At-Home Date Night Ideas

Best toys and tips to act out your desires

Since COVID-19, life has become more about PPE.

Your personal protective equipment is going to be either of two things: incoming or outgoing. When you’re outgoing and leaving the home, you’re using masks, and your incoming has become all about using your other personal protection.

We got so concerned about protecting ourselves from viruses, that the sales of condoms increased too because we finally realised we want protection from other viruses as well. 

So if you’re having date night with someone new, you’re going to need to take charge and stock up on personal protection.

Man and woman in bed
Dating is more fun when you’ve taken care of personal protection.

It can be a really fun thing when you realise there’s a plethora of types and brands now. Some are textured, ribbed or flavored, and the most important thing is that you stock up on a variety of sizes too. 

You don’t know which partner is going to be what size. Once you do know, you’re set. 

Guys, this doesn’t apply to you: you already know your size! However have a think about whether all this time you’ve been buying the right size. Could you go a little more snug or larger for safety. Remember some have an allergic reaction to latex condoms, so you might want to stock up on latex-free condoms too. 

It might have been a tough year for you financially. You might have decided to go out less and stay in more. Dinner and cocktails may have turned into Netflix and chill. During this time, you’re having a great time with your intimate partner, exploring each other more and perhaps investing in each other in different ways. 

Best date night sex toys

You might want to invest in a toy that really makes staying in so much easier. 

Man hold wand vibrator next to woman

Almost any sex toy can be used by couples if you get creative. During date nights at home, you’ll need to set the mood. This means you’re going to get really creative. How can your home or bedroom look romantic? Does your partner love his and hers pillows? Can your lingerie get a freshen up? I’d love to suggest some playful and romantic items like candles and body paint

Invest in a toy that really makes staying in so much easier

The more exciting you can make staying in, the closer you’re going to feel, the more you’ll save on going out, and the closer you’ll become as you create a whole memory bank of moments that will forever be something to reflect on how you lasted this pandemic. 

Acting out your desires

Too often in stressful times or just out of habit, we will turn to adult movies. 

It’s time to ditch it and act out your desires. Create your own adult film. How will you set the scene for the ultimate film you’d like to watch? 

The danger in watching too much porn is that you start to disconnect from your actual real life partner. You may place unrealistic expectations or just forget about your partner’s needs and desires. 

A man and woman lie face to face on the bed, holding a sex toy as they talk
Open and honest communication about your desires is important before acting on any of them. Even the use of toys like the Lelo Tiani Duo affects both of you.

You don’t have to film your date night, but you might! If you do, make sure you’re doing this in a safe way and it’s stored safely for you both to watch back later and grow closer with. 

Sharing healthy intimacy with your partner is exactly that; healthy. 

So you’re ditching the adult films and you’re replacing it with a sense of fun that the two of you can experience together. Your focus will need to be on the other person. This is no time to be a selfish lover. It’s time to show your partner just how much of a star you are. They don’t need to turn on R-rated tech to get turned on. It’s all right there in front of them IRL (in real life). 

Sharing healthy intimacy with your partner is exactly that; healthy

To feel like a star, you might need to act like one. You might research some fun moves and incorporate position toys to help you achieve them.

There are so many other things that can help you get into the mood on your special date night, think couple’s kits and games

Man giving woman heart shaped card
Use couple’s novelties to create a playful atmosphere.

Building the anticipation

Leave things as a surprise. 

  • Don’t always announce what you’re going to use. Just like on a real outing date: you’re going to leave a few things as a surprise like what you’re going to wear and where you’re going, so it’s the same at-home date nights. You might need to hide your purchases until showtime! 
  • The best surprises are the ones early on. They might be in the form of multiple orgasms. This is where toys help. Don’t bring them out straight away. It’s always a nice surprise to save the best until last and using a toy from your bag of tricks unannounced is going to be a real pleasant surprise. 

Now that you’re getting the hang of staying in and creating your own special date nights, you might want to start planning them on your social calendar. 

Using a toy from your bag of tricks unannounced is going to be a real pleasant surprise

It’s so important for your relationship to invest quality time, touch, fun, play and even money into making you and your special person feel important and loved. 

You might like to arrange a date night to include online shopping sprees that plan the next purchase and theme for the next session. Together you could decide which toys, costumes and activities you’re going to want to try next. Just like you’re planning a getaway holiday, your lack of travel plans will now turn into planning those date nights.