Discreet Sex Toy Storage Solutions

A range of dildos and other sex toys, stored in a wine rack.
When it comes to sex toy storage, this simple wine rack is one of the most eye catching solutions we’ve ever seen.

The one problem I have with writing here at Wild Secrets is where to put everything. Initially, I used shopping bags to hide my extra purchases from my husband, but that didn’t work for long. I then tried to store all of my adult toys in a plastic container under the bed, but the clear box got stuck on the bed frame! So I’ve spent the last little while looking into some sex toy storage options for my growing collection.

Display or hide?

Belle Dephine – who you may know as gamergirl bathwater creator – may be able to keep her very impressive toy collection on full display, but my collection is nowhere near as big. I don’t think it could get that big. And when the pest man visited with little notice, I was forced to shove them in a box. And kick them under the bed. They stayed there for a while, but then I bought some sexy underwear on sale and a couple of other things to try. Strictly for article writing and review purposes, of course. And they started creeping out from under the bed to underfoot, and that’s less fun.

As much as we’ve all lusted after Melanie Rose’s dedicated play spaces on How To Build A Sex Room (see our buying guide here), I don’t have the money or space to devote a whole room to exploring my sexuality. Even thinking about it feels too decadent in a recession. And with many of my friends renting or living in apartments, I thought I’d ask around to figure out what they were doing when they wanted to keep their sexual kinks private from nosy neighbours, flatmates, or children.

Hiding in plain sight

A lipstick shaped mini vibrator held in a woman's hand.
Discreetly designed toys like this lipstick vibe from Calexotics can be left out in plain sight.

The first option was to buy toys disguised as other objects – like lipsticks, rose buds or other common objects. But if you’re enjoying the full range of pleasures, you’ll want to buy a wide range of toys and keep them somewhere safe. Several friends have told me they like to keep their adult toys in their underwear drawer.

Storage checklist

When deciding on your sex toy storage, there’s a few things to keep in mind, aside from hygiene and practicality:

  • You’ll want to store your toys in a cool dry place where the electrical parts won’t become damaged.
  • Also, avoid keeping sex toys in a bathroom. It’s too wet and much easier for people to find.
  • Avoid exposing your toys to dust and harsh sunlight. Some materials go sticky with dust or degrade – see the Wild Secrets Guide to Sex Toy Materials for more.
  • Avoid keeping condoms in your car – the heat may cause them to break when used.
  • If your toys have removable batteries, remove them before storage.
  • Store your toys separately, so they’re not touching each other.

Some toys, especially real-feel toys made from budget friendly TPE or TPR can discolour, become misshapen, or even break down if they’re stored touching each other. If your toy didn’t come with a storage bag, you can often buy them separately, make your own, or as some of my friends do, use a sock. Or one of those soft toys with zip compartments inside of them.

Sex toy storage options

Toiletry or Beauty Bag

A Sex Toy Storage Bag by Dame that looks just like a toiletry bag
This sex toy storage bag by Dame looks just like a toiletry bag. It features internal pockets, elastics, and a stain resistant liner.

My first adult toy bag was just a repurposed beauty bag. you can find these cheaply at your local chemist, and some brands, like Wicked Sista, make both feminine and masculine bags. A toiletry bag is a great option if you’re a minimalist. If you have only one or two toys that you love and do the job, then this is a great affordable option.

Some companies create dedicated toy bags that might have pockets and straps. They might come with a lock, or you can purchase one to add to the zippers if you need to keep it private.

Boxes or Baskets

For moderate collections, a box or two, or maybe a basket is a great sex toy storage solution. My toys have migrated from the plastic tub to two matching feminine and floral gift boxes at TK Maxx, but you’ll find great options at your local homewares store. Kmart, Target, Typo and the Reject Shop are all great places for inexpensive – and opaque – cardboard boxes to match your personal style.

Bedside Table

Modern tiny home play space inside a van
Yes, you can absolutely keep your sex toys on display if you prefer. We may not all have a dedicated sex room, but if you don’t need to hide – you don’t have to. Image courtesy of Netflix

If you’ve got space, the best storage solution for all of your adult toys might be your bedside table. You can easily grab what you need.

