Our Top Sex Toys Of 2022

Carly Sophia holds up the Wild Secrets Envy - one of our top sex toys of 2022
2022 was a big year in sex toys, and we’re proud to share it with friends like Carly Sophia. Read her review of the Lelo Dot here, or follow her on Instagram. You can also grab the Envy Clitoral Vibrator if you’d like.

2022 already feels a long way behind us in the rear view mirror! So it’s high time we slowed down and looked back  on the year that was – and the sex toys that you all absolutely loved. Not what we thought you’d buy or what we pushed, but what you bought! So in no particular order, here are the top sex toys that you all bought in 2022 – and the sex trends that we’re seeing continue into 2023.

Clitoral stimulation is so important!

Women are looking for clitoral stimulation. By now everyone knows that vulva owners need it in order to orgasm – and if you didn’t, maybe go meet the clitoris. And we know that penetration alone doesn’t usually work. 80% of women need more, and a lot of male partners need to learn how to find the clitoris. While not all of these toys can be used during penetrative sex, here’s the top clitoral toys you loved in 2022.

Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 clitoral stimulator with Air Pulse Tech
The Satisfyer Pro 2 family has been a best-seller for years and it’s no surprise to see it on our most popular sex toy list. Again.

No surprises here! The Pro 2 family is billed as the world’s best selling sex toy for a reason, and it continues to be popular. The Pro 2 Plus added vibration to the classic, for those wanting more, and it’s also been up in the sales charts. We expect the third generation Pro 2 with Liquid Air Pulse tech and app control to continue to perform strongly. We love the Gen 3’s new silicone body and softer feel overall, and we think you will too!

Wild Secrets Envy

Wild Secrets Envy
The Wild Secrets Envy is powered by the same Air Pulse tech used in the Satisfyer range of products – and we’re thrilled you love it as much as we do!

Our very first Wild Secrets sex toy, the Envy, is powered by the same technology used by Satisfyer. It has a gently curved design, and comes in a beautiful shade of feminine pink, and we’re happy you love our little Air Pulse toy. Seeing it on this list of top sex toys has made us feel like proud parents. Even if the actual parents in the office say it’s kind of different.

Womanizer Premium 2

A woman's hand holds the Womanizer Premium 2, one of our top sex toys of 2022
The Womanizer Premium 2 was a hit in 2022, and one of your top sex toys based on sales.

The redesigned Womanizer Premium 2 has a range of new features. It has an updated autopilot mode for a more unpredictable pleasure experience, and smart silence that stops the toy when it loses contact with your skin. It also features a super quiet motor and two different heads for different pleasure sensations. It’s definitely a worthy – and popular – upgrade to an already excellent sex toy.

We Vibe Melt

An opposite sex couple lie on a bed, the man holding the We Vibe Melt in one hand against his lover's belly. The Melt was one of your top purchased sex toys of 2022
Perfect for both solo and coupled play, the Melt is designed to fit between lovers during sex. And you’ve made it one of our top toys of 2022!

The Melt is ideal for couple’s pleasure, but can also be used solo. It comes with app control, so you both get to play, and it’s a great help to the women who need clitoral stimulation in addition to penetration to orgasm during sex.

Shots Twitch Clitoral Stimulator

The Twitch sex toy attaching itself to a model's hand through suction.
The Twitch Clitoral Stimulator was a quiet achiever that snuck its way onto our list of top sex toys almost by surprise.

This quiet little performer snuck in almost by surprise. It has a very different design, with stouter curves and distinct ticklers and tongues that tease your bits with very unique sensations, and a rounded ergonomic design that’s unique in its category. Overall, the Twitch has been a quiet, steady performer, and we think it’s a time it got the recognition it deserves.

When it comes to sex toys, there’s always room for a better stroke(r).

A good masturbator has to outperform your own hand. Most people have two of them, and a lot of people with penises find it easier to use a hand than a toy. So which strokers have consistently done well in providing new, stroke-worthy sensations? Based on your purchasing habits, it’s these ones.

