Good Vibes Only – Wild Secrets Vibrator Buying Guide (2022)

Vibrators are probably the poster product for sex toys and have come a long way since their invention. We’ve always wondered about the whole ‘curing hysteria through orgasms’ thing given that history keeps telling us that female pleasure wasn’t really a priority back then. And when we found out the vibrator began as a therapy for men… well. We weren’t exactly surprised. 

Thankfully, vibrators these days are equal opportunity devices and no longer need to be plugged into a giant motor that’s also powering your kitchen appliances. Indeed, the best vibrators are rechargeable, cordless, and discreet. They also come in all shapes and sizes as adding a tiny motor to just about any toy and giving it a vibrating function makes it, well, a vibrator.  

So to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our top picks for vibrating toys across the huge array of products out there. If you’re looking for a more instructional guide, stay tuned for our  article on How To Use a Vibrator. 

Where Are You Putting That Thing? 

Vibrators can be for internal or external stimulation – or both. Some, like bullet vibrators and massage wands, are specifically designed for external use only. If you’re looking for something to insert, keep a close eye on the materials. Much like dildos and dongs, vibrators come in a range of materials, from softer jelly and TPE/TPR materials through to medical grade silicone. Jelly, TPE and TPR are frequently used in more budget friendly products, but are also porous. If you have one of these, we recommend cleaning both before and after use with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and always using a condom during penetrative play. Also, maybe don’t share these with other people. For more on information, check out our Guide to Toy Materials. 

One last thing – if you’re looking for a vibrator for anal play, make sure you get one with a flared base or a chunky handle. This will prevent you losing your toy up your rectum – or up someone else’s rectum. As funny as that can be to hear about, you really don’t want to be on one of those annual ‘things doctors found up people’s bums’ posts on social media. 

While ‘real feel’ branded materials are usually a dildo and dong thing, many manufacturers include a vibrating function on premium dildos. Be aware that some manufacturers trademark a cheaper material with a name that incorporates a more premium material – like ‘Silicone’. Just because it’s got ‘Silicone’ in the material brand name with a trademark ‘TM’ after it doesn’t mean it’s actually high grade, non-porous silicone. If the only material listed comes with a trademark or a registered trademark ® symbol, you can probably assume it’s a cheaper jelly or TPE product, and act accordingly.

Use Lube 

Even if you’re not planning on using your vibrator for penetrative sex, lubricant can be great to enhance stimulation anyway. As vibrators are by definition moving against you (or in you), a good lubricant can help increase your pleasure and enjoyment of your new best friend. 

Best Beginner Vibrator – Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator with Clitoral Suction 


The Satisfyer Pro is a perfect all-round vibrator for exploring yourself. It’s insertable, body safe, and features both g-spot vibration and clitoral stimulation. It has a simple interface and independently controlled functions to let you find what works best for you, and its 15 year warranty means it’ll be with you for a long time. 

Best Classic Vibrator: The Duchess 7.9” Thumping Vibrator by Royals 


Give yourself the royal treatment with The Duchess – classically shaped, tapered for your pleasure and waterproof so you can bring it to your relaxing soak in the hot tub or spa. Perfect for solo explorations or play with a partner, this classic vibe’s body-safe silicone feels great against your skin and works great as an external pleasure device. Try it on your nipples, your wrists or whispering down your torso and belly and extend your foreplay before you get to the main event. You’ll be glad you did! 

Best Rabbit Vibrator – Wild Secrets Enchant 8” Rabbit Vibrator With Clitoral Suction 


A lot of vibrators are hard. And sometimes hard is good, but let’s be honest, a bit of flex and a soft, sensual feel to the shaft is much better than the moulded plastic of traditional toys. We’ve specifically designed the enchant with that flex so it fits your body, added ridges for internal pleasure, and kept the air pulse clitoral stimulation everyone vulva owner needs in their sex life. So, if you’re after a premium yet affordable rabbit vibe, grab one of these and prepare to be enchanted. 

Best Luxury Vibrator – Lelo Enigma Cruise 


You might have seen this one in Netflix’s recent hit How To Build a Sex Room, and it’s one of our favourites as well! The Enigma Cruise has both an internal and clitoral stimulator, made of body safe silicone, and an easy to use 3-button interface. It’s also beautiful to look at and an object you can display with pride as a décor piece in its own right. After all, it’s something to be proud about! 

For more tips on building the sex room of your dreams, check out our How To Build a Sex Room Buying Guide 

Best Bullet Vibrator: Wild Secrets Kiss 

Perhaps best known recently as the toy Jackie O has and loves, this bullet vibe is small, discreet, powerful, and perfect for stimulating your lips, nipples, clitoris, glans, perineum, or any other sensitive area of your body. Unlike a lot of other bullet vibes, it’s also made of body-safe phthalate free silicone, so it’s safe for internal use as well.  

Bullet Vibe Top Tip!

Bullet vibes are typically not made for internal use and we highly recommend not using them internally at all. Some, especially metal bullet vibes, use dyes and pigmentations that have a heavy metal component. These are perfectly fine to use externally, but can find their way into your bloodstream if used internally. To be safe, don’t do it unless you’re absolutely certain you know what the toy is made from. Like in the case of the Kiss vibrator. 

Best Massage Wand – Le Wand Petite Cordless 10” Massager with Flexible Head 

The Magic Wand has come a long way since being advertised as a general tension reliever by Hitachi back in the late 1960s, although we suppose it did that too. Magic Wands are great because they’re still technically discreet massage devices, but are also great for external sexual stimulation. They’re great for people of different abilities who can’t manipulate toys well with fingers, and Le Wand are one of the best makers of massage wands out there.  We love the Petite as it’s portable, has a travel lock to avoid it going off in your bag, and has a flexible neck, allowing it to fit your body. For best results remember you can add a bit of water-based lubricant to your wand to heighten all sensations. 

