How To Build A Sex Room – Your Buying Guide

Melanie Rose - host of How to Build a Sex Room

“I hear you want a sex room?” – Melanie Rose

So you’ve just binged the Netflix Show (if you haven’t go watch it. We’ll still be here. No seriously!), you got all inspired and now you want to build your own sex room. You’re envisioning all the changes you’ll make the walls you’ll knock down – wallpaper designs are floating through your head and… now what? It’s not like we all have an intimate space stylist around and an unlimited budget.

So here are our top tips at getting some of the looks you’ve seen and loved in the show – and the products we have that suit.

Get the Look

Four of the key styles that get shown on the show are the Luxury Retreat, the Leather Den, Hollywood Glam, and Modern Living. Of course, these are guides only and you should absolutely mix and match elements from each to see what works best for you!

The Luxury Retreat

Luxury bed with sensual textiles

This is the high end hotel or spa, so the key here is in the name – luxury. You want high quality linens on your bed, furs and lambskin rugs, ostrich feathers, chandeliers, textured wallpapers and mirrors that let you see everything. Sensuously shaped sculptures, erotic art and photography, and scattered throughout all the luxury toys that act as very functional ornaments and prompt your mind to wander every time you see them.

This piece is beautiful, luxe and oh so sexy. With a flared base it can be used for vaginal or anal play, and won’t look out of place next to your sculptural decorations or sitting on the dresser.

Yes, it’s a second Pipedream glass item, but honestly the entire glass range from Pipedreams is perfect in a luxury retreat. Glass ornaments sit discreetly on any surface, and if you want a clear option, this is a perfect choice.

Pivot Cock Ring by We-Vibe

This app controlled couple’s ring is perfect for solo or partnered play and comes with app control for long distance play too! Hang it off a wall hook, or even around a phallic sculpture or suction dildo and it’ll add a subtle pop of colour to your room as well!

This silky soft blindfold in black really fits any style, but it’s perfect for your luxury retreat. Keep it on the bedstand, or slip it into a drawer and pull it out when the mood strikes.

This premium G-Spot Vibrator is amazing for all people with vulvas and is a beautiful piece of visual art in its own right. Reserve a spot for it by your bed. You won’t regret it.

The Leather Den

Black Leather Den with glass table, textured throws and erotic photography

The leather den or dungeon if you want to call it hat, is pretty much was it says on the box. Think industrial flooring, dark walls, and leather, leather, leather. If you’re heavy into kink and BDSM this is the look for you. We recommend going with black plus one other accent colour unless you really know what you’re doing, and if you’re new to bondage and restraint, please check out our safety tips down below.

This padded harness set is great if you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of BDSM and restraint. It won’t break the bank, and it’ll give you all the support needed for a long play session and the feeling of being just as helpless as you or your partner like.

If you’re after more heavy duty gear and a real dungeon vibe, get yourself this bed restraint kit with padded, vegan lather cuffs. With adjustable buckles for both comfort and sizing, this kit will allow you to position your bottom (or yourself) exactly where you want to for maximum access, and really take your BDSM feel to the next level.

Okay, so OUCH! is the brand name. This isn’t about pain. What it is about is a waterproof play space for massage – or any other wet based play you might like. It has a rim to keep all the diluted lube or other fluid contained and is a perfect solution if you don’t have a luxury spa to play in and can’t just renovate your basement to include a drainage point right where you need it.

This soft, synthetic, Japanese rope is perfect for beginning your exploration of Shibari, or rope bondage. It’s long enough to tie more complex harnesses and restraints, and you can throw it in the wash if it gets any bodily fluids on it, keeping your ropes clean and safe to use. If you really want to get into Shibari, you will find yourself needing multiple ropes. Two or three hanks is a recommended starting point – just be careful, it has been known to be addictive.

Sometimes you just need a harness with a phallus, and if you do, this strap on set is perfect for you! It features a smooth silicone dildo in black and a vegan leather harness with a plush velvet lining for comfort. So whether you’re trying pegging or just need to give your girl some love, strap in and enjoy yourself!

Master Series Sub Strap Over the Door

This over door restraint kit is basically a portable St Andrew’s Cross. Secure your bottom to any handy door for sensation play, spanking or anything else you can think of safe in the knowledge you can pack this away discreetly when not in use. Perfect for when you want the furniture, but can’t have a dedicated space.

For those of you looking for a statement piece of play furniture, look no further than the Master Series Sex Bench. It’s ergonomically designed to keep a bottom in the perfect position for spanking or penetration, and features adjustable leg and arm pads for comfort. It also has restraints if you’re looking for something that puts the B into BDSM.

