Why Women Love Air Tech Toys

Top 6 oral sex simulators

They’re the life-changing sex toys that women the world over have come to love. But what is it about air tech toys that makes them true must-haves?

Unlike a traditional vibrator which, you guessed it, uses vibration as a way of stimulating the body, air tech toys use, well, air.

Trust me, while this mightn’t sound like a big deal, it is.

Close up of blooming flower
Clitoral toys using air waves have revolutionised solo play.

There’s nothing wrong with the tried-and-tested method of clitoral stimulation using vibration – heck, I still love my Lelo Mia II Bullet and my battery-operated Rocks Off backups when I forget to USB-recharge my fave.

But there’s something to be said of air tech toys that simulate the sensations of oral sex, no muss, no fuss and completely on your own terms.

It’s empowering to discover and enjoy powerful yet gentle clitoral stimulation by yourself. After all, this form of stimulation is fundamental for most women to climax, with only 1 in 25 reporting vaginal sex as the most reliable route to orgasm. (1)

It’s empowering to discover and enjoy powerful yet gentle clitoral stimulation by yourself

Yet, the clitoris has been ignored to the point that women orgasm 30 per cent less than men during heterosexual sex. (2)

So, it’s not surprising that women are taking matters into their own hands and sending air tech toys purpose-made for clitoral pleasure straight to the top of best-seller lists.

3D model of clitoris
Air tech toys give the clitoris the attention it deserves.

What exactly are air tech toys?

Air tech toys use air waves to deliver clitoral stimulation without direct contact. Yes, part of the toy does touch you, but that’s only the circular rim of the opening that envelopes your clitoris to form a gentle seal. (Insider tip: use some water-based lubricant for maximum results.)

Once that seal is formed the air waves can really do their thang.

Air tech toys use air waves to deliver clitoral stimulation without direct contact

Most air tech toys offer a variety of settings allowing users to choose their preferred pattern and intensity of stimulation, if not create their own altogether.

Exactly how this stimulation feels differs from person to person. Sucking, massaging, tingling, pulsating, throbbing, flickering – the list goes on. However, what most women to whom I’ve spoken say is that the pleasure delivered by these toys is overwhelming and like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

The pleasure delivered by these toys is overwhelming

Because air tech toys aren’t reliant on vibration (some do offer this as an additional feature), there’s no real buzz or rumble like you’d get from bullet or massager. It really is closer to the licks of an actual tongue – one that knows what it’s doing. And that’s on performance enhancers.

Fingers on rose petals
Air tech toys deliver powerful yet gentle stimulation.

No vibration means air tech toys are also quieter than average. That’s perfect if you’ve got people whom you don’t want to hear your session or, like I do, a curious dog who’s always listening for unusual sounds.

That leaves you free to enjoy intense clitoral orgasms, super-fast and multiple times over. Excuse me while I take a break, err, grab a coffee.

Stimulation that goes deep

Part of the reason that air tech toys are so intense is that they target the soft, sensitive clitoral tissue more deeply than a traditional vibrator while remaining gentle. This stimulation goes beyond the skin’s surface.

Consider, for example, how Swedish sex toy brand Lelo explains the air technology used in its Sona range: “Instead of conventional vibrations which are fantastic but focus stimulation on the external nerve endings, the Lelo Sona uses sonic pulses which resonate deep into the internal structure of the clitoris.

“Try this. Go to a nightclub and stand in front of the biggest speaker you can find. Do you feel the music throughout your body? It’s exactly the same principle.”

“The magic of Sona is in its mouth. Where you would usually find a vibrating motor, Sona instead has an oscillating pad that oscillates back and forth creating sonic waves.

“It’s equivalent to sitting on a tumble dryer versus standing in front of that speaker. And the beauty is you can take that speaker anywhere.”

Lelo Sona Clitoral Stimulator
Lelo’s Sona is a luxury clitoral stimulator that uses air wave technology.

Womanizer’s offerings are same, same but different. This Canadian sex toy brand describes its patented Pleasure Air Technology as something that “surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction”.

Meanwhile, German sex toy brand Satisfyer uses proprietary Air Pulse Technology to deliver pressure waves, which in some products, can be combined with traditional vibrations to take clitoral stimulation to the max.

Now, I can tell you about the technologies all day but what you really need to do is try these toys for yourself to understanding what I’m talking about. Or, give an air tech toy to someone special because the gift of pleasure is among the greatest of them all.