Wild Secrets Crave Thumping & Vibrating Masturbator

The Wild Secrets Crave masturbator is one of our best-selling sex toys
The Crave focuses on just the tip – and men are loving it!

Our first foray into men’s vibrating masturbators focuses on the head of the penis. Just the tip if you will. The Crave mimics the thrust of a real partner, but also has the buzz of a powerful, stimulating motor. We think we’ve done fairly well in its design, and you seem to agree! Thanks for making the Crave one of our top selling men’s sex toy in the Wild Secrets’ family.

Arcwave Ion

A black man lies in bed holding the Arcwave Ion in his hand
The Arcwave Ion brings Air Pulse pleasure tech from clitoral stimulators and adds it into a revolutionary masturbator.

There’s something to be said about air pulse pleasure. After all, it’s a staple of toys for vulva owners! The Arcwave Ion takes the same type of technology that works on the clitoris and applies it to a stroker for people with penises. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and it’s definitely a different sensation – and that simple premise has kept it up in our best-seller listings.

PDX Moto Bator 2

The PDX Moto Bator 2 is one of our best-selling sex toys for men
The Moto Bator 2 is one of our most popular men’s masturbators. And for very good reason!

While the original Moto Bator remains popular, most of you feel that paying a bit extra for the Moto Bator 2’s vibration function is worth it. The Moto Bator 2 also features a realistic, sculpted vulva entrance, rather than the original’s mouth. We’re not sure if it’s the features, the entrance or both, but this budget friendly masturbator has a very strong following.

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration


The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is a top sex toy that does what it says on the box
The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is a best-selling sex toy that does what it says on the box.

It does what it says on the box – and does it well! This 5.5” masturbator offers a warming sensation along with is vibrations, making it feel more like a real body when you thrust inside. It’s also the most affordable masturbator that made the list. So if you’re on a tight budget, check out the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration. Your fellow penis owners recommend it!

Women love dual pleasure sex toys.

From rabbit vibes to multi-function toys, this is trend is still going strong this year. Some of your most loved sex toys are all about multiple sensations, and we’re here for it!

Pipedream Pump With Tongue & Vibrating G-Spot Handle

The Pipedream Pump with Tongue is an amazing sex toy for both foreplay and the main event
The Pipedream Pump was very recently called out as a great sex toy for foreplay. Or any play.

This unassuming purple toy is a consistent best-seller and hard to keep in stock. It offers a range of different sensations from clitoral suction to stimulation, internal vibrations for your G-spot and it’s also great for nipple play. You can also get it in ruby red with 24K gold accents if you’re after a more luxe finish.

Lelo Enigma Cruise Vibrator

The Lelo Enigma Cruise is a dual-stimulation sex toy for people with vulvas
If it feels like we talk about the Lelo Enigma Cruise a lot – it’s because we do. Every woman we know who’s tried it loves it. And that’s the best endorsement we can give it.

Whenever we ask our staff for their recommendations, the Lelo Enigma Cruise comes up every time. Without fail. With its silky soft touch and curved shape, it fits a wide range of bodies, including those who may not find traditionally shaped rabbits comfortable. The Enigma Cruise also offers the dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation that’s second to none. Add in its Cruise Control feature so there’s no drop in intensity when you press it into your body, and you have a toy that keeps on delivering. We really think it’s one of the best sex toys on the market.

Lelo Soraya Wave Rabbit Vibrator

The Lelo Soraya Wave has a come hither motion that makes it one of the top sex toys we've tried
The Soraya Wave adds a flexing ‘wave’ motion to the classic rabbit design – and it works!

The Soraya Wave Rabbit Vibe is the second Lelo to make it onto the list, and for us it’s the wave function that really makes this baby work. The longer internal arm flexes and in a wonderful ‘come-hither’ motion that undulates against your G-spot for intense pleasure. At the same time, the external arm thrums against your clitoris, combining for beautiful, blended orgasms. She’s pricey, but she’s worth it – and you all seem to agree!

