How to Achieve an Anal Orgasm

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Curious about anal? Or perhaps you’ve been exploring butt stuff for a while but just haven’t been able to achieve that ever-elusive orgasm. Or maybe you have, but you’re looking for ways to up your game. 

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help! We’re your climax companions, your orgasm educators, and we’re here to guide you on your way to anal orgasm heaven. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

What’s an anal orgasm?

An anal orgasm is exactly what it sounds like – an orgasm achieved through stimulation of the anus. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, so touching, licking, and penetration can feel really, really, really good. 

For people with prostates, an anal orgasm is due to stimulation of the p-spot, while people with vaginas can achieve an anal orgasm through stimulation of the a-spot.

Can anal sex cause orgasm?

Anal sex can most definitely lead to orgasm. All thanks to a couple of our favourite little erogenous zones: the a-spot and the p-spot.

The p-spot

People with a prostate have a sensitive spot located deep inside the anus called the p-spot. The p-spot (also known as the male g-spot) is a small walnut-sized gland that helps you produce semen. It also feels really good when stimulated!

While the p-spot can be stimulated by rubbing the exterior spot between your anus and balls, it’s much easier to get to with anal penetration – be it a finger, a toy or a penis. Anal stimulation can pleasure this sensitive area, leading to a mind-blowing anal orgasm.

If you’re hunting for the p-spot, know that it swells when you’re turned on, making it much easier to find. Just another reason to indulge in a little foreplay before you start exploring!

The a-spot

If you don’t have a p-spot, don’t worry. All anuses are full of sensitive nerve endings. Plus, people with vaginas can achieve an anal orgasm through indirect stimulation of the a-spot.

The a-spot, otherwise known in scientific circles as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, is a super-sensitive spot located between the cervix and the bladder, just a few centimetres above the g-spot. 

Stimulation of the a-spot can lead to orgasm, and while the a-spot is more easily reachable through vaginal penetration, anal penetration can provide indirect stimulation through the wall of your rectum. The a-spot is located deep within the vagina so penetration is key if you want to reach it.

For those who need a little clit stimulation to get off, you’ll be happy to learn that the legs of the clitoris also extend into the anus, so anal play can provide great clit stimulation too.

What does an anal orgasm feel like?

Everybody (and every body) is different, as is every orgasm. So how it feels will really depend on the person experiencing it. That being said, many describe similar sensations at the outset, such as some slight discomfort or feeling like you need to poo (we’re not going to lie, poop can happen, but there are many things you can do to reduce the risk). Slight discomfort is normal as you get used to anal. However, anal should never cause severe pain, which is where lubricant comes in! Check out our Guide to Personal Lubricant for top tips on anal lube.

From there, the sensations can vary depending on whether you have a prostate or an a-spot.

Anal orgasms for prostate owners

If you have a prostate, you may also feel like you need to pee. That’s because the prostate is very close to the bladder.

But persist! Prostate orgasms are described as feeling similar to penile orgasms, just a lot more intense. Starting deep inside the body and radiating outwards, a prostate orgasm is felt throughout the entire body.

Not everyone will ejaculate from a prostate orgasm, although some penises will release a little bit of milky fluid. 

It’s also believed that the recovery time for prostate orgasms is shorter, meaning it could be possible to achieve multiple orgasms. You can also try to achieve a prostate and penile orgasm at the same time for a mind-blowing experience. 

Anal orgasms for vagina owners

Anal orgasms for vagina owners will likely feel similar to vaginal orgasms. Like a vaginal orgasm, anal orgasms are described as a full-body experience that starts down low and radiates outward. 

There are some key differences, however. Both are felt deep within the body, but vaginal orgasms will cause your vaginal wall to pulse. During an anal orgasm, you’ll likely feel the contractions closer to your anal sphincter. You may also feel an intense need to pee as you get closer to climaxing.

Some may also find that anal orgasms can be more intense or last longer than other types of orgasms. 

Tips for achieving an anal orgasm

Okay, so now you understand what causes an anal orgasm, how exactly do you have one?

How to have a prostate orgasm

Get aroused

The prostate will be easier to find if you’re already turned on, so incorporate some foreplay into your anal exploration, before you dive in.

Locate the prostate

Enter through the backdoor using fingers, toys or a penis. You can do this with a partner or solo. The prostate will feel like a squishy lump on the front wall of your rectum. It’ll feel different to the rest of the rectum wall, so you should know when you’ve reached it. If you feel the need to pee, that’s also a good indication that you’re in the right spot.

  • If you’re using fingers: Make a ‘come here’ motion with your finger or fingers up towards the belly button. You can also use your fingers to circle the outside of the p-spot. Repeat the motion until you climax!
  • If you’re using toys or a penis: Some say that consistent pressure on the p-spot works better than continuous thrusting. Toys can be great for this, enabling you to apply as much pressure, or go as deep as you’d like. Anal Toys and prostate massagers add a little something extra.

Tips for achieving an anal orgasm

Aside from exactly how to reach the right spots, there are a bunch of things you can do to increase your chances of achieving an anal or prostate orgasm.

1. Use lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating. That means use lube, and lots of it! You’ll likely need more lube than you think you do. You might want to put down a towel to protect your furniture or sheets, or use a water-based lube that’s easy to clean up after. You can also buy anal lubes specifically designed for anal exploration. 