If you’re looking for something larger, we suggest our 13.8” Glow Wand 

Best Egg Vibrator – Lyla 2 Remote Controlled Egg Vibrator – Designer Edition by Lelo 


This limited edition premium egg vibrator is perfect for internal or external stimulation, and its discreet remote has a range of 36 metres (118 ft), for the thrill of discreet public play. Take control yourself or hand it over to a partner wherever you are, with body-safe silicone and full waterproofing making it well worth every cent. 

If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to check out the California Exotic 2.5” Vibrating Egg. We just recommend not using this one in public – the wired remote is a bit of a giveaway! 

Best Clitoral Vibe – Wild Secrets Envy 

We know, we know, you expected us to put in a Satisfyer Pro 2 here. And we’re not going to lie, the Satifyer Pro 2 is insanely good, we particularly like the black. Especially because we’re the only place you can get it. But the Wild Secrets Envy is powered by Satisfyer. Same air pulse tech, slightly different look, and the discreet, stylish design you’ve come to expect from us at Wild Secrets. 

Simply add a dab of water based lube, hold it up against your clit and let the envy take your breath away with 11 pressure wave intensities, and 10 vibration settings.  

Best Couples Vibrator – We-Vibe Chorus Adjustable Couple Vibrator with App Control and Squeeze Remote 

The We Vibe Chorus is a C shaped couple's vibrator for use during penetrative penis in vagina sex.

Designed as an upgrade for opposite sex couples, the We-Vibe Chorus provides clitoral and g-spot stimulation while allowing plenty of room for penetration. Along with 10 vibration modes, the Chorus features 3 touch-sense modes, where it works in harmony with your movements to heighten both of your pleasure. The remote is squeeze activated, upping the vibration power the harder you squeeze. We suggest grasping it between your hands so it becomes an integrated part of your play rather than something you need to reach over to grab.  

With additional smartphone app functionality, including having the toy vibrate to your sexy playlist of choice, the Chorus is one couple’s toy that truly lets you play your way. 

Best Vibrating Cock Ring – Royal One Vibrating Couples Ring With App by Satisfyer 

If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it… 

Whether it’s playing alone or with a partner satisfy with the Royal One! Cock rings are designed to help maintain erections for longer, and the addition of vibrations turns their versatility to 11. The Royal One is designed to provide clitoral stimulation when used for penis in vagina penetrative sex, and features a whisper quiet mode and smartphone app integration for out of bedroom play. You can also build your own vibration functions, or have it pulse to whatever music you’re listening too – wherever you are. 

Best G-Spot Vibrator – G-Gasm Curve by Adam and Eve

The Adam and Eve G-Gasm Curve
The G-Gasm Curve by Adam and Eve features 180 different pleasure combinations of vibrations and intensities. It has a premium silicone and ABS construction and design, with its angled shaft and bulbous head perfect for targeting the g-spot for stronger, more intense orgasms. Getting all the premium features at a budget-friendly price point is what earns the G-Gasm a place on this list, however, and if you’re wanting to check out if a G-Spot vibe is for you, this is one of our most recommended choices.

Best Prostate Massager – Hugo by Lelo 

We like to think of Hugo as your best butt buddy. Which, when you think about it, is one of the nicest things you can say about anything or anyone. Specifically designed for people with prostates, the Hugo features dual motors for both prostate and perineal stimulation. It has a tapered shape for easy insertion, and is made of super smooth silicone for a gentle feel at your back door. You may have seen it featured in television, but if you’re ready to explore it yourself, get one of the best toys on the market and have yourself a Hugo. 

Best Anal Vibrator – Doc Johnson A-Play Beginner 4.75” Vibrating Butt Plug With Remote 

The A-Play range of toys by Doc Johnson are gender neutral, and perfect for anyone who likes stimulating the nerves around the butt, and this nifty beginner vibrating plug is a perfect way to get started. With velvet touch, body-safe silicone, water resistance and a remote for easy control, the A-Play Beginner a perfect addition to your toy chest. Its non-porous structure means it’s easy to keep clean and can be used with silicone lubricant. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, check out the Adventurous 5.25” or the Experienced 5.75”. Both have amazing thrusting functions to kick your A-Play up a notch or two! 

Best Novelty Vibrator – Inmi Rechargeable 2” Oral Sex Vibe 

Okay, this one was hard. No, not in that way. Or not just in that way, there were just so many options here that picking one was difficult. But we’ve chosen this Oral Sex Vibrator because it just makes sense. Of course it would make oral better, but it’s just not a product you see very often! The Inmi Oral Sex Vibe is rechargeable, completely waterproof, odourless and tasteless, and has five vibration modes to make oral sex even more fun. Despite the image, it’s also gender neutral. We recommend using one of our water-based flavoured lubes for extra fun, because why not? 

Honourable mentions for this category include the Inya Rose Clitoral Stimulator, and the Adam & Eve 8.75” Vibrating Anal Bead Stick. Like we said, you can make just about any toy better with vibrations! 

And that’s it!

We hope that wasn’t too overwhelming, but there’s seriously so many amazing options out there. Let us know what you think though – does this guide work for you? Did we miss one of your favourites? Or would you like us to take a deeper dive into a specific type of vibrator? Slide into our DMs on Instagram @wildsecrets.official and let us know! Until then, happy shopping and may all your vibes be good!