Why Women Use Vibrators

A woman smiles as she holds up two vibrators
There are many, many reasons why women love vibrators. Roshan Lewis unpacks some of them…

It’s one of the most asked questions on the internet: Why do women use vibrators? And for a range of reasons, I’m now in the perfect place to answer that question, along with its alternate – why do women love vibrators so much?

Finding myself at the end of another failed relationship, I found myself on the couch on Friday night. Wanting some action, I went through the options at my disposal:

  1. Go out clubbing with my girlfriends. Spend a heap of money getting slaughtered. End up going home with the spotty eighteen year old in the corner who doesn’t know the first thing about how to give a woman an orgasm
  2. Jump down the rabbit hole that is online dating. Get on all the platforms, and chat for countless hours during the week. Finally meet the guy whose profile picture is from twenty years ago when they still had hair. End up giving them a sympathy blow job. Without getting any myself.
  3. Take my hot ass to my favourite sex shop and buy the best, newest and most expensive vibrator that I could find.

I mean, when you look at the list, the choice was pretty clear right? It is for these and so many other reasons that women love vibrators.

A shiny new sex toy stops me from sleeping with a bunch of random people, saving me from the insanity of a shame spiral. It also avoids the pitfalls and dangers of meeting guys on dating apps, and most importantly, helps me remember how to pleasure and love myself. Honestly, finding myself solo again has been the perfect opportunity to brush up on those masturbation skills, and discover new places that can create orgasms for me. Let’s turn that negative into a positive ladies!

A Wonderful World of Women’s Vibrators

The Adam and Eve Thrusting, Sculpted Rabbit Vibrator is loved by women around the world
The Adam and Eve Thrusting, Sculpted Silicone Rabbit is the classic example of why women love vibrators. It stimulates you inside and out, and you don’t have to cook it breakfast in the morning.

There are so many more vibrator options out there than just the standard rabbit. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Adam and Eve Thrusting Sculpted Silicone Rabbit Vibrator. I mean, it does a bit of everything! It stimulates you inside and outside, it’s hard, but soft, it twirls and vibrates. If you ask me, this is ground zero for why women use vibrators.

Now, for me there’s a new contender on the scene- the original Womanizer Starlet Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator. This beauty pleasures the clitoris externally and mimics being given great head. At least that’s what the product description said. I was dubious at first, but trust me, it really does work – and fast! And given the orgasm gap, is it any wonder why women use vibrators? Disclaimer: A girlfriend of mine got a clitoris sucking vibrator after a particularly bad break up and now she is totally addicted to the thing. In her words, “It does everything in under two minutes, why would I ever need a man again?”

I mean, there are other reasons, but I’m busy with my trusty Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibrator that stimulates the g-spot internally. This one, I’ve never been able to get the hang of by myself. Perhaps it takes a partner to hit the right spot, as it were. I’ve had partners who have been very into finding out where the g-spot is, how to reach it, and then incorporating the Lelo into our sex life, which definitely worked- almost too well. Versatility comes to mind when I think about why women use vibrators. Get the right partner and vibrator play can work for everyone. I’ve used vibrators that work for both men and women in my relationships, and in my experience, they enhance the pleasure for both parties. Everyone wins!

If that’s something you’re interested in, I suggest sex toys like vibrating bullets – the Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet is a great one that both partners can feel from the inside – and vibrating cock rings, like the Wild Secrets Thrill Vibrating Couple’s Ring, but there are many other couples vibrators available for you to explore and enjoy!

The Many Benefits of Vibrators

Vibrators are not created equal and they all have different speeds, settings and vibrations that give you different kinds of orgasms. Excuse me while I do my impression of a kid in a candy shop. Aside from the sex-tech and all the joy that can bring, you also don’t have to buy your vibrator a cocktail to warm it up, talk about feelings, or cook it breakfast in the morning. You just plug in to charge, use, and chuck it back in the drawer once you’re done- after cleaning safely with sex toy cleaner of course! As long as you clean your vibrator and hands correctly, there’s also the added bonus of not having to worry about STIs, getting waxed beforehand, or getting pregnant after. Hoorah! Three more reasons why women love vibrators.

And you know, it’s really healthy to find out what sort of stimulation gives you orgasms. And that goes beyond the part where orgasms feel good and releases endorphins. Knowing what turns you on and brings you pleasure means that when you do get back on the human horse, you can teach your new partner what works for you and then they can do it without you having to lift a finger, pardon the pun. And for those hot weekends away as part of a new couple, there’s always battery powered travel vibes that are small and easily transportable. Some of them are even waterproof if you want to take it to the bath, shower, or beach…

The Wild Secrets Kiss is a much loved travel friendly vibrator
The Wild Secrets Kiss is small, discreet, and travel friendly best-selling vibrator. It’s also waterproof for adventurous play.

One major tip though, ladies – and I can’t stress this enough- don’t skimp on price. Think of your vibrator as an investment in exploring your sexuality that you will have for at least a year – unless you wear it out sooner of course! I wore out my poor old rabbit in less than the warranty period. So I had a choice between waiting for a replacement or picking another out of my collection to enjoy. And what did I choose to do with all these choices on hand? Well, I’m a traditionalist at heart, so it was with bated breath that I opened the packaging of my brand new, replacement Adam and Eve Rabbit, lit some candles and settled in for some self-loving. And boy, did it deliver.

Friday nights at my place aren’t looking so boring anymore.