Have lots of lube on hand during anal sex to reapply when needed. And remember, if you’re using condoms, water-based and silicone-based lubes are best. Other types of lubes can cause your condom to break.

2. Be safe

Speaking of condoms, we recommend them for anal sex. While you can’t get pregnant from anal, there is still the risk of STIs, including HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and herpes.

Plus, you’ll be much more likely to climax if you don’t have to worry about STIs!

3. Don’t neglect foreplay

Even though the anus can’t get wet, foreplay is still important. Not only because it’ll put you in the mood and increase your chances of climax, but also because it can help you relax your anal sphincter and make it easier to find the prostate. The prostate swells when you’re aroused, so it’s a good excuse to get a little hot and heavy before you dive in.

4. Incorporate stimulation of other areas

Pleasure is pleasure, so don’t be afraid to explore what feels good. You may be hoping for an anal orgasm, but why not add in some nipple play, clit stimulation, a hand job or switch it up with some vaginal penetration? Hey, you might even find you can achieve a clitoral and anal orgasm simultaneously. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

If you’re going from anal to vaginal, just make sure to use a fresh condom or clean your fingers, toys, or penis first. You don’t want to inadvertently carry bacteria from your anus to your vagina.

5. Try different techniques

P in A isn’t the only way to achieve an anal orgasm. Get creative! Use your fingers, your tongue or anal toys to explore what you like. There’s no one ‘right way’ to achieve an anal orgasm. Just do what feels good.

6. Use anal toys

Some toys are designed specifically for anal stimulation. Butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, strap-ons, and anal vibrators, just to name a few. They’ll help you stimulate hard-to-reach spots and can provide sensations that you may not be able to achieve with fingers alone. Strap-ons are especially useful if you’re exploring pegging, while anal training kits are great for helping you work up to penile penetration.

7. Try different positions

There are a bunch of anal positions that can help you achieve the big O. We’ve listed some of our favourites below. Different positions will help you achieve different angles and depths so experiment until you find what feels good.

How to give someone an anal orgasm

On the giving end? Try a few of these tips to help your partner achieve a mind-blowing anal orgasm.

1. Go slow

Remember, the anus isn’t self-lubricating and if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to make sure that everything is done slowly and carefully. Incorporate foreplay and ease into it to give your partner time to relax. Make sure to check in throughout to make sure everyone is still having a good time. And ask for feedback!

2. Cut your nails and wash your hands

You don’t want to risk cutting your partner or transmitting bacteria. Make sure your hands are clean and tidy before you start.

If you’re on the receiving end

On the giving end? Try a few of these tips to help your partner achieve a mind-blowing anal orgasm.

1. Have a warm bath

It’s all about relaxation. On top of foreplay, you may wish to have a warm bath to relax your anal sphincter. This will make anal play so much more enjoyable.

2. Clean yourself

Poop can happen. But the risk of encountering it is greatly reduced with proper cleaning and prep. Make sure to go to the toilet before you start exploring butt stuff, and give your bum a good wash beforehand. While not always necessary, you can also give yourself an anal douche if you want to go the extra step.

3. Prep with anal toys

If you’re a beginner, you may want to trial anal toys, like anal beads, butt plugs or anal training kits to help you prepare for penile penetration. Anal training kits can help you gently expand your anus to prepare it for bigger things. 

Best positions for anal orgasm

It pays to experiment with different positions to find the one that gives you the angle, pressure, and depth you need to orgasm. A couple of our favourites are:

1. Missionary

Who ever said missionary was boring? Lie on your back and have your partner enter you from the front. You can add a pillow under the pelvis to get a better angle for penetration. Bonus point – anal from the missionary position allows for eye contact.

2. On your side

Have one partner lie on their side with the leg that’s facing up bent to their chest. The giver then lies next to them for easy access to the anus.

3. Doggy style

It’s popular for a reason! Get on all fours and have your partner kneel behind you and enter from behind.

4. Cowgirl/cowgirl

Lie on your back, and have your partner straddle your hips, with their knees and hands on each side of you. In this position, you can control the depth by moving your hips up and down.

Anal masturbation orgasm

No partner? No worries! You can still achieve an anal orgasm all by yourself (or with your favourite toy). The prep remains the same – relax, incorporate some foreplay to help you get aroused, lube up, and remember your hygiene (don’t forget to trim your nails!). 

It might take a bit of experimentation to find the right position. First-timers may find reaching your bottom to be a little awkward, but persist until you find a position that works. A good place to start is on your back with a pillow beneath your butt. This should give you better access. 

Once you’re in a good spot, apply a generous amount of lube to your fingers and explore by rubbing the opening of your anus or inserting a finger or two inside. Play with different depths and pressure and stimulate your p-spot or -a-spot till you get to climax. 

If you’re ready to introduce toys, there are a bunch that are great for anal masturbation. Butt plugs are a great place to start and you can choose different sizes based on what you’re comfortable with. Anal vibrators are also great for adding some extra stimulation.

What if you can’t orgasm from anal?

Everybody is different, and what may feel mind-blowingly amazing for one person can be totally ho-hum for others. If anal doesn’t float your boat, move on! There’s so much to explore in the wild and wonderful world of pleasure.  

And remember, not all sex needs to end in the big O. Sex and masturbation can be enjoyable even if it doesn’t result in climax. Have fun exploring what feels good, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner. You’ll find the experience much more enjoyable if you take away any expectations, and then if you do achieve orgasm, it’s a bonus!

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