Your Vibrator Questions Answered!

All your vibrator FAQs answered

They’re the secret hidden in many bedside drawers. Stored away from prying eyes yet within easy reach of eager hands they lie waiting. But exactly why is it that women use vibrators?

In one word: orgasms. Of course, reasons vary across individuals, but the intense pleasure delivered by vibrators is one of, if not the, most common.

But how exactly do these toys work? You’ll find the answer to this and other vibrator FAQs right here.

How do vibrators work?

Vibrators contain an electric or battery powered motor that produces vibrations.

Vibrations can be high-powered or low-powered, buzzy or rumbly

When the power is turned, the motor wobbles as it spins to create vibrations you can deliver to various parts of the body for soothing massage or erotic pleasure.

The vibrations can be high-powered or low-powered, buzzy or rumbly, with each combination of options delivering different sensations.

Woman in bed
Reasons women use vibrators are as diverse as the toys themselves.

 Why do vibrators cause orgasms?

Our brain’s sexual response mechanism has two parts: the sexual excitation system, like an ‘accelerator’, and the sexual inhibition system, which act like brakes.

The accelerator treats what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch or imagine as ‘turn ons’, while the brakes respond to ‘turn offs’, such as relationship problems, body image issues or negative mood. Reaching orgasm involves activating enough ‘ons’ and releasing enough ‘offs’.

Some people think women ‘should’ be able to orgasm without a vibrator. This simply isn’t true. Vibrators can amp up the ons by delivering more intense stimulation that any human can, and that’s just what some women need to orgasm.

It’s not only the amount of stimulation that matters – the location does too

But it’s not only the amount of stimulation that matters – the location does too. In fact, most women don’t orgasm during vaginal sex and one of the commonest reasons is that it generally doesn’t provide enough direct clitoral stimulation.

It makes sense given the clitoris contains more than 7000 sensory nerve endings, a higher concentration than any other part of the body. With so much stimulation delivered to such a sensitive area, vibrators can not only cause an orgasm but also make it more intense and repeat multiple times.

Woman holding clitoral stimulator in bed
Clitoral stimulators are among the most popular style of vibrator.

Why do women like vibrators?

Of course, easier and stronger orgasms aren’t the only reason women like vibrators.

Some women can orgasm without a vibrator but prefer using one for a range of reasons, such as variety, self-exploration and simplicity – after all, using a vibrator on your own doesn’t involve negotiation, performance anxiety, or risks of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Vibrators are sex toys that women can use to have fun in and of itself on their own terms

Vibrators are sex toys that women can use to have fun in and of itself on their own terms.

Provided that the vibrator is good quality, well-maintained and does not cause pain or discomfort, it’s a safe and healthy way for women to attend to their own needs and wants.

Can you get addicted to your vibrator?

If vibrators can satisfy women so effectively, can they become reliant on or even addicted to them?

It’s unlikely. Using vibrators frequently is very different to true addiction, which is a compulsive need to do something to the point that it causes harm or takes over your life.

Using vibrators frequently is very different to true addiction

If a woman feels reliant on a vibrator, as though her body is conditioned to only respond to its intense stimulation, that’s not necessarily a cause for concern.

But for those who would like to rely less on their vibrator, there’s always the option of a break until sensitivity lowers back down.

As pleasurable as vibrators can be, there’s more to the world of sex toys. Non-vibrating dildosdongsanal toys and bondage gear can also deliver thrilling sensations. Why not explore all the ways you can experience intimate pleasure alone or with someone special?

Vibrator assortment
Different vibrator styles cater to different needs and wants.

Why are there different styles of vibrators?

Vibrators come in different styles because people like to use them in different ways.

Vibrators come in different styles because people like to use them in different ways

For example, a clitoral vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris, a very sensitive area above and outside the vagina. Meanwhile, a g-spot vibrator is ideal for targeting the g-spot, a sensitive area about 2.5 to three inches inside the vagina towards the belly button.

Some vibrators even combine two or more different styles. For example, rabbit vibrators are designed to encourage blended (external and internal) orgasms with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft.

What is the difference between battery and electric powered vibrators?

Generally, battery powered vibrators are less powerful than electric powered vibrators. Electric powered vibrators tend to have stronger motors which use more power.

Woman holding plug in massager
Plug-in massagers can offer incredible amounts of power.

While you don’t have to worry about any batteries running out with electric powered vibrators, they do have to be plugged in.

By contrast, battery powered vibrators are more practical for travel and use in different scenarios. Some models even use batteries that are rechargeable via USB cable or otherwise for added convenience.

When choosing a vibrator, go for a style that delivers the type of stimulation that will bring you the most pleasure, whether it’s external, vaginal, anal or a combination.

How long do vibrators last?

As with most electronic devices, you get what you pay for when it comes to vibrators.

Depending on a vibrator’s quality, and how you use and care for it, a vibrator can last anywhere from months to years. Many come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Many vibrators come with a warranty for peace of mind

Vibrators featuring high quality materials and components that have been used and cared for as directed by the manufacturer tend to last longer so it’s worth spending a little extra to get the best device you can afford.

Can vibrators be used during intercourse?

Absolutely! Using a vibrator during sexual intercourse can increase intimacy, mutual pleasure and the likelihood of orgasm, especially for those who require more stimulation than penetration alone.

There are many types of vibrators that can be used during intercourse and in countless ways.

Using a vibrator during sexual intercourse can increase intimacy, mutual pleasure and the likelihood of orgasm

Bullets and wearable finger vibrators are ideal for delivering clitoral stimulation, as are vibrating cock rings. Also a type of couple’s rings, vibrating cock rings have the added advantages of being hands-free and creating harder, longer lasting erections by restricting blood flow to the penis.

There are even vibrators designed specifically for women to wear during intercourse. The most popular styles have a U-shape, with one end inserted into the vagina and the other placed over the clitoris. This clever design can deliver hands-free clitoral and, in some cases, g-spot stimulation too.

Couple in bed
Many vibrators can be used by couples and some are specifically designed for this purpose.

Is it safe to share a vibrator with someone?

That depends on several factors.

If your vibrator is made from porous materials (such as jelly rubber or TPR/TPE plastic), it can trap hard-to-remove dirt or bacteria. If a porous vibrator is used by someone with a bacterial, yeast or sexually transmitted infection, the outbreak can spread to another user or re-contaminate the original person. Placing a new condom on the vibrator each time it is used can offer limited protection.

Is it safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy?

It is generally considered safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy.

If your doctor has given you the green light for sexual intercourse, then it’s likely that you can use a vibrator. For individual medical advice, consult an appropriate health professional.

If you’re sharing a vibrator made from non-porous materials (such as high quality silicone), you can also use it with a fresh condom for safety. Alternatively, clean it with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. This will help you avoid transferring bacteria from one partner to the other.

Woman putting bullet vibrator in bag
Always keep your vibrator well-protected.

Where should vibrators be stored?

The best place to store a vibrator is in a safe, cool, dry and dark place. For dust protection, place your sex toy in a fabric pouch, closed box or drawer.

The best place to store a vibrator is in a safe, cool, dry and dark place

Before storing your vibrator, clean according to the manufacturer’s directions. This generally involves rinsing it with warm water and mild soap or applying a sex toy cleaner. Let your vibrator dry naturally or gently pat with a lint-free cloth, ensuring it is completely dry before storing.

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