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot was one of the top sex toys of 2022
The Satisyfer Pro G-Spot adds internal vibration to the Air Pulse clitoral stimulation the Pro 2 is known for.

The Pro G-Spot‘s presence here doesn’t need much explanation. Take the clitoral stimulation the classic Satisfyer Pro 2 is known for, and add a G-spot vibrator! You get internal pleasure and reach orgasm faster! Or more often. Or both. If you can get multiple orgasms with the Pro 2, what can you get when you add internal stimulation?

Wild Secrets Dream Rabbit Vibrator

The Wild Secrets Dream is a classic style rabbit vibrator for women
The Dream is a classic rabbit vibrator that may be named after a certain, very happy dog

We’re so proud of the Dream. We looked at the entry level rabbit vibes and decided people really needed a quality rabbit, with decently thick arms for that full sensation, but wrapped in the silky-soft finish of body-safe silicone. No frills, just gentle, beautiful pleasure at an affordable price. And we’re really happy you’ve all responded to her with love and support.

You can’t top a magic wand

Ever since the original Hitachi found a totally not intended pleasure use, wand massagers have been a key part of our pleasure chests. And as a bonus, you can also use them to relax your sore muscles! Three vibrating wand massagers made it into our top sex toy list last year, so here they are:

Wild Secrets Bliss

The Wild Secrets Bliss is a great travel sized massage wand and one of our top sex toys of 2022!
With some 160 pleasure combinations to explore, the Bliss is designed to give you exactly that feeling…

Our no-frills, travel-sized Bliss wand massager features 20 vibration patterns and 8 speeds controlled by a simple, 3-button interface. It’s wireless, rechargeable, and everything you need in an intimate massager, and we’re very proud of it. Thank you for loving it as much as we do, and we hope it’s doing you proud. Well not doing you. Maybe doing you? Look, it’s up to you how you use it, but externally, please?

Wild Secrets Glow

The Wild Secrets Massage Wand Product Image in Blue
The Glow is great for external pleasure – and for people with limited movement. As a bonus, it’s also useful for working the kinks out of sore muscles!

Okay, we promise we’re not just promoting our own product. Whether it’s the 160 odd pleasure combinations, the full silicone build, or just the extra size for extra large pleasure, you’ve really taken to the Glow as much as the Bliss. We’re also happy to hear you’re loving the colours our products come in, as that really makes our day!

Adam & Eve 13″ Wand Massager with Silicone Head – Rose Gold Edition

Adam & Eve's 13" Rose Gold Massager is one of our top sex toys
We think it’s the stylish, luxe design of the Rose Gold Edition Wand Massager that has pushed it into the list of our top sex toys. We’re promise we’re doing our best to get them in faster than you all can buy them, but it’s a struggle sometimes.

Right, so as we said, we’re not just talking about our own products in this one. Rounding out the top three best-selling massage wands is the Rose Gold Edition of Adam & Eve’s 13” Wand Massager. This stylish wand massager features 10 vibration functions and 5 intensity levels, and fits nicely into a modern, minimalist style with its white and rose gold construction. We do keep selling out of it, but we do keep getting more in. So check back soon if it’s not available right this minute!

Sometimes a Classic Sex Toy is all you need.

Yes, we know a lot of the top sex toys we’ve already talked about are classics. However there were one or two toys that you’ve clearly chosen to be stand outs in their field. And they didn’t have any others of their category in our top sex toy listings, so you must really love them. Which toys you ask? These toys!

Adam & Eve G-Gasm Curve

The Adam and Eve G-Gasm Curve
The G-Gasm Curve from Adam and Eve is the G-Spot Vibe of 2022 – according to your purchase tastes.

