Wild Secrets Launches Its Own Sex Toy – The Envy

Why women and couples need Envy, the ultimate clitoral stimulator

It’s the premium online store you know, love and trust for all your sexual wellness products.

Now, Wild Secrets is bringing you its very own brand of sex toys.

We know what it takes to experience true satisfaction so we’re bringing you Envy

With more than two decades in the industry and thousands of products tested and reviewed, we know what it takes to experience true satisfaction.

So, we’re bringing you Envy.

Envy is the flagship toy of the Wild Secrets line, set to bring joy to thousands of fun-loving adults across the globe.

Wild Secrets Envy clitoral stimulator
Envy clitoral stimulator is the flagship of Wild Secrets’ toy line.

What is Envy?

Envy is a clitoral stimulator offering intense pressure waves and vibrations, powered by Satisfyer, makers of the worldwide best-selling Pro 2.

Containing around 8000 sensitive nerve endings – which is double that in the head of a penis – the clitoris is the only organ known to exist solely for pleasure. Envy targets this sensual powerhouse with perfection.

Intense pressure waves delivered by Satisfyer’s patented Air-Pulse Technology deliver oral sex-like sucking and massaging, while focused vibration encourage enhanced sensations.

Envy is a clitoral stimulator offering intense pressure waves and vibrations, powered by Satisfyer

Ultimately, Envy increases blood flow to the clitoris, causing it to temporarily throb, swell and redden with pleasure.

While the resulting orgasm differs across individuals, Envy has already been hailed as the toy of the year by everyone who’s tried it.

Wild Secrets Envy
Wild Secrets Envy is designed to simulate oral-like sensations with vibration.

Fast, intense and multiple orgasms are par de course.

But why launch with a clitoral toy, in particular?

Wild Secrets is committed to inspiring and empowering all adults to enhance and confidently celebrate their sex lives.

However, research shows there’s a big O problem in the bedroom, with women reaching orgasm 30 per cent less than men. (1)

Wild Secrets aims to close the orgasm gap between men and women, and Envy literally puts a solution in adults’ hands

While the reasons are many and varied, insufficient clitoral stimulation during heterosexual sex is high on, if not at the top of, the list. (2)

Wild Secrets aims to close this orgasm gap, running our clitoral education campaign, Get To Know Me, informing adults what and where the clitoris is and how to please it, taking into account differences across individual bodies.

Envy is the next step in this process, and literally puts an easy solution in adults’ hands.

A woman in a white shirt looks up at the camera, her a forefinger and thumb making a monacle like ring over her eye as she grins cheekily up at the camera
The Wild Secrets Envy clitoral stimulator is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

What does Envy look like?

Envy is a subtly curved toy, similar in size and shape to a lady finger banana, though its top is a tapered bulb.

At 5″ (12.7 cm) in length, 1.5” (3.8 cm) in width and 1.6” (4.1 cm) in depth, it fits comfortably in even a small hand.

The bulbous top features a 0.6” (1.5 cm) wide circular opening on the front, which is designed to encompass the clitoris. The opening’s smooth rim feels incredible against this sensitive area of skin.

Indeed, the entire toy is a pleasure to hold.

Made from silky smooth body-safe silicone with metallic ABS plastic accents wrapped around its midsection, Envy has a luxurious look and feel.

Available in pink and featuring Wild Secrets’ iconic butterfly logo, this toy has a fun and flirty design – but is serious about satisfying when you consider what it offers.

What are the features of Envy?

Below the metallic accents on the front of Envy is an intuitive three-button control.

Wild Secrets Envy
Wild Secrets Envy combines form and function.

You turn the toy on and off using the middle button, and cycle through 10 vibrations settings using the top button and 11 pressure waves intensities using the bottom one.

The vibrations and pressure waves are delivered by independent motors so you can experience these modes separately or simultaneously.

Whichever you choose, they start out gently enough not to overwhelm beginners then escalate to a point that will please more experienced users.

Envy also features whisper-quiet sound, waterproof construction, and magnetic recharging capability with a cable included.

Simply attach the cable to the charging points at the back of the toy and plug the USB-C connector into a suitable port. Ensure Envy is fully charged before first use.

How do you use Envy?

Envy is a practical and versatile toy that lets you play discreetly in a range of scenarios, whether you’re solo or with a partner, at or away from home.

A woman in a green dress lies on a picnic table and smiles as her partner leans over and kisses her cheek
The Wild Secrets Envy is a perfect couple’s toy for intense foreplay.

The curved, lightweight design is easy to hold and slim enough to fit between you and your lover during foreplay and sex.

The control buttons are perfectly positioned for you to cycle through different setting combinations however you’re playing.

Envy is easy to hold and slim enough to fit between you and your lover during foreplay and sex

To get started, equip yourself with Wild Secrets brand essentials: Misting Toy Cleaner or Foaming Toy Cleaner. The beauty of the foaming cleaner is that you can see exactly where you’ve applied it, while the misting version can also be used to clean your intimate areas and includes tea tree oil and lavender oil for a subtle scent and clean, fresh feel.

Simply apply your chosen cleaner to the toy, let it sit for about one minute and rinse clean.

Wild Secrets Essentials
Wild Secrets line of essentials are ideal for use with Envy.

Then place the stimulator opening over your clitoris and press down until a gentle seal is formed.

You can apply Wild Secrets Water Based Lubricant to the rim of the opening to help create a better seal.

Now for the real action! Use the power button to turn Envy on and press either or both the top and bottom buttons to choose which modes you’ll experience.

Begin with the default setting for pressure waves and/or vibration, escalating as you feel comfortable.

As with Satisfyer’s clitoral stimulators, it’s common to reach an intense orgasm fast and multiple times over when using Envy.

It’s common to reach an intense orgasm fast and multiple times over when using Envy

So, if you’re incorporating Envy into foreplay or partnered sex, you may want to opt for the gentler settings – unless you’re up for a quickie.

But if you do want a truly intense experience, try applying Wild Secrets Sensual Arousal Gel to the rim of the stimulator opening. It will not only act as a lubricant but also create another dimension of sensation.

This water-based, toy-safe gel is designed to increase stimulation by driving blood flow to your skin’s surface on contact. High-quality ingredients including soothing aloe leaf juice as well as menthol and peppermint oil combine to create a subtle tingle, which Envy will only enhance.

Being waterproof, you can also use Envy in the bath or shower, and when the toy is submerged the pressure waves will feel even stronger.

Wild Secrets Envy
Being waterproof, Wild Secrets Envy is safe to use in the shower.

We can all benefit from Envy

All in all, Envy is perfect for every body with a clitoris whether a beginner or experienced toy user, single or coupled.

But if you’re more into g-spot action, I’ll leave you with this thought…

Because the clitoris runs deep inside the pelvis (90 per cent lies below the visible surface), stimulating it can also have flow-on effects for the g-spot, about two to three inches inside the vagina on the front wall. So, Envy may help with your g-spot orgasm too.

You’re welcome!

Shop Wild Secrets Envy and essentials for yourself and someone special now.


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