21 Sexy Resolutions for 2021

Make this your year of sex-ploration

Do you know why so many of us don’t stick to our New Year resolutions?

Because they’re boring and feel like a chore! That’s been our experience anyway. But we’re determined to change that for us and for you too. 

So, take your pick of our 21 sexy resolutions for 2021 or try them all. 

Our resolutions aim to inspire and empower you to enhance and confidently celebrate your sex life

Our resolutions aim to inspire and empower all fun-loving adults, just like you, to enhance and confidently celebrate their sex lives.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, and whatever your orientation or level of toy experience, you’ll find plenty of exciting ideas right here.

So, get set for a wild new year of self-education and exploration, using toys as a healthy and acceptable way to boost your sex life.

Couple under covers
Make your New Year’s resolutions sexy so you’ll achieve them!

#21 Get wetter than ever

Some people like dry cereal, but we prefer ours with milk. The same goes for sex – dry is bad, wet is good. You can say the same about using sex toys. For a friction-free glide and enhanced pleasure, nothing beats a good quality, silky smooth lubricant. Just make sure it’s compatible with your toys or condoms – water-based is the perfect all-rounder. 

We recommend: Wild Secrets Water Based Lubricant (120ml)

#20 Try swinging

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to ensure you have plenty of fun activities to do at home should you have to stay there for extended periods of time. An easy way to turn any room into your fantasy location is with a door swing.

An easy way to turn any room into your fantasy location is with a door swing

Just slip the jams over a sturdy door and shut it firmly, leaving the straps and body supports on the side that you’re one=. Get into position and let your lover tease and please you mid-air.

We recommend: OUCH! Travel-Friendly Deluxe Door Swing With Seat

#19 Go from bored to board games

If you left board games behind once you reached adulthood, you’re missing out! This year, give screen time and social media a break, turning to adult games for some sexy entertainment.

There are games for two or more, for lovers or friends, for new relationships or those requiring something to reignite the spark. From simple dice that suggest actions and locations, to card and board games that heat up foreplay and sex, you won’t be short of activities day or night, at home or away.

We recommend: California Exotic Strip Poker Card Game

Sexy dice
Get creative during foreplay with couple’s sex games.

#18 Melt for massage

What better way to set the mood than with a sensual massage? Perform it using melted candle wax! Imagine the seductive feeling of your lover’s hands massaging your skin with warm scented candle wax that absorbs easily and leaves your irresistibly moisturised. Of course, it’s perfect for me-time too. Treat yourself to a soothing shower or bath in candlelight then use the melted wax to pamper yourself to bliss.

We recommend: Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle – Vanilla & Crème de Cacao

#17 Use sexy sheets – anywhere

Don’t be afraid to get wet and wild anywhere you like, from your bed, to your sofa, or even on your dining table without the risk of leaving a mess. All you need is a sexy sheet. Indulge in slippery body-to-body massage, or incorporate toys that squirt on-demand, while protecting your surfaces from liquids and stains. Simply lay down a waterproof sheet and you’re  good to go.

We recommend: Scandal High-Shine Vinyl Sheet

Small bag with vibrator inside

Who says you can’t carry a vibrator in your handbag?

#16 Take a mystery bag

If you’re anything like us, you love accessories – when it comes to both fashion and toys. So why not combine the two? When you’re heading out on the town, be it day or night, take a mystery bag or purse  packed with the essentials – phone, keys, credit card and toys. Whether it’s a sexy card game, bullet vibrator or other compact treat, slip them into your bag, purse or pocket and you’ll be guaranteed a good time solo or with a partner.

We recommend: Secret Kisses Rouge Set With Clutch, Pasties, Bullet & Games

#15 Taste like dessert

What if your lover said you tasted just like chocolate? Or strawberry? How about Pina Colada? I bet you’d be feeling pretty good.

Give your lover a taste test – mix some flavoured lubricant into a cocktail or drizzle over fruit or ice-cream 

You can, with flavored lubricant applied wherever you want them to lick, suck or tickle with their tongue. Remember what we said about lubricant enhancing pleasure? Case in point! If you want to give your lover a taste test first, or if you’re single, mix some flavoured lubricant into a cocktail or drizzle over fruit or ice-cream. 

