What Are The Best Sex Positions?

Your ultimate sex position guide

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or you’re getting intimate with your sex buddy, we as humans tend to fall into certain patterns and comfort zones in all aspects of life, and especially in our sex lives.

Even if you have multiple sexual partners, you might notice you tend to steer towards certain ways of setting the mood, acts of foreplay and even your go-to positions.

Sure, you want to show your partner that you’re the master of your sexuality and how confident you feel when you’ve got the moves down pat, but there are days when your locked and loaded moves become somewhat repetitive. This actually starts to work against you, so rather than being your confident self, you might start to feel like your sex life isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

You and your partner might want to shake things up a bit – sometimes all it takes is giving your tried and tested moves a refresher course! When it comes to getting naughty between the sheets, there’s nothing more exciting than trying out a new move or variation with your partner and being open to new experiences together.

What’s important to remember is you shouldn’t take these new moves too seriously. If you’re trying them out it’s good to have a giggle at yourself while getting into position and makes for a more carefree, relaxed environment when you do get it going!

It’s good to have a giggle at yourself while getting into position and makes for a more carefree, relaxed environment

While some of these may seem ho-hum in a sense, it’s good to note that while however mundane the position may look, it’s about how you use it! Then again, there are some positions that can seem like you need to be a flexible yoga instructor to get them right, but we promise that you won’t be disappointed, even if you try and fail you can still have a great time doing it.

So, let’s look at some foundation positions and others that stem from the basics. Discover which positions you can start with and how to master them to make your experience as unique as the variations.

Two shirtless men press their foreheads against each others. Both have their eyes closed
There’s nothing more exciting than planning a new position to try.

Cowgirl-based positions

With so many ways to get the inner cowgirl in you going, this position doesn’t need to be the standard ride you might be accustomed to. This position in its simplest form is the bottom partner laying on their back while the top partner straddles on top.

Whether involving a penis, strap on or finger, this penetrative move is a great way to get the basics right and move into new positions with ease. Not only is it an intimate session with your partner as you face each other, it allows for a pretty good total body workout for the rider.

There are many variations for cowgirl, such as our favourite woman astride, where the top partner leans back and puts their hands on their partner’s legs, allowing for deeper penetration and option for clitoral stimulation with a finger or with a vibrator.

If you want the bottom partner to be more involved, try the cowgirl’s helper which puts less stress on your legs and makes climaxing easier as you kneel on your partner’s chest/arms and they help by supporting your weight and raising their butt with each of your thrusts.

If you want a new leg workout, try the lunge position; sit on your partner with one foot in front of you and the other extended out behind. It stretches out your hip flexors and you’ll feel closer to your partner.

Even the reverse cowgirl is a classic that has the top partner facing the other way, riding their partner and offering a new angle of penetration, or if you’re daring enough, try the cowboy where you lie on your back while your partner straddles you, gently inserting their penis, strap on, or finger as your legs are semi-closed, creating a tighter experience; make it even sexier and add some bondage action to this exercise.

Missionary-based positions

We know what you’re thinking, missionary has been used to death and is one of the more vanilla positions – but we always say that when it comes to sex positions, it’s what you make of it.

We know what you’re thinking, missionary … is one of the more vanilla positions – but we always say that when it comes to sex positions, it’s what you make of it

While your partner might be on top doing the thrusting and getting their butt workout for the night, you can still work your body when you’re on your back. Laying there like you’re ready for the sex to be over isn’t going to be a good confidence boost for your partner, so getting involved as much as you can will make for an amazing night in bed.

Make missionary more memorable by wrapping your legs around them as it allows you to be more physically involved in the sweat session. While you’re there, prop yourself up on your elbows and really get close to your partner, this way you’ll be able to touch chest to chest and get a deeper, more penetrative orgasm!

Missionary is also the perfect position to bring a toy or two into the mix as your clitoris is exposed when your partner is upright, allowing room for a clitoral vibrator to do some orgasmic work on you, and your partner if they like.

One of our favourite variations of missionary is the seashell, which is the same as missionary except the one laying down has their legs up and feet to face (ankles crossed behind the head if you have the flexibility), while the top partner leans on their legs and enters.

If you can’t bend that far back, try the folded deck chair where you lie on your back with the back of your thighs on their chest, your feet straight up in the air and your head and shoulders toward them, use a small pillow or wedge for extra lower back support.

If you want a butt workout, try the arch position, bringing your legs up to bridge as your partner kneels, but resting on your shoulders and arms, allowing for deep penetration and a nice view of each other.

Woman lying behind sex wedge
Use sex wedges to add to your sex position repertoire.

Doggy style-based positions

Anyone remember that song with the line ‘do it like they do on the Discovery Channel’? Well doggy style is a tried and tested position that works for anyone and everyone, no matter your sexuality or position preferences, just bend over and brace yourself for a wild ride.

Traditionally, doggy style is performed when one partner is on all fours and bent over (face down, butt up) and the other enters from behind. Try incorporating a sex sling to make the experience easier and more intense.

Try incorporating a sex sling to make the experience easier and more intense

There are variations of doggy style, like one partner on all fours on the edge of the bed while the other partner stands and enters, or your hands are against the wall bent over. Or try the wheelbarrow where your hands are on the floor and your partner holds you up from the hips while they thrust – whatever your flavour, coming in from behind is fantastic as it is orgasmic.

What’s great about the good ol’ doggy style is that it can be done anywhere (that’s legal) so you don’t need a soft, comfortable bed to lay down on in order to get things heated. Try it next time you’re on the couch with your partner, in the middle of cooking dinner—yes being bent over the kitchen table is next level sexy—or bend over in the shower for some wet and wild times!

All you need to do is brace yourself for the best impactful orgasm you can get. While you’re back there, you can get extra frisky by engaging in anal sex, using anal stimulators, couple’s toys and the perfect lube to get you going.

Pretzel dip

Sounds like a treat right? Well in a sense, it is! It’s all about twisting and getting into the right position so you and your partner can get a deeper penetration than that of doggy style (can you believe it)?

How the pretzel dip works is by one partner laying on their left or right side body with one leg bent in the air, kind of like an open clam. The other partner kneels and gets as close to them as possible, getting the laying partner’s air lifted leg wrapped and curling around their side and their bottom leg underneath the top partner.

This is a fabulous position if you want a deeper, more connective sexual experience as you have the benefits of penetration from doggy style, but have the eye contact and connection of missionary – it’s two for the price of one!

How to make this position even more stimulating is by getting your partner to rub your clit (whether you’re bottom or top partner), or introduce something like a couple’s finger vibrator to do the job while they focus on thrusting – thank us later!

Finding the positions that work for you

While some of these positions might sound a little out of your league, you won’t know until you try.

Most positions are based on the three foundation positions: missionary, cowgirl and doggy, so why not mix up your sexual repertoire and give some variations to your usual movements between the sheets? While not every position will be your cup of tea, seeing what works for you and your partner will make sex that much more exciting.

Adding a slight change to your normal routine can be the ultimate way to find new fire and be just the thing you need to reach a stronger, deeper orgasm while giving your partner a session they won’t forget for a long time!