Review: I Tried The JimmyJane Deimos Vibrating Couples Ring

The JimmyJane Deimos Vibrating Cock Ring is a sex toy designed for couples.
The Deimos Couples Ring from JimmyJane provides stimulation to both partners during penetrative sex.

Hello my fellow pleasure seekers! I’m here to tell you about a couples sex toy that’s quicky become a go to play partner for my husband and I.

I’ve heard many women say they aren’t into external clitoral stimulation. They prefer internal. Perhaps they’ve never had partners who had a clue about how to help a woman enjoy those erogenous zones or they’d never explored enough themselves.

I’ve also heard of many men being hesitant to try toys that bind or ‘wrap’ around their manhood. This reminds me of a hilarious story of a good mate who’d tied a ribbon attached to an elastic band around his errrrm – present stick – too tightly, which caused distress for all involved. To be fair, it was quite a shock for his partner who returned home to find him battling red ribbon whilst screaming on her birthday.

Needless to say he’s since stuck with gift cards and flowers.

If you’re someone who’s unsure about clitoral stimulation via toys, or you’re a man who’s unsure about cock rings, I want to talk to you about what my hubby and I have experienced and why we love them.

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Our own tried and very tested cock ring recently bit the dust which was devastating for us. It was the thing that had propelled us towards trying more couples sex toys. So when I pulled out the JimmyJane Deimos vibrating couples ring and explained the additional features – hello silicone, vibration and remote – hubby was ecstatic.

Come with me and embark on an ethereal journey of passion as I recount how this tantalising device became a favourite in our intimate couples escapades.

The Deimos Unveiling

When I gently unwrapped the Deimos from its packaging, I felt a surge of sweet, sweet anticipation. Sleekly designed, the soft silicone emitted an aura of quality and sophistication.

Equipped with 1 remote, 2 rabbit ears, 7 patterns and 3 speeds of vibration, it was promising a good 13/10 experience. I was ready for the Deimos to elevate our pleasure to interstellar heights.

The Journey Begins

With bated breath, I poured hubby a stiff – haha – drink and pulled out our favourite lube.

If you didn’t know, a good water-based lube on the ears – or any vibrating toy – will intensify the vibration and therefore the pleasure.

A pump bottle of Water-based Wild Secrets Personal Lubricant.
We recommend using water-based lubricant with silicone toys like the Deimos vibrating couples ring. Silicone lubricant can dissolve some additives that are mixed into silicone toys, degrading the material.

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The flexible soft silicone of the Deimos made for a perfect fit as we slipped it on him. The snug but comfortable grip was already enhancing his pleasure even before we’d switched it on.

Blast Off!

The Deimos vibrating couples ring by JimmyJane features a convenient remote control
The remote control included with the Deimos vibrating couples ring makes it easy to change the stimulation you receive from the toy without having to fumble between yourselves during sex.

It only took a simple press of a button for the Deimos to spring to life. Let me tell you, that wasn’t the only thing that had sprung to life! A symphony of vibrations catapulted us both into unknown heights.

It was almost a little too much for me. Almost. After a very quick initial orgasm I had to compose myself and get back on the horse! And yee haaa I’m glad I did.

Pleasure reigned supreme for both of us – see what I did there? Reigned?

The soft silicone ring works by restricting blood flow for harder and longer lasting erections. It was a new sensation for hubby and a very welcome one – for us both.

We controlled the levels of intensity through a handy, easy to use remote control. Although you can also control the Deimos via the device itself.

Reaching the summit of Mt. Deimos

The Deimos itself is waterproof, so we tried it out in our spa bath. Be warned however, do not get the remote wet! It rocketed out of my hand at one point and I was lucky to retrieve and dry it out quickly. Slippery little sucker.

With strategic placement of the ears and ring, this heavenly new toy became a conduit for connection between my husband and I. We synchronised in a symphony of ecstasy and knew this would become a companion for many encounters to come – and a bedside table favourite.

What I didn’t realise at the time is that the ears can be used for clitoral OR perineal stimulation. So I’ve saved that next in line on my couples erotic sex toy dance card.

A tattooed black man holds the JimmyJane Deimos vibrating couples ring up against his chest.
The ears on the Deimos Couples ring can be turned to point behind the wearer’s testicles to press and pulse against his perineum – stimulating the prostate from the outside.

Admin Schmadmin

Now that we’d come back down to earth, it was time to do a little post toy admin. In my books, a great toy is one that not only catapults you to heaven and back, but is easy to clean, store and charge. The JimmyJane Deimos didn’t disappoint on ANY level.

The powerful dual motors are easily recharged by a magnetic USB charger and at 10.5 x 5.5cm, it’s easy to store away – or hide in your handbag for sneaky occasions.

I’ve talked before about toy hygiene and storage in my introduction to couples toys. But here’s a quick and important summary so you know the basics.

  • The material matters. Opt for toys made from medical grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel where you can.
  • Clean your toys after every use. Mild soap and warm water can be used to wash your toys, but isn’t great if you need to maintain the pH balance in your vagina. I feel better putting my trust in a tried and tested sex toy cleaner.
  • Store your toys properly. Always ensure your toys are clean and dry before storage. Most sex toy retailers sell storage options if your toy didn’t come with one.

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So there you have it. The JimmyJane Deimos Vibrating Couples Ring was a winner winner orgasmic grinner in the Manning household. That night, the night after and a few nights after again. If you try it yourself, tell me what you think!

Also, watch this space because I’m about to get shopping and keyboard tapping about a whole host of new products that tickle our ah… fancy.