The Best Sexy Christmas Gifts – 2023

A selection of Christmas gifts in front of a decorated fire place, including the sexy We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator.
Adult toys like the We-Vibe Chorus Couples’ Vibrator can make for great sexy Christmas gifts.

The holiday season a great opportunity to be seductive and suggestive with some sexy Christmas gifts. But when it comes to picking them out, it can be hard to work out what’s going to look great, feel great and not be crass. Or worse, be something they already have.

To help you out, we asked our staff sexperts to pick out the products they’d most like to receive as a gift from a partner or a friend. Because yes, we give sex toys to our friends. We also talk to them about what they want and like first to make sure those gifts are welcome though.

Oh, and if any of our partners are reading this – hint hint!

Sexy Christmas Gift Sets

The benefit of a gift set is that it’s packaged for you, and beautifully presented. All you need to do is wrap over the box so people can’t see what’s inside or pop it into a nice paper bag, tie it shut and pop it under the tree. Gift sets range from luxury indulgences, pleasure kits to explore together, or premium toys that come with some extra goodies like a sachet of personal lube if they want to use their toy discreetly before they head back home from the annual family gathering. We don’t judge, but we do recommend locking the door to the bedroom first.

Wild Secrets Adventure 24 Piece Advent Calendar

The Wild Secrets Adventure Advent Calendar offers 24 days of pleasure for your holiday delight
Give the most important gift you can this holiday season – time with you. That’s the promise behind the Wild Secrets Adventure Advent Calendar.

Our 2023 Advent Calendar turns 12 Days of Christmas into 24 Days of Pleasure. And yes, it has USB rechargeable, waterproof toys, a range of lubes, liquids, sexy games and some light bondage gear to enjoy, but the real gift here is time. The holiday season is crazy busy and we invite you to reserve some time for pleasure with your partner. This really just gives you some incentive to stick to those plans. Or rather, 24 incentives.

High On Love The Minis Pleasure Collection

“I haven’t tried hemp-seed oil before and this is a really nice mix of self-care items. I do want to try it but I wouldn’t buy it from myself” – Arlene, Merchandising

The High On Love Minis Gift Set is a great sexy Christmas gift.
The Minis Pleasure Collection from High On Love is a great sexy Christmas gift ready to wrap and put under the tree.

And that’s the point about gifts – you’re really after something that little bit special or extra that people want, but feel like they can’t justify, and trying something new like this hemp-seed oil infused self-care product set is both exciting and pleasurable. We particularly like the inclusion of a luxe bullet vibrator and some Strawberry Champagne Sensual Massage Oil, as this makes the set a promise of time together.

Frisky 8 Piece Beginner Bondage Set

“I want to explore new experiences and this feels like a good place to start! It’s not too expensive and it would let me work out what I like before I dive into deeper bondage exploration” – Jane, Product Marketing

The Frisky 8 Piece Bondage Set is a great sexy Christmas gift for those exploring the world of kink.
The Frisky 8 Piece Bondage Set is a great gift for people looking to explore their kinky sides.

Bondage can be an amazingly sexy experience with a trusted lover. Whether you’re mixing it with power exchange play or just reveling in the arousing frustration of wanting to be able to touch but not quite being able to, the nice thing is you can play within your boundaries. BDSM and kink gifts are best given seriously to people who’ve had the conversation about kinky sex and know what they’re getting into, but if it’s something you’ve both talked about already, this could be your year.

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Wild Secrets Daredevil Gift Box For Him

The Daredevil is the perfect Christmas giftbox contains a Crave masturbator, the Dare silicone 3 piece anal training kit, water-based lube and toy cleaner
The Wild Secrets Daredevil is just one of the Wild Secrets Gift Sets. We also have the Thrillseeker for her and the Escape for couples.

Most gift sets are geared towards opposite sex couples and women, so we’ve put together a pleasure back for men with the Daredevil Gift Box, containing our best selling Crave blowjob masturbator and our Dare Anal Training Kit, as well as some essentials so everything is usable right out of the box!

