The Naked Truth About Sex Over Sixty

An older couple lie in bed, smiling. Sex over sixty does happen - and it can get better with age.
Desire doesn’t retire, even if you do. It’s absolutely possible to have a healthy sex life over the age of sixty – and it’s high time we stopped pretending it doesn’t happen.

Despite what the kids might like to believe, sex doesn’t stop at sixty. So throw away the idea that there is a use-by date on sexual pleasure. There isn’t. With age comes the wisdom of knowing yourself, a lifetime of confidence to ask for what you want and a freedom to try new things. According to sexologist Kass Mourikis, as your life and body changes, so does the way you feel sexual desire. When you let go of expectations of how sex should feel, you open yourself up to new ways of experiencing pleasure. “Sex when you’re older can be so freeing,” she says. “You get to challenge all these things that you felt like you were locked into when you were younger.” When you increase pleasure you increase desire. Luckily, there are many ways to enhance pleasure, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Sex when you’re older can be so freeing. You get to challenge all these things that you felt like you were locked into when you were younger – Kass Mourikis, Sexologist.

A new, nation-wide survey, conducted exclusively on behalf of Wild Secrets explored how attitudes towards sex and sex toys change with age – and we found that one in three older Australians are embracing adult toys.

The survey also revealed:

  • 48% of Australians in their 60s said their sexual confidence has increased with age.
  • 68% of under 60s reported a boost in sexual confidence as they age.
  • 78% think it’s a myth that older people can’t or don’t desire sex.

A generation gap?

Explaining the biggest misconception about ageing and sex, many people over sixty rejected the idea of desire having an expiry date. “The biggest myth is that the older you get, the less sex you want” one respondent noted. Another participant dismissed the perception that “desire dies with age”.

It’s normal for desire to fluctuate throughout your life, and there are deliberate ways to strengthen it. “Pleasure is at the core of desire,” Mourikis says. “To bring back desire, make the effort to connect with things that are pleasurable to you.”

Does the quality of sex get better with age? Well, that depends on who you’re asking. Just over 30% of older Australians think so. But that figure more than doubles for those under 60.

Sex toys and the over sixties

The Wild Secrets Massage Wand Product Image in Blue
Massage Wands like the Wild Secrets Glow are great for external pleasure – and for people with limited movement. As a bonus, they’re also great for working the kinks out of sore muscles!

One thing the nation can agree on is the potential for sex toys to enhance pleasure for older Australians. Across the country, 60% of respondents said they believe that sex toys can help maximise pleasure for over 65s. From massage wands for external stimulation, cock rings to help maintain erections, and female pumps and vibrators for clitoral stimulation, there are many options that specifically address the needs of older people.

And with the Wild Secrets Seniors Discount, you can save 20% off your order with your seniors card. Sex over sixty may be something we were told we shouldn’t talk about. But it’s clearly happening, and that’s a good thing. And maybe it’s time we started talking about it without shame.