What Is In The MAFS Intimacy Box?

The couples on Married At First Sight have received an Intimacy Box for the third year in a row, but unlike last year we weren’t really told what was in it. So what exactly was inside the MAFS Intimacy Box – and why send sex toys anyway?

What’s the point of the MAFS Intimacy Box?

Starting a new relationship is hard. How much do you reveal to your potential partner? What if they don’t like you? What if they like watersports and you don’t? And if you’re doing it on a reality TV show like MAFS, what do you want to reveal to all of Australia and the world? From long filming days to worrying about the final edit, anyone might have their guard up more than normal – and the MAFS Intimacy Box is one tool of Intimacy Week designed to help the couples open up and be vulnerable with each other.

In addition to conversation prompts designed to help the brides and grooms gradually open up to each other and exercises involving physical touch, sex toys are an amazing ice breaker in an otherwise charged setting. They give the couples on MAFS something to react to together. From ‘I’ve never tried this before,” to “What do you do with that”, or even “No, never, that isn’t for me,” sex toys let people reveal parts of themselves they might not otherwise talk about.

Yes but what toys were in there?

Okay, okay, if you’re keen to know what was in the MAFS Intimacy Box, how they’re used, and whether one’s going to be a revelation for you, this is the section for you.

Dream Rabbit Vibrator

The Wild Secrets Dream is a classic style rabbit vibrator for women
The Dream got waved around a bit on TV and rightly so. She’s an ideal beginner’s vibe and made to be an enjoyable entry into the world of sex toys.

The Wild Secrets Dream Rabbit Vibe is an ideal vibrator for people just starting their exploration of sex toys. It offers dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, and with a vast majority of women needing clitoral pleasure to achieve orgasm it’s great for self-pleasure, or for foreplay during partnered sex.

You’ll love the Dream if you’re looking for:

  • An approachable, beginner friendly vibrator
  • A soft, luscious form that moulds to your body
  • A toy that’s great for both self-pleasure and partnered sex

Delight Lay On Vibrator

A woman holds the Wild Secrets Delight Lay On Vibe against her stomach.
The Wild Secrets Delight is a versatile and approachable toy that’s great fore massage – or much, much more…

We added the Wild Secrets Delight to the MAFS Intimacy Box because it’s amazingly versatile and is amazing for sensual massage. Especially with a partner! It can also be used for targeted stimulation of your erogenous zones – including the clitoris.

You’ll love the Delight if you’re looking for:

  • A discreet toy that looks – and can work – just like a massager
  • A toy to enhance your foreplay
  • Something to provide clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex

Zest Wearable Vibrating Egg

A woman holds the Wild Secrets Zest Vibrating egg while her lover holds the remote control.
We added the Zest to the MAFS Intimacy Box so the couples had something for a bit of interactive fun.

If you were wondering what the dark pink toy in the MAFS Intimacy Box was, it was the Zest. We only got a glimpse of it, so let’s give you the skinny: the Zest is a vibrator that can be used in the bedroom or while out and about. It slips inside the vagina and has a remote control so you can turn it on whenever you want. Or whenever your partner wants.  We’re not saying it’s designed to liven up a sixteen hour dinner party shoot, but there’s an idea for you.

You’ll love the Zest if you enjoy:

  • Discreet public pleasure
  • Remote controlled sex toys
  • Letting your partner control your stimulation

Senza Blindfold

The Wild Secrets Senza blindfold was part of the MAFS 2024 Intimacy Box
The Senza Blindfold is designed to make everything you do to your partner a surprise. Or them to you, if you like surprises…

The Senza Blindfold is a bit of fun. Yes, if you’re just getting into bondage you can use a scarf or a tie, but there’s something erotic about having a dedicated piece of kit for taking sight away from your partner – or letting your partner take sight away from you.

You’ll love the Senza if you:

  • Enjoy power exchange play
  • Want a comfortable, dedicated blindfold – or sleep mask
  • Enjoy the look and feel of leather but want something easy to clean and care for

Cadenza Wartenberg Wheel

A person runs the Cadenza Wartenberg Wheel over their lover's skin
Wartenberg wheels are pinwheels designed for foreplay. The meandering prickle of spokes on your – or your partner’s – skin stimulates their nerves so they’re more receptive to touch after you’ve used them.

The Cadenza is the last toy we put into the MAFS Intimacy Box, and it’s a foreplay device. Like other pinwheel toys, the Cadenza is designed to be run gently over the skin to stimulate the nerves and prime your lover for touch. So while Timothy could have rolled the toy over his skin rather than running it sideways up and down his arm – he had the right idea.

You’ll love the Cadenza if you:

  • Enjoy long, sensual foreplay
  • Are looking for an addition to kink and light bondage
  • Like surprising your partner with unexpected and different sensations

And there you have it – all the sex toys seen on Intimacy Week on Married at First Sight this year. And if you want all of them, you can get them in Wild Secret’s Love At First Sight Intimacy Pack. Also included is Chocolate Flavoured Water-based Lubricant, Misting Toy Cleaner, and our Vegan Leather Storage Case.

Did the gay couple on MAFS get an Intimacy Pack?

You mean, do they? Let’s just say that we can’t talk about anything that hasn’t been seen on the show yet. But we do have a range of toys for men and we look forward to seeing Michael and if the rumours are to be believed, Stephen later in the series.