If you’re looking for a gift set for a gay male couple, check out the Special Edition Tease Us Bond set.

Best Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her

With an ever growing range of pleasure products coming on the market for vulva owners every day, we’ve picked out the sexy Christmas gifts we think offer the best experience and are most likely to blow her socks off – and make her squirt!

Lelo Enigma Wave Rabbit Vibrator

“This is the gold standard of rabbit vibrators – I can’t recommend this enough” – Beth, Graphic Design

The Lelo Enigma Wave Rabbit Vibrator held in a woman's hand.
The Lelo Enigma Wave is the latest addition to the must-have Enigma range.

Either the Lelo Enigma or the Lelo Enigma Cruise gets recommended every time we ask for staff recommendations, and the Lelo brand constantly tops our lists of luxury toys that are well worth the price. When it comes to the Enigma range, it’s the combination of silky-smooth silicone, an internal arm that really does fit to your body, and truly powerful vibrations that make them stand out. In the case of the Wave, they’re combine with a wave-like come-hither flex for delicious G-spot stimulation. It’s also new on the market so she probably doesn’t have it yet.

As an additional bonus, all Lelo products are beautifully packaged, so in terms of gift giving, most of the wrapping is already done for you.

Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator

“If you could push a button and give me a mind-bending orgasm, would you?” – Kate, Writer

The Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator gives women a discreet option for public play
The Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator is designed for women who want to enjoy a bit of discreet public pleasure.

If you’re looking for a sexy Christmas gift that’s wearable that’s also a lot of fun, grab yourself the Adore Panty Vibrator. It attaches magnetically to any pair of panties, and the remote control means you can use it yourself, or hand it to your partner the way Kate did. Although given she ended up clutching the table for support and knocking her wine onto the carpet, maybe don’t try this one at Christmas lunch. Or do. We’re not telling you how to play.

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

“I’m Australia’s #2 drag queen and this is my #1” – Prue Brown, Warehouse

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 clitoral stimulator with Air Pulse Tech
No list of sexy Christmas gifts would be complete without the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3.

When it comes to sexy Christmas gifts, you know this toy is going to be there. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has maintained its position as the world’s best-selling sex toy for a reason, and the third generation of this trendsetter is a step up. With a full silicone form, a new liquid air pulse head for a different sensation and the option of an app compatible model, this is a great gift for anyone who loves clitoral stimulation, but hasn’t upgraded to the latest model. Even if that person is yourself.

Calexotics Signature Ultra-Powerful Jack Rabbit

“Lives up to its name! I recommend this for someone who has used a basic rabbit & is looking for the next step up to wow them.” – Mandy, Merchandising

The Calexotics Ultra Powerful Jack Rabbit Vibrator
The Calexotics Ultra Powerful Jack Rabbit Vibrator lives up to its name – and looks great while doing so.

Okay, so the Jack Rabbit is actually an entire brand offering from Calexotics, and they’re all pretty good, but for a premium gift we recommend the Signature Ultra Powerful option. With powerful thrusting as well as dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, all wrapped up in a sleek, modern package that will look great when it’s unwrapped on Christmas day.

Best Sexy Christmas Gifts For Him

Sexy Christmas Gifts for men can feel a bit tricky. A lot of male sex toys are very penis focused, so you don’t really need more than one or two, or they’re all about anal play, which not every guy is into. Below then are a few sexy Christmas gift options that provide a variety of different options for the man in your life.

Satisfyer Men 6” Vibrating Masturbator

“I’ve tried a few different masturbators and this was a surprise. The vibration patterns worked really well for me and it’s really good for the price!” – Lee, Marketing


The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a gift that is definitely going to satisfy this holiday season
Yes, we know this was in last year’s guide as well, but what can we say, it’s a classic sexy Christmas gift.

