Why Fleshlight Deserves The Spotlight

The toy that stars lend their name and body to

It’s the world’s best-selling men’s sex toy, with over 20 million sold and counting. If you’re yet to experience the incredible pleasure that is Fleshlight, you’ve been missing out. On the upside, it’s never too late to start.

In an ever-growing market, what makes Fleshlight stand out from other men’s toy brands? Well, let’s start with the name. Founded more than 20 years ago in the US, where the toys are still made, Fleshlight sounds like flashlight, which is exactly what these toys resemble. 

Just like a flashlight

Fleshlight is a torch-shaped masturbator – for the newbies out there, that’s a toy that penis owners use to pleasure their rod.

Fleshlight toy
Fleshlight men’s toys are designed to resemble a flashlight.

However, the top of a Fleshlight is not a light but rather an orifice, such as a vulva, butt, mouth or nondescript hole, that a penis slides into. We’ll expand on that later – after all, there is something to be said for delayed gratification.  

The exterior of a typical Fleshlight, like that of a torch, is made from hard, durable plastic, giving users a firm, comfortable grip as the action takes place. It’s a clever design that combines both form and functionality, and unless someone is in the know, they couldn’t tell it’s a sex toy just by looking at it. 

The exterior of a typical Fleshlight, like that of a torch, is made from hard, durable plastic, giving users a firm, comfortable grip as the action takes place

As for the key specs, a classic Fleshlight is around 9.75 to 10 inches long with an insertable depth of 8.5 inches. The diameter varies from 2.5 to 4 inches, and the canal diameter ranges from 0.4 to 1 inch. Remember, these figures are a ballpark and may differ depending on the exact toy.

The Fleshlight assortment includes other masturbators that don’t resemble torches, such as the Quickshot Vantage, which is a compact, transparent can-like toy that can be used solo or for added stimulation during fellatio. There’s also the Fleshskins Grip, which resembles an oversized knuckleduster with attached transparent blue stroker.  

Just like a film star

Remove the screw cap and there you’ll find that ever-ready pleasure zone, patiently waiting for your grand entrance. It’s actually the entry point of a removable sleeve that fits snugly inside the plastic case. That sleeve is made from Superskin, Fleshlight’s exclusive skin-like material expertly formulated to simulate real sex.

While many other masturbators also have a realistic look and feel, Fleshlight takes it to a mind-blowing level. You see, Fleshlights are moulded directly from the hottest stars in the adult film industry. Think names like Riley Reid, Stoya Destroya and Angela White

Fleshlight toy
Fleshights are moulded directly from adult film stars.

Every star’s namesake Fleshlight masturbator allows you to indulge in not only her exquisite external form, but also her love tunnel. Each Fleshlight girl has her own signature texture, so that once you slip in through the satisfyingly tight entry, you’ll be teased and pleased by a series of nubs, bumps, ribs or ridges – whatever design best represents that seductress.  

You’ve watched them on screen, and they appear in your dreams, so why not make them part of your team? With Fleshlight you can. 

Of course, it’s not only the ladies of erotica that penis owners can enjoy. Fleslight also has a line of masturbators moulded from the most in-demand men of porn. Meet Fleshjack. Rather than taking inspiration from Fleshlight girls, this line of realistic masturbators is moulded directly from the butts of Fleshjack boys

How to use your Fleshlight

It’s not just the incredibly lifelike look and feel of Fleshlight toys that make them a worldwide hit. They accommodate a range of users in different scenarios, and are super easy to use and clean.

The inner sleeve of a Fleslight stretches to fit the girth of each user, and bounces back when not in use. Simply apply a good quality water-based lubricant to your penis, the Fleshlight entry and its internal canal. Don’t use any lubricant other than water-based because it will degrade the sleeve. Fleshlight makes the choice easy with their Fleshlube

Fleshlight toys accommodate a range of users in different scenarios, and are super easy to use and clean

Then slide into the canal and stroke away. With every movement, stay in the moment so you can lap up the unique sensations of your chosen Fleshlight, as each signature texture will hug and massage you in different ways, all culminating in an explosive finish. Adjustable venting control system will stop internal air pressure from building up and let you dial-in the right amount of suction for you, so your member stays happy as ever.  

And that’s the beauty of Fleshlight – it lets you play the field, in your own way, on your own terms, with absolutely no consequences. Just pure pleasure. Sure you might have your favourite Fleshlight girl, but why limit yourself to one? 

Fleshlight toy
Experience stars of the screen in your own bed, thanks to Fleshlight.

What they all have in common though, is that they like to get wet and wild – being waterproof, Fleshlight’s patented Superskin can also be enjoyed in the shower. You can use your masturbator in the same way that you would on dry land, or if you’d like to give your hands a break, take advantage of the Fleshlight Shower Mount. It screws onto the base of your Fleshlight and features a suction cup that adheres securely to a smooth tiled surface – like your shower wall – for an incredible hands-free session. 

The practical mount is also adjustable so you can enjoy your Fleshlight toy at a range of angles to suit you. It’s an easy way to practice all those positions you’ve been thinking about until you’ve perfected them to show off on a partner.

How to clean your Fleshlight

Once your solo session is over, cleaning your Fleshight is a breeze. Just remove the sleeve from the case and wash it inside and out with warm water. Then, spray a generous amount of toy cleaner to the inside and outside of the sleeve and let it air dry. Again, Fleshlight makes this easy, with their Fleshwash Toy Cleaner. All that’s left to do is sprinkle some Fleshlight Renewing Powder until it is coated in a thin layer and return it to its case. The more you love your Fleshlight, the more it will love you back. 


Who will you take home?

So, if you want to experience how it really feels to get up close and personal with the hottest stars in the game, many with countless accolades to their name, you need the most trusted brand in men’s toys: Fleshlight.