5 Best Shower Sex Positions That Work

Get wet and wild solo or together

Can you have sex in the shower? Of course you can!

For those of you who have had or attempted shower sex before and found yourself cold and naked with a nose full of water, you might be contemplating putting that idea to bed, along with your adventurous sex life.

But not so fast!! We’ve come up with some of the best shower sex positions to help you reintroduce this sexy activity back into your life, either with a partner or solo.

Getting dirty while you’re getting clean can be just the thing to help spice up things romantically with your partner, or at least give you some alone time away from the kids or annoying roommates who don’t know what a sock on the door means.

What’s so good about shower sex?

Some think that it’s way more fun than regular sex, I mean, aren’t you feeling frisky just thinking about shower sex? What’s not to love when there’s hot water, good smells, soapy suds and being in the nude?

If you’ve ever been completely distracted by your partner’s wet n’ wild body in the shower, keep reading

With a partner, sex in the shower is best done when you know what you’re doing – trust me, it’s never as easy or slip-free as what they show you in movies and TV shows. But it can still make for a fantastically intimate time with your lover, especially when you have a range of the best shower sex positions in your repertoire.

Let’s be honest, seeing your partner naked, wet and sudsed-up is a good way to get you in the mood, and they’ll feel the same way when seeing you dripping in wetness. If you’ve ever gotten ready for work and been completely distracted by your partner’s wet n’ wild body in the shower, keep reading.

Even if you want some time alone in the shower to get your nut on, there’s never been a better time to give yourself a break and release all that built-up tension – you deserve to let go!

Woman in shower
Shower sex isn’t just for couples. Singles can have fun too.

While you might be falling into a routine of getting off, whether it’s alone or with a partner, sometimes mixing up your location is all you need to have a new orgasmic experience.

Practising masturbation in the shower combines the relaxation from the hot water, which helps calm you on the outside, with stimulating sensations that’ll send waves of endorphins (thanks to a killer orgasm) on the inside. Forget face masks and candles – this is the ultimate way to get your self-care routine back on its feet!

So, what are the best showers for sex?

Well, if there’s room enough for two and it has running water, it’s a good shower for sex, we reckon.

But if you want to up your shower sex game (and you’re in the market for a shower upgrade), go for a shower that has a detachable showerhead. That way, you can better direct the water’s stream to any spots that feel good.

Another pro tip: get a waterproof shower step. Use the step to expand the range of shower sex positions you can try.

Tips to make shower sex safe and satisfying

The sexual magnetism of getting dirty in the shower is out of this world, so thinking about your next shower sex romp and preparing for it will give you the upper hand before you show off the shower sex positions you have learnt.

There are things you can do to make your sexy time in the shower a lot safer and slip-proof, including incorporating some everyday household items that’ll surprise you with just how helpful they can be.

1. Head to the bath section

Go for a little trip to your nearest store or specialty shop with a bathroom department. There you’ll find an item that is oh-so sexy that it will turn you on as soon as you lay eyes on it… that’s right, we’re talking about a non-slip bath mat! Unless you have small children or are over the age of 70, chances are you don’t own one of these bad boys, until now.

Though this item isn’t up there with the sex appeal of waterproof vibrators (which we will get to in a second), this mat will pay off in the long run and save you a world of worry and possibly pain – if you’ve ever slipped on a wet surface, you know the pain. Pop it on the shower floor before you turn on the water to let the suction cups do their thang, then you can get into the best shower sex positions without “don’t slip” being in the back of your mind.

Man's hand in shower
Showers are slippery so put safety first if you’re getting frisky.

While you’re shopping there, grab a waterproof seat or foot stand that will really help with the number of positions you can achieve in the shower! If you’ve got the room, go for something a little less modest like a bench, or get some suction cup handles for extra grip.

2. Foreplay before wetplay

It can be hot and steamy when you get into the shower and start making out with your partner, getting each other aroused before getting into an intimate connection. Sometimes, foreplay can take a little longer than expected or you might want to carry it out for longer than normal to really get in the mood; that being said, by the time you actually get down to business and pick the best shower sex position for you and your partner, you would’ve rung up a nice water bill and a few wrinkly hands to go with it.

Before turning the taps on, why not turn each other on outside of the shower?

Before turning the taps on, why not turn each other on outside of the shower? It can be something as easy as getting each other undressed while kissing and touching body parts, or sexting throughout the day and giving each other a reason to get home after work as fast as possible!

3. Bring in reinforcements

We know shower sex is hot on its own, but introducing shower sex toys and lubricants can take your soapy experience to the next level. Whether you’re playing solo in the shower or doing it with your partner, bringing something that you enjoy can bring the pleasure rating from a 6 to a solid 11.