This classic G-spot vibe is another sex toy we have difficultly keeping in stock because you buy them faster than we can get them in! Featuring 180 pleasure combinations for you to explore, the G-Gasm curve from Adam & Eve is easy to use. It’s curved as its name suggests, providing targeted pleasure with is ridged internal head. And from what you’ve told us, it really delivers! If you’re in the market for a G-spot vibe, this may be your next best friend.

Wild Secrets Kiss Bullet Vibe

The Wild Secrets Kiss is a much loved travel friendly vibrator
The Wild Secrets Kiss is a much loved, travel friendly vibrator.

There are other bullet vibes that made our top sex toys list, but our Kiss bullet vibe is the only classic shape. The other entries are all more couples toys or wearables. With a full silicone, waterproof design, the Kiss is perfect for external stimulation, and can be used for targeted stimulation or broader pleasure. We’re not sure if it getting a mention on the Kyle and Jackie O show helped it make this list, but we’re glad you’re loving it all the same.

Wild Secrets Thrill Vibrating Couple’s Ring

The Wild Secrets Thrill is a gift that gives pleasure to both the partners during penetrative sex
Thank you for making the Wild Secrets Thrill our best-selling cock ring of 2022!

Okay, it’s official: our Thrill Couple’s Ring is the top-selling cock ring on our website and we’re thrilled that you’ve been enjoying it. It’s really a simple concept though – all the benefits of a cock ring for stronger, longer lasting erections, and vibrations that work for both the person wearing the ring and the person being penetrated! It’s a ring truly designed for couples by the sexperts who know.

Couples want sex toys to play together

This is our final key trend of 2022 which we only see growing in 2023. The world is waking up to the fact that sex toys aren’t just for solo sessions. They’re for partners who enjoy having sex and playing together. They’re for people who want more stimulation than just what our own bodies can provide. There’s nothing better than seeing your partner having a great time, and with couples toys, you can both participate!

Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Vibrating Bullet

A Lovense Lush 3 bullet vibe lies on top of lingerie, next to a phone with the app for controlling it loaded on screen.
The Lovense Lush 3 is one of our top selling sex toys designed specifically for couples.

The Lush 3 is technically a bullet vibrator, like the Wild Secrets Kiss, but it’s wearable, meaning you can place it inside your vagina and it’ll hold itself against your G-spot. This makes it great as a solo toy, but it shines as part of foreplay with your partner, allowing her to have internal G-spot stimulation while your hands are somewhere else…

We Vibe Jive Wearable Egg Vibrator with App Control


A hand clutches the We-Vibe Jive couple's vibrator
We Vibe makes amazing couple’s toys – like the We Vibe Jive. And you’ve all responded to this wearable beauty so much that it’s one of our best-selling sex toys of 2022!

The Jive is a wearable egg vibrator much like the Lush 3. What sets it apart is the We-Vibe Connect app that allows your partner to control the sensations through the internet from anywhere in the world. At least, if you let them. Stretch your foreplay out to all day play and wear the Jive under your clothes as you go about your business. If discreet public play is your thing, the Jive may well be for you.

We Vibe Chorus Adjustable Couples Vibrator With App & Squeeze Remote

The We Vibe Chorus is a C shaped couple's vibrator for use during penetrative penis in vagina sex.
The We Vibe Chorus is designed to be a seamless addition to partnered sex.

The Chorus is part of a growing number of couples vibes that are designed to be worn during penetrative sex. Worn inside the vagina, the chorus provides clitoral stimulation while allowing room for penetration with a penis or another toy – possibly a strap on. While it’s compatible with the We-Vibe Connect app, what makes this a top sex toy is its squeeze remote. Hold it between your hands and feel the vibrations increase in intensity as you clench! The Chorus is designed to feel like a natural extension of your sexual life, and based on your response, it’s succeeding!

And that’s it! Our top sex toys of 2022 based on your purchases and the trends we noticed. If you missed one of them now’s your chance to check them out, or check out what’s new and start your own trend. That said, did we miss out any of your favourites? Send us a message on Instagram to let us know what your top sex toy was. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another article with your suggestions!