Solo Anal: A Guide to Pleasuring Yourself Anally

Whether you’re working your way up to anal play with a partner, or you’re simply curious about butt stuff, solo exploration can be a fun way to experience all the amazing sensations that this erogenous zone has to offer. Here are some tips to get started. Happy exploring!

Why you should explore anal masturbation

Well for starters, solo anal can be heaps of fun. There are lots of sensitive nerve endings down there, as well as easy access to the prostate (if you have one). 

But butt stuff isn’t for everyone, and that’s why solo exploration is so important. Get familiar with your butt, what you like and what you don’t. And if it’s not for you? Simply move on – there’s plenty of other fun stuff you can do to get off instead. 

Solo exploration is especially important if you’re thinking about diving into the world of anal sex with a partner. Discovering what your likes and dislikes are before the big day will make the experience much easier and more pleasurable for both of you. It’s important for you to get used to different sensations and experiencing them alone first can help you feel more comfortable. Anal masturbation will help you understand what penetrative anal sex will feel like, and help you feel more prepared on the day.

How to pleasure yourself anally

1. Start with your fingers

You might have your eyes on a fancy new anal toy, but trust us, start small.  

Using your fingers is a good place to start to get you comfortable with the new sensation, and make sure to use lots of lube! The anus isn’t self-lubricating so this is very important. It helps reduce the chance of little tears occurring, but it also makes the process feel a lot more pleasurable.

Even before you insert anything, try rubbing the opening of your anus, and don’t neglect the bum cheeks and upper thighs. If it feels good, go for it.

2. Move on to small toys

If you then feel comfortable with fingering, toys could be your next step up. A small anal sex toy would be a good next step in getting you used to the sensation of something bigger. 

Anal beads or butt plugs are a good place to start (go for a smaller toy). They both provide different sensations so you’ll start to understand what you enjoy. For instance, a butt plug provides a feeling of fullness, while beads and balls provide a satisfying pop when pulled out.

3. Experiment with different shapes, materials and sizes

Different materials and shapes will also provide different sensations. Experiment with different materials (from glass to silicone to steel) to find what feels good for you (note that if it’s your first time, you likely want to go for a softer material like silicone. Perhaps save the steel for when you have a few more notches on your belt). 

You might also like to experiment with temperature. For beginners, it’s probably best to warm up your toys a little for the most comfortable experience (body temperature is best). Pros might like to play with heat and cold by warming up or cooling a steel or glass toy. 

The number one rule when playing with anal toys is this: make sure your toy has a flared base, handle or string. The anus is a powerful sphincter that can (and will) suck up your toys. To avoid a trip to the emergency department, always use toys that can easily be removed.

3. Use lube

Lastly – use lube. We know we’ve said it, but we’ll say it again. Lube up your toys and keep a bottle by your bed for reapplication. It’ll make the experience so much more enjoyable.

4. Try different positions

While it might feel a little awkward at first, getting into the right position for solo anal play can make a world of difference. But keep it simple if just starting out. Try on your back with your knees to your chest, or on all fours. Both positions will give you easy access to your bum.

If you’ve got a little experience, you could try a suction-cup anal toy. Stick it to the wall and back up on it. You control the depth so only go as far as you feel comfortable. 

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