If you’re planning on taking ‘me time’, getting a waterproof dildo with a suction cup base can work wonders and give you a more relaxing experience – hands-free! Because some of the best shower sex positions are actually made for one!

Introducing toys and lubricants can take your soapy experience to the next level

If you prefer lathering up with a lover, have a waterproof couple’s ring ready and waiting for the ultimate escape to pleasure-town that works for him and her. With so many options to choose from these days, there’s something to tickle every couple’s fancy.

Of course, there’s room for something on the stimulating side too. Why not look at introducing a waterproof vibrator that’s perfect for both solo and together shower time!

Couple with sex toy in shower
Enhance shower sex with waterproof couple’s toys.

It’s important to note that while water is wet, it can actually work against you when trying to connect with each other. It can create dryness and difficulty during insertion, so it’s best to have a water-based lubricant on hand to help with any potential fallouts! Time when you apply it because water-based will easily wash off, and while silicone-based lubricant will last longer, it is not compatible with most toy materials.

Can shower sex cause infections? Unfortunately, yes. But it’s usually due to a lack of proper lubrication. Water should never take the place of good lube. Non-lubricated penetration, even in the shower, can lead to vaginal irritation, cuts and tears, which can lead to infection. So remember to lube up!

Remember to stay protected and practice safe sex at all times

Can you have sex in the shower with a condom? Yes, of course! Remember to stay protected and practice safe sex at all times, not just on dry land – grab your favourite condoms before stepping into the shower for not only a good time, but peace of mind too.

Best partner and solo shower positions

Now that you’ve got everything ticked off your shopping list, you’re ready to turn the taps full blast and step into a sexual waterfall of love. So what are the best ways to have sex in the shower?

There are plenty of positions that claim to work in the shower, but as soon as you see them you think, “that looks like an accident waiting to happen”, so I’ve come up with a few sure-fire positions that’ll get you biting the overhanging towels and gripping the walls in the best way.

So, without further adieu, here are some of the best shower sex positions (that actually work).

1. Stand and deliver

This is one of the best ways to have sex in the shower. This can be done solo or with a partner. You’re standing legs hip-width apart, head down with arms touching the wall, your feet or the floor and ready to receive from your partner or suction cup-based dildo.

The bath mat is essential for ultimate grip so you’re both stable and safe while enjoying the ride – bring in your couple’s ring for a more intense climax. If you’re playing solo and have a removable shower head, you know what to do (wink wink).

2. The dancer

It sounds as elegant as it looks. The dancer has you against the wall with one leg up either held by your partner or leaning on the stool or bench, while you face each other and they enter you.

Your partner won’t have to work super hard to keep their balance and offers a very intimate time as you can kiss and talk dirty into each other’s ears.

Couple's hands on shower screen
Vary your routine by taking sex into the shower.

3. Lift and press

Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Similar to the dancer, this position means your partner will lift you and press you against the wall, aligning your pelvis with theirs and ready for entry.

This will be more challenging for your partner to balance, so have that non-slip bath mat at the ready! It’s a position we see a lot in films and while it looks like a lot of work, it can be done and feel crazy amazing due to deep penetration.

4. Facetime

No, there’s no technology necessary for this position (though you should definitely record yourself getting off in the shower and send it to your lover, you’re welcome)!

Here you’ll grab that trusty shower seat or bench, and have your partner sit down while you climb on top. Straddle and ride them while kissing and being your naughty self – add in your vibrator for a little pizzazz.

Try to direct the water stream away from the chair to avoid slipping.

Pro tip: Face the other way and try a reverse cowgirl style move, or if you’re going solo place the suction-cup dildo on the chair and go for it, sis!

Woman in shower
Some couple’s positions can be adapted for solo play.

5. Mutual stimulation

While it’s not a penetrative move, it’s still sexy as hell! Sex doesn’t need to be always penetrative and there’s something extra arousing about watching your partner get off to you while you get off to them.

Grab your favourite lube and just go to town on yourself – and if you can’t keep your hands off each other, why not finish each other off instead? There are so many ways to do it how you like, so experiment and find what you both enjoy doing in the shower together.

A healthy reminder

Can shower sex cause infections? Unfortunately, yes.

Getting extra dirty while you’re getting clean solo or with your lover can be an exciting and climactic experience! While you’re having an orgasmic time and screaming so loud your neighbours can hear, remember to practice personal hygiene when you’re all done. Clean up down there, dispose of any used condoms or dams, and wash your shower sex toys well so they’re ready to go for the next steamy session!

Now get out there and try out some of these mind-blowing shower sex positions!

Want more?

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