We recommend: Swiss Navy Chocolate Bliss Flavoured Lubricant (30ml)

#14 Get handcuffed over and over

When we say get handcuffed, we’re not encouraging you to break the law. We’re referring to the iconic toy that every adult should have: furry handcuffs. No matter how kitsch you consider faux fur cuffs, they are undeniably sexy and an easy way to explore power play. Whether your hands are cuffed together, or you have one cuffed to a bedpost, restricted movement can heighten anticipation and sensation as your lover has their way (consensually) with you.

We recommend: Pipedream Beginner’s Furry Hand Cuffs

Woman holding ball gag
Try a ball gag to muffle your lover into moaning.

#13 Take a vow of silence

Movements are the only thing we can restrict in bondage play. You quieten your lover (or yourself) with a ball gag so that moans of pleasure are all you hear. Just place the ball in your mouth and keep it in place with the attached headstraps. Smaller, softer balls, especially those with breathing holes, are best for beginners, while larger, harder ones will make your jaws open more and create the most muffle.

We recommend: Strict Faux Leather Gag Set with 3 Graduated Silicone Balls

#12 Make your panties vibrate

There’s so much to love about vibrators, especially when you can wear them wherever you go.

Vibrating panties can be you (and your lover’s) best kept secret when there’s a remote control or app involved

Vibrating panties can be you (and your lover’s) best kept secret when there’s a remote control or app involved. Available in a range of styles, they usually comprise a flattish vibrator that attaches to your existing underwear or come as a panty and vibe set, with a bullet inside the gusset. Try one during foreplay, on a night out, or even by yourself to make your activities all the more stimulating. 

We recommend: We-Vibe Moxie 3.6″ Panty Vibrator with Magnetic Clip & App

Moxie panty vibrator
For unexpected thrills, wear a vibrating panty and give the remote to your partner.

#11 Play hot and cold

Did you know that glass is one of the most versatile toy materials? Not only can you enjoy glass toys at room temperature, you can also warm or cool them to experience different sensations, internally or externally. Just place your toy – wand, dildo or butt plug – into hot or cold water until it reaches your desired (safe) temperature before use.

We recommend: Pipedream 3.6″ Icicles Black Glass Butt Plug with Round Cut Base

#10 Reverse roles

Bondage is one way to experiment with different roles in the bedroom and so too is strap on play.

Bondage is one way to experiment with different roles in the bedroom and so too is strap on play

Wearing a strap on dildo with waist, thigh and/or shoulder straps, men or women can penetrate their partner vaginally or anally. Women have the added option of using a strapless strap on, which features a shorter bulb that she slips inside her vagina and a longer shaft that penetrates her partner. Choose one with vibration or a remote control for extra play options.

We recommend: Strap U Evoke Vibrating 9.5″ Strapless Silicone Strap-On Dildo

#9 Pump it up

If you or your partner are up for getting bigger, consider a male pump. Simply put, these toys comprise a cylinder that’s placed over the penis and use suction to draw blood into the area so that it gets temporarily bigger and harder. When used regularly over time, male pumps may encourage longer lasting gains for some individuals and can assist with certain types of erectile dysfunction.

We recommend: Bathmate HydroXtreme7 (Hydromax Xtreme X30) Penis Pump & Kit

Couple's ring
For enhanced performance and mutual pleasure, couple’s rings can work wonders.

#8 Put a ring on it – down there

Speaking of enhancing his performance, cock rings can help to create harder and prolonged erections. Typically worn at the base of the shaft (and testicles, if desired), cock rings work by restricting blood flow from the penis thanks to their firm yet comfortable fit. Some rings with additional features such as textures, nubbed extensions, vibrations or app-control, are often referred to as ‘couple’s rings’ because of their ability to deliver mutual partner pleasure.