Hollywood Glam

luxury glamour space with textured wallpaper, full bathtub and greenery

This one sits in the vintage-esque side of things, and the way to get this look is lots of vintage and art décor inspired pieces, from textured wallpaper, to metals and marble, to plus fabrics and rugs. You’ll want extravagant looking sculptures, and don’t forget your mirrors and erotic art. You’re the movie star here, so decorate accordingly.

This little beauty is perfect for your booty – or having out as a paperweight or ornament in its own right. It also fits perfectly into the Luxury Retreat if a touch of gold is part of your colour palette.

These nipple clamps fit right into a glam setting with their white ends, metal chain and crystal accents. Throw them into a jewellery box or drape them around a sculpture like a necklace. And then watch the double takes.

If you’re lucky enough to have a strong suspension point this strappy sling rotates a full 360 degrees around a central point and is the perfect centrepiece for a glam or modern play space. Easily adjustable, it’ll look great surrounded by mirrors for all angle views and comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

If you’re curious about impact play, or just want to upgrade to something beautiful, this flogger has soft leather for gentle sensation or harder impact play, a stunning glass dildo handle and can fit into just about any space. It’s leather enough for BDSM and shiny enough for your glamour palace or luxury retreat.

This little feather duster is perfect for hanging discreetly somewhere for sensation play. Or tickle torture. We suppose you could actually use it for cleaning, but where’s the fun in that?

Modern Living

Modern tiny home play space inside a van

This neutral tone is best when you want a design that fits into an existing house and perhaps if you’re looking at a multi-function space because you don’t have a dedicated play room. For this we recommend using clean whites and cream, possibly with a feature wall, and lots of neutral shades and timber finishes. A bright accent colour in your décor can be offset against colourful toys and other play objects below. If you have a green thumb, don’t forget the greenery. It can add texture, colour and softness to an otherwise stark room.

Okay, it looks pretty and has a suction base, and it’s a wonderful toy, but please don’t use this as an actual hanging point. We haven’t tested how much the suction base can hold. Yes, I suppose you could try drilling into it and sliding it down over an actual wall hook but we don’t know…

…excuse me, going to go test something now.

This premium bullet vibe is perfect for foreplay and can be used all over your body. It’s vibrant coral colour and smooth form makes it a perfect addition to a modern playroom.

This little red ball gag hangs off your wall or other storage point adding a pop of brightness while looking for all the world like a collar. Just be ready to explain that you don’t have a dog – or if you do that this isn’t for them!

Yes, we know it’s another one from The Wild Secrets Collection, but honestly, we made our toys to fit perfectly in this sort of style and we keep a lot of stock on hand because they’re ours and we love them. While you’re at it, check out the Charm!

Whether you want to show your pride or just like rainbows, this little dildo is perfect to liven up any space. It has a suction cup for easy attachment and its flared base makes it perfect for anal play as well as vaginal. Definitely a piece to start a conversation – whatever the topic!

While targeted at beginners, we think this set is perfect for any playful space and the pink restraints alone are worth it. This kit is perfect for when your bondage is more about fun and less on the sado-masochistic side of things.

One of the most wonderful things about this plug is that it doesn’t really look like a plug. You could store your cock rings on it. Or your keys. Necklaces and bracelets even. Just take them all off before insertion, yes?

Think of this as an inflatable Sybian that packs away when not in use. Perfect to play on and be watched when you want without your family asking about why it’s just sitting in the corner of the living room. Awkward.

Other Essentials

This sex wedge is great for supporting you in different positions, rather than trying to find the right teetering stack of pillows. It’s also inflatable, so it stores neatly away when not in use. As noted on the show, this is a must have for couple with a significant height difference wanting more than four positions to play in.


There’s always time for lubricant, and when in doubt, use it. If you’re not sure how it works, check out our How to use Lubricant guide. Remember that water-based lubes are always safe to use with any toy, and while they can and are used for anal play, there are specifically formulated anal lubes with longer lasting slickness.

Toy Cleaner

Remember to always clean your toys before and after every use with appropriate anti-bacterial cleaner, and allow them to dry before storing them away.

A Note on Safety

Bondage, rope play and specifically suspension bondage – including sling play – comes with an inherent level of risk. If you’re interested in playing there please make sure you are suspending from a secure hard point – that’s a hook or ring secured into a wall stud or room beam. If you’re interested in rope play, please seek instruction from teachers to avoid injuring yourself or your bottom. Our staff can personally recommend Melbourne Community Rope, but for those further afield, check out Fetlife and see if there are any local kinkster groups in your area that you can meet up with.

And that’s it! There are many more products that would suit your play space – but some of those have very limited stock. To see everything you may want, check out our How to Build a Sex Room collection page and get ready to curate your sex space! We hope you go on to have many, many hours of fun and pleasure. Much love!

The Wild Secrets Team