Best for singles

Lelo’s Sila is about as luxurious as air tech toys come. Like Lelo’s Sona, it uses sonic waves to send users into an orgasmic spiral.

Resembling a small thick donut, with gold-coloured ABS in place of the hole, you just hold Sila with the buttons facing you then put the silicone mouth that protrudes from one side directly over your clitoris.

While this toy is waterproof and suitable for use in the bath or shower, the stimulation is so powerful that you’d want to be lying down. On your own. Where you can scream. That makes it my top recommendation for singles.

Lelo Sila
Lelo’s Sila uses the power of sonic waves.

Best for couples

As sister brand of Womanzier, We-Vibe harnesses Pleasure Air Technology in its clitoral stimulator, Melt.

Oval-shaped from the front and like an elongated arch from the side, this seamless silicone toy is perfect for solo play or couple’s use during sex because of its slim design.

What I really love about Melt is that you can pair with the We-Vibe app on your smartphone to use touchscreen controls and fluid intensity levels.

We-Vibe Melt
We-Vibe’s Melt is ideal for couples thanks to its slim design.

Best for discretion

Womanizer’s Premium clitoral stimulator is one of the best-kept secrets you’ll ever have, unless, like me you’ll talk about it with anyone who’ll listen.

Boasting Pleasure Air Technology and about the size of a lady finger banana, this toy’s standout features include autopilot mode, where intensity and stimulation patterns randomly vary for delayed and stronger clitoral orgasms.

There’s also a smart silence function, which turns the Premium off when it leaves your body. So if someone walks in on you mid-play, they’re won’t hear a thing – at least from the toy.

Womanizer Premium
Womanizer’s Premium features Pleasure Air Technology.

Best for travel

If you like your pleasure to-go, Womanizer’s Liberty is the answer.

This discreet and compact clitoral stimulator uses Pleasure Air Technology, just like the brand’s other air tech toys, but comes with magnetic closing ABS cover to protect the silicone head. The body is also made from durable ABS so you can slip it in your bag with ease, knowing it will be safe.

One of the smaller air tech clitoral stimulators, it’s teardrop-shaped and palm-sized but packs just as much of a punch.

Womanizer Liberty
Liberty by Womanizer is perfect for travel.

Best for customisation

Satisfyer is a leading player when it comes to air tech, and has stepped up the game with the Curvy range.

The Curvy line feature not only Air Pulse Technology but also optional vibration. It’s two toys in one because you can enjoy air wave or vibrating stimulation independently or simultaneously – just don’t go all out the first time unless you’ve got a bit gag to bite down on.

As if that weren’t enough the Curvy toys are compatible with the Satisfyer Connect app which lets you edit pre-set programs and create your very own, as well as interact with your partner at a distance using the integrated chat, call and video functions.

Right now, my top recommendation is the Curvy 3 Plus. Why? It’s crafted from seamless silicone in a lightweight design that fits my hand like an ergonomic masterpiece.

Satisfyer Curvy 3 Plus
Satisfyer’s Curvy 3 Plus is app-compatible for customisable play.

Best for blended orgasms

While the clitoris is the main route to orgasm for most women, the g-spot shouldn’t be ignored because there’s plenty of pleasure to be had there too. (Fun fact: the g-spot may actually comprise clitoral tissue that extends deeper inside the body behind the vaginal wall.)

Recognising this, Womanizer developed the Duo rabbit vibrator, with gentle air oscillations to arouse your clitoris and vibrations to massaging your g-spot.

About the size of a 600-millilitre water bottle, Duo comprises an oval-shaped barrel with a curved shaft emanating from the back. The top of the barrel, closest to the shaft, has a small round opening, which act as the ‘bunny ears’ you’d find in a traditional rabbit vibrator.

Simply insert the shaft until the external stimulator encloses your clitoris to form a seal. The shaft vibrates while the external stimulator delivers Pleasure Air sensations.

Like Womanizer’s Premium, Duo is made from silicone and features Smart Silence Technology so it’s just as quiet.

Womanizer Duo
Womanizer’s Duo combines air tech into a rabbit vibrator.

Of course, every clitoris is unique, with its own likes and dislikes. And no single toy will be experienced in the same way by different bodies.

But the continued popularity of air tech toys speaks volumes. They’re the go-to for clitoral pleasure.

So, now you know the clit-erally best air tech toys, why not ensure you or someone special has one for every occasion?


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