On top of my bedside table, there is a bottle of lube, and a pretty container full of single condoms – I like to rip the strip of condoms into individuals, so there’s less time wasted during sex. If you have drawers, you can keep your most frequently used toys in there – maybe try using smaller organising boxes on the inside of your drawers to keep them neat and tidy. Think Marie Kondo organising for your sex toy drawer!

Speaking of drawers

Drawers and Bookcases

I’m lusting after an Alex drawer unit by IKEA. It’s affordable and the drawers are deep enough to hold most of my toys. The nine drawers are ample for all of your different needs, while hiding everything out of view. Of course, if you’re more of a display person like Belle Delphine, there are plenty of open shelf options that let you show off your sex toy collection while also keeping them in easy reach so you can grab what you need.

Also at IKEA I found another possible piece for discreet sex toy storage:

A Blanket Box

Blanket boxes are trunks for storing blankets at the end of a bed. You can also use them in hallways, and some have a padded top for sitting, making them a great multi-function option. You can sit on the box as you put on or take off your clothes. These are also called benches with storage, and there’s a few on my favourites list on the IKEA website for my next visit!

Lockable Luxury Trunks: The Ultimate in Sex Toy Storage?

Black Leather Den with glass table, textured throws and erotic photography
A lockable leather trunk – or coffee table – would fit very well as sex toy storage for a more BDSM themed play space.

For bondage and BDSM enthusiasts, a lockable leather steamer trunk might be the ultimate storage option, or even a custom piece from a kinky furniture maker. Of course, there are cheaper trunks out there if you’re happy to fill it yourself and just go with the outer shell.

Sex Toy Storage Extras

No matter which option you go to, there’s a few other things you may want to consider along with your storage solutions. Like power, keeping your cords sorted, instruction manuals and more.

Setting up a charging station

With many toys now being USB chargeable, getting yourself a USB hub for quick and easy storage can be a great idea. I’m intrigued by the Incharge box, which is also lockable for those who want that extra security. I also recommend using cable grippers to keep your magnetic chargers from electrifying the nearest metal anything, as they will do that if you leave them plugged in.

Adding some labels

I prefer to keep my boxes private, so there are zero labels on my boxes. But if you love being ultra-organised, then you can add some Cricut or handwritten labels to your containers or areas. You’ll want to store similar items together to make it easier to find things later. One thing you may want to label or mark are your remotes and charging cables. Not all cables work with all toys, and labelling them is something future you will thank you for. I cut up the original box and just keep the vital information (like the bar code). I like to keep the warranty card, charger and anything else together.

Speaking of warranties, I fill in warranty details if it’s an electronic toy worth more than $50. I know, you might not think it’s worth it, but you might be surprised! I’ve successfully had a Lelo bullet vibrator replaced under warranty – and I do hope the person processing these is paid well!

Storing manuals, warranties, etc.

If you do decide to separate your cables you may want to keep all of your chargers and manuals in a separated storage box, like this Photo and Craft Storage Box from Kmart. I like these as I can have a dedicated plastic box for each toy, so they’re there if I need them. Some people might like to keep their purchases in the original box. But I’m not sure what the demand is like for adult toy collectibles, especially used ones. Plus there can be lot of empty space in those toy boxes!

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead
Warranties are worth it on your luxury toys, like this Lelo Luna Smart Bead. Reputable companies offer at least a 1 year warranty, and Lelo also has a 10 year quality guarantee on selected items.

Speaking of storage, clean your toys.

Clean your sex toys before storage!

Wild Secrets Foaming Toy Cleaner. Use before storing your sex toys. Please.
Always, always clean your toys after use and let them dry before storage. It’ll make sure you can keep using them again and again, and that’s really important.

Seriously, clean your sex toys after every use and don’t put them away wet. Mold growing on your toys because of something you did won’t be covered under warranty! You can easily clean your adult toys with wipes or a cleaning spray. I prefer toy cleaners over soap because cleaning sprays are pH-balanced to reduce any chance of irritation. Just spray the surface of the toy and leave it for a couple of seconds. Then wipe it away with a lint-free cloth.

When we can afford to build a brick house, my ultimate dream is to store our toys inside a pink storage bench at the end of the bed. We don’t have kids so there’s no need to hide them, but I’d still like to keep the dog hair and dust off them! But I hope this has inspired you to dig your toys out of the boxes under the bed and find somewhere nice to keep them. Preferably within easy reach!