What Do Arousal Gels Do?

Essentials to make you tingle

If you want an extra spring in your step arousal products may be just what you need.

Arousal products come in many forms such as gel, oil, balm and cream, and are available for women and men. Whichever you choose, they are a great way to bring that boost. 

Often mistaken for a lubricant which is for decreasing friction, arousal products have one sole purpose and that is to put the pedal to the metal with your orgasm.  

Arousal products have one sole purpose and that is to put the pedal to the metal with your orgasm

Some products are geared towards specific types of stimulation and body parts such as the lips, nipples, clitoris and g-spot. Each product is catered towards bringing out the best in each type of sexual activity.

arousal gel and hand
Arousal products can take your orgasm from good to great.


One of the most innocent and overlooked activities that can be quite arousing is a simple kiss.

Kissing is a great way to boost your happy hormones and along with decrease those anxiety and stress levels.

Starting off with a little makeout session can lead to exploring your partner with kisses all over the body.

A fun way to make those kisses a bit more enticing is to add a lip balm that tingles and gives a fun buzzing sensation to wherever you decide to land that scrumptious kiss!

KissOBoo Tingly Lip Balm by Screaming O uses a herbal extract blend to get those lips moisturised and tingly, and ready for that next makeout session. 

lip balm
Have fun with lip balms that make your and your partner tingle.


Did you know that some people can achieve an orgasm through nipple play alone?

Our nipples are an erogenous zone that with enough stimulation can lead to orgasm. Adding a bit of sensory play to the nipples can also trigger arousal in the cervix, clitoris, and vagina.

Our nipples are an erogenous zone that with enough stimulation can lead to orgasm

There is an array of nipple stimulators that can be used to activate sensation in the nipples such as suction devices, clamps, clips, and vibrators.

Some people even love adding temperature play to the mix with ice cubes. Save your bed from a wet mess by getting an arousal product that can achieve the same thing. Sensuva’s Nip Zip is a balm that you apply to the nipples and within seconds a cold sensation will overcome them.

Add a little bit of moisture with a kiss or a soft blow onto the nipples and it will make those nipples sensitive and perky for some nipple action fun! These balms come in various flavours such as Strawberry Mint and Chocolate Mint in case you want to add some oral playfulness.

Arousal balms can introduce you to exciting new sensations.


The wondrous g-spot is notorious for hiding out and waiting for just enough stimulation to give a mind-blowing orgasm.

You can just use your trusty fingers and hope that your hand doesn’t get a cramp or you can pair a g-spot pleasure toy with a dollop of g-spot stimulation serum or cream to speed up the process.

Intimate Earth’s Discover G-Spot Stimulating Serum and Sensuva’s G, How I Adore You G-Spot Stimulant Cream enhance the g-zone with blood flow to increase size and pleasure.


The most common arousal products are those tailored towards vulva owners to place onto their clitoris.

There are topical gels, creams, and oils to apply onto and around your clitoral hood. These topical products bring blood flow towards the tip of clit down to the clitoral legs that hug your labia lips.

With blood flow navigating towards those parts, it will enhance sensitivity. This allows for stronger orgasms and naturally increases a vulva owner’s self-lubrication internally and makes a perfect accelerator for foreplay.

Each product has arousal needs in mind and tends to include the same type of ingredients.  You may notice the ingredients are l-arginine, niacin, maca root, guarana, yohimbe root, and ginseng. These are either a vasodilator or ingredients that act like a magnet for your blood to redirect sensitivity to the desired area and bring the orgasm to the forefront. 

arousal gel on hand

Arousal products contain special ingredients to increase stimulation.Intimate Organics’s Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum, a vegan arousal serum contains a cooling Japanese peppermint oil and one of the ingredients listed above that increases blood flow to that area.

Some contain cinnamon that gives a warm, pulsing, and almost buzz-like effect such as Sensuva’s ON For Her Original Arousal Oil. On for Her has 50 applications in one single bottle and feels like you put a mini vibrator onto the clitoris. If you would like a cooling sensation, Sensuva has ON for Her Ice Arousal Oil, with sweet peppermint oil for a refreshing buzz. 

If oral activities might ensue, having an arousal product with a bit of flavor might be the route you want to go with!

If oral activities might ensue, having an arousal product with a bit of flavor might be the route you want to go with!

California Exotic Feminine Cherry Arousal Gel has a cherry flavour with l-arginine and comes in a convenient tube with an applicator tip for orgasms on the go.

Sensuva ON Chocolate Arousal Gel (5ml) not only has a chocolate flavour, it smells like a rich dark chocolate cake. But, please remember that any oil product shouldn’t be used with any latex toys and condoms. 

If you would like a clitoral stimulant that stays in place on the skin and can hop in the shower with you, check out System Jo’s ATOMIC Clitoral Stimulant gel. This silicone-based gel is water-resistant and gives a warming sensation. But note this water-play alternative isn’t friendly towards TPR and silicone sex toy materials as it degrades them over time. 

What arouses you?

All in all, an arousal product’s job is to get the blood flowing where applied topically.  Paired with a great partner or a lovely sex toy, it can heighten sensations that you may otherwise not get to enjoy.

Remember, adult products don’t always have to be a crutch as if there is ‘something wrong’. You may just want to try something to enhance your intimate moments. Why not try an arousal gel and see what your body is capable of?