We recommend: We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Couple’s Ring With App

#7 Have stronger orgasms

Many people intend to exercise more regularly at the start of the new year, only to have their resolution fall by the wayside a week or two in. But this is one workout you’ll stick to.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can help us to experience more intense orgasms

Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for women (and men’s) intimate health and can help us to experience more intense orgasms. Kegel balls placed inside the vagina combine pelvic floor exercise with pleasure and kits offering different size and weight combinations allow for workout progression.

We recommend: Lelo Luna Beads Classic Kegel Exerciser Set (5 Pce)

Lelo F1s in man's hand
Try high-tech sex toys if you’re want customisable options.

#6 Discover sextech

The term ‘game changer’ is sometimes used with loose abandon, but in this case it rings true. Traditional sex toys like dildos and dongs will always hold a place in our hearts and bedside drawers but sextech is redefining how we play. Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone apps and air wave technology are creating thrilling new sensations and play options to singles and couples, for anytime, anywhere pleasure regardless of distance. Get your hands on some sextech for a customisable experience you won’t forget.

We recommend: Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit – Sonic Wave Masturbator

#5 Let the rabbit come hither

For women who enjoy g-spot action, a lover’s ‘come hither’ gesture can be the midas touch. What if you’re playing solo? Go for a sophisticated vibrator that mimics that pleasing motion in its shaft. Choose a rabbit featuring an external clitoral stimulator and your beautifully blended orgasm will be on its way.

We recommend: Lelo Soraya Wave 8.6″ Rabbit Vibrator 

Soraya Wave vibrator
Hit your-spot with vibrators that make a come hither motion.

#4 Lust for a good thrust

Vibration alone can feel incredible, but pair it with thrusting and you’ll experience your best ever simulated sex. Thanks to clever mechanics in the shaft, thrusting vibrators move up and down, or in and out, just like a lover would, recreating that orgasmic sensation when you’re solo.

Thanks to clever mechanics in the shaft, thrusting vibrators move just like a lover would

Some thrusting vibrators are even suitable for male or female booty play if they have a safe wide base or handle.

We recommend: Adam and Eve Thrusting 10″ Sculpted Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

#3 Do what the celebs do

In the words of Lily Allen, “We all deserve amazing orgasms, right?”. We couldn’t agree more! So, do yourself a favour and experience Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology with Liberty by Lily Allen. Co-designed by the Singer, Mother, Chief Liberation Officer, this clitoral stimulator uses soft pressure waves to encourage intense, repeated orgasms quickly, in a compact design complete with a hygienic travel cover.

We recommend: Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen Clitoral Stimulator

The We Vibe Chorus is a C shaped couple's vibrator for use during penetrative penis in vagina sex.
Enhance partnered sex with a wearable C-shaped vibrator.

#2 Come closer together

Did you know that women orgasm about 30 per cent less than men, largely because the clitoris misses out on the stimulation it needs. Wearable C-shaped vibrators, such as those by We-Vibe, are one way to solve the problem. One end caresses her clitoris while the other fits inside her vagina, leaving him plenty of room to enter. Rumbling vibrations please her where it matters, hands-free, and he enjoys another dimension of sensation. Win-win! 

We recommend: We-Vibe Chorus Adjustable Couples Vibrator With App & Squeeze Remote

Satisfyer Pro 2
Satisfyer Pro 2 is a perennial best-seller.

 #1 Get blown

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was our best-selling toy of 2020 and it ain’t going anywhere. Designed to simulate the incredible oral-like sensations, the Pro 2 targets the clitoris to deliver intense, even multiple, orgasms in record time thanks to its revolutionary Air Pulse Technology. There’s also an air tech toy for men – Ion by Arcwave is a stroker that gives male pleasure-seekers the closest they’ll get to a female orgasm.

We recommend: Satisfyer Pro 2 – Rechargeable Touch-Free Clitoral Stimulator – Next Generation

Fill that calendar

Now that you’ve read our 21 sexy resolutions for 2021, it’s time to mark your favourites in your calendar then shop for your supplies. While you’re browsing our recommended toys, get creative and add a few for those resolutions we hope we’ve inspired in you.