make this position feel a bit more intimate, then using your hands to rub each others body is a great way to do this.

So, how do you do it? Have the giver sit on the edge of the bed or seat. The receiver will stand in front of them facing away, then they can sit down onto them and get things started.


Two people having anal sex in the missionary position

Ah missionary it’s a classic for a reason! Missionary is probably the most well-known sex position in the world, and it is very beginner-friendly. 

The giver will be in control of how deep they go, so communication is going to be key to make sure the receiver is feeling comfortable. 

Missionary is one of the best anal sex positions because you and your partner get to face each other, which allows for more intimate eye contact. Plus, it opens up the chance for you both to join in on a little nipple play. 

So, how do you do it? The receiver lies on their back, with the giver on top of them and penetrating from there. Pro tip: Lay a pillow under the hips of the receiver to help with finding the perfect angle.

Best anal sex positions for people with vaginas

One of the great things about anal sex is that anyone with an anus can enjoy it – it doesn’t really matter what other gear you’re working with. That being said, there are some things that vagina-owners might like to incorporate to up the satisfaction.

So, whether you like to be in charge or let your partner do the work, these positions are a lot of fun.


Two people having anal sex in the coyboy/cowgirl position

Cowgirl is a great position because it allows the receiver to be in control. You can ride, slide and move around on your partner and find a rhythm that you both enjoy. You have the power to change up the pace whenever you want.

So, how do you do it? The giver reclines on their back. The receiver can hop on top and straddle them with their knees on either side. The receiver can then slowly lower down onto the giver, and once you’re both comfortable, you can go to town.

The Snake

Two people having anal sex in the snake position

The snake is one of the best anal sex positions for receivers who likes it when the giver is in charge. Raising your hips allows the giver to go deeper, and opens up space for clitoral stimulation. There is something sexy about having half of your body (consensually!) pushed into the bed while they’re behind you.

So, how do you do it? The receiver starts on their knees, placing their chest on the bed.  The giver then enters from behind. There’s a lot of room to get creative with this one, too.

Best anal sex positions for people with penises

People with penises or prostates may find anal sex is particularly pleasurable. That’s because anal play can  stimulate the prostate or ‘the p-spot’. The p-spot is a small walnut-sized gland inside your butt that helps you produce semen, and it also feels really good when stimulated!

The p-spot swells when you’re aroused, so it can be easier to find if you indulge in a bit of foreplay beforehand.

Doggy style

Two people having anal sex in the doggy position

Probably the second most well-known position, but it’s famous for good reason. Doggy style is loved by many for how beginner-friendly it is, but it’s also great for deeper penetration and p-spot stimulation.

If you want to add a bit more fun to your doggy, the giver is free to reach around and stimulate their partner too!.

So, how do you do it? The receiver will be on all fours, while the giver kneels or stands behind them. Slowly get comfortable., The giver will be able to set the pace from there.

Backside lotus

Two people having anal sex in the backside lotus position

The regular lotus position is one of the most intimate and romantic positions two people can experience. And backside lotus is no different. This position allows for lots of making out and lots of eye contact. It’s one of the best anal sex positions because it allows for deep penetration, while maintaining a level of intimacy that may be lost in other anal sex positions.

So, how can you do it? The giver sits up on a bed or couch. The receiver climbs onto their lap while facing them. Then you can slowly slide down into place.

Best anal sex positions to try solo

Not everyone has (or wants) an anal play partner. Anal masturbation is a fun way to explore your body and spice up your solo sessions. Getting yourself in the mood beforehand is a great way to get your muscles relaxed, which will make things more pleasurable. Try having a warm bath to get nice and relaxed before your alone time.

On your back

A person anally masturbating on their back

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s always a great place to start! 

So, how do you do it? Lie on your back and get comfortable. Bring your knees to your chest (and slide a pillow under your hips), and simply  reach down to stimulate and penetrate from there.

(Solo) doggy style

A person anally masturbating in the solo doggy position

Doggy style is a super-versatile position that caters to both couples and singles.

So, how do you do it? On all fours, reach your arm behind you and start to stimulate and penetrate the area. If you have the tools and the desire, you can suction cup a dildo or toy to the wall and use that to help you reach pleasure-ville.

Best position for painless anal sex

Pain is one of the major reasons people don’t want to try anal sex. Unfortunately, yes – anal sex can be painful or uncomfortable – especially if you’re not properly prepared. 

Proper preparation, such as using an anal training kit or small toys, will ensure you have a good time. And being relaxed and comfortable is important too. While we recommend jumping in the shower beforehand to help yourself relax and loosen up, remember that water isn’t a good lubricant.

Instead, jump out of the shower, engage in a bit (or a lot) of foreplay, and use heaps of lube. We can’t stress that enough – a bottle of lube is going to be your best friend, and no, there’s no such thing as using too much.

Start small and work your way up

It’s a good idea to prepare for the big day with a little self-exploration. Start with a lubed finger to see how your body reacts and whether you like how it feels. If you feel comfortable, you could then let your partner have a go. Communication is going to be super-important to make sure everyone is having a good time. And if that goes well, you may just be ready to graduate to penetration.

Positions are Important

One of the best anal positions for newbies is the  cowgirl/cowboy.. This position is great because it gives the receiver complete control of how deep they go and at what pace.You can go as fast or as slow as you want. 

Once you feel comfortable with that position, you can give your partner more control. Missionary might be the next best step, as it’s most likely a familiar favourite for the both of you, so there’s no need to learn any fancy new positions.

Best position for deep anal sex

If you’re more experienced in the butt scene than most, you’re probably searching for  a better position for deep anal sex. Well, look no further, because you may have just found it. Deep anal sex can be especially pleasurable for prostate-owners as you’re more likely to reach the p-spot.

The flatiron

Two people having anal sex in the lap dance position

The flatiron position isn’t the most revolutionary, but it can help you go deep. Very deep. It gives the giver all the control, so once everyone is comfortable they can start things off and find a nice rhythm from there. 

So, how do you do it? The receiver lies face down on the bed with their knees slightly bent and their hips raised slightly off the bed. The giver can enter them from behind, but will keep their weight off them by propping themselves up with their arms.

Advanced anal sex positions

So, you’re quite the veteran. You’ve been around the block a few times, and you’re ready for some double black diamond runs. No stress, we know quite a few advanced anal sex positions.

The pile driver

Two people having anal sex in the piledriver position

The pile driver is truly an advanced anal sex position, so you might want  to limber up before you attempt it. You’ll be bragging to all your friends if you can pull this one off. 

You’ll need to be able to take all of what the giver is offering, since they’ll be more or less sitting on top of your rear. There’s not much room to move, so keep the talk up to make sure everyone is comfortable.

So, how do you do it? The receiver lies on their back and bring their legs up over their head, trying to get their butt as high as they can in the air. The giver lowers themselves onto the receiver. The give should also have great access to lean down and stimulate their partner’s clitoris or penis.

The seated wheelbarrow

Two people having anal sex in the seated wheelbarrow position

Another advanced anal sex positon is the seated wheelbarrow. This one also requires a little bit of manoeuvring but allows for deep penetration once you’re in position. It’s not a position most have been in before, so it will be new and exciting working it out with your partner. 

So, how do you do it? The giver should be seated upright at the end of the bed. The receiver then gets into position with their hands firmly planted on the floor in front of them. The giver can then grab the receiver by the hips to position them, with the receiver’s legs up on the bed on either side of them.

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