Satisfyer might not have the most memorable names, but they generally do exactly what they say on the box, and they have a range of toys for men that are a solid gift that won’t break your budget. If you’re looking for a fully deluxe option, maybe try the Wild Secrets Instinct.

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

“I love using my Loki Wave 2 with my partner, but this one’s for solo play. That said, I kinda want to try having it in whoever’s topping just for a bit of extra fun,” – Matt, Social Media

The Lelo Hugo prostate massager and remote, held in different men's hands.
The Lelo Hugo is a luxury prostate massager for a man who loves internal and external stimulation.

We did say Lelo was going to keep coming up and the Hugo Prostate Massager has a sleek remote control that’s great for changing settings without having to fumble around behind you. Matt has previously said that he only ended up using 3 of the vibration settings on the Loki Wave 2 because they were more than enough, so the Hugo’s 8 vibration settings should satisfy even the most picky of men. For something similar but a bit more budget friendly, check out the JimmyJane Neptune 2.

Wild Secrets Excite Couples’ Ring

A model holds the Wild Secrets Excite Vibrating Couples Ring and Remote
The Wild Secrets Excite is a deluxe vibrating couples’ ring that’s as much a gift for you as it is for him.

Erectile disfunction has a lot of causes, but one of the really big ones is stress and anxiety about not being able to get and stay hard. Yes, the experts do say that, but so do the men in our office, and one potential solution is a cock ring. But if you’re looking for sexy Christmas gifts, a plain TPE band may not really do it. We suggest picking one with a few extra features, like the Excite. The soft, super stretchy silicone ring helps sustain firmer, longer lasting erections, while the vibrating nub offers vibrating stimulation to you when he’s inside. Win/win as they say.

Magic Wand Deluxe Rechargeable Massage Wand

The Magic Wand Deluxe Rechargeable Massage Wand
The Magic Wand Deluxe Rechargeable Massage Wand is the modern take on the original Hitachi Magic Wand. And the perfect discreet sexy Christmas gift you can pass off as totally not a sex toy.

When is a sex toy not a sex toy? When it also works on tired muscles of your favourite gym junkie. Wand massagers are a great foreplay tool for partnered pleasure. For men, they’re great when used on the nipples, the perineum for external prostate stimulation, and very gently on the glans – with plenty of water-based lube. Some men are also very sensitive in the groin where the leg meets the pelvis and a wand there can be incredibly sensual. As a bonus these are equally good for women, so if you’re buying one for your man, you can enjoy all the benefits as well!

The Magic Wand range is the updated, modernised design of the original Hitachi magic wand, and it remains a powerhouse we know he’ll love – and it won’t look out of place on a bedside table. For something a bit more sleek, sensual and budget friendly, try the Nalone Rock. It’s small, discreet and comes in a range of colours for a sexier vibe.

Best Novelty Gifts

Novelty can mean different things to different people, so these sexy Christmas gifts are the humorous choices, the products that offer something different, or those we think would great Kris Kringle options. There’s a few more of these than we expected, but here’s our top picks for 2023.

Jo Flavoured Lubes – Gelato Range

“I’ve tried just about all the flavoured lubes and the Gelato range is the best. I’m nearly out of the Salted Caramel and am going to need to restock soon” – Johann, Copywriting

The JO Salted Caramel Flavoured Lube.
Salted Caramel is just one of the flavour options available in the JO Gelato range.

Nothing makes oral sex more interesting than flavours. And while you can make your own tasty sex treats, Jo’s Gelato range does the work for you. It also tastes like real food – probably because that’s what they use. And while Johann recommends the Salted Caramel, there’s a number of options to choose from – and we’ve seen him walking out of the office with the Cool Mint flavour in hand.

Massage Candles

“I’m enchanted by the idea of my partner pouring the warm oil over my body and massaging it in” – Lisa, Product Marketing.

A woman holds a JimmyJane Velvet Spice massage candle in her hand.
Scented massage candles like this Velvet Spice option from JimmyJane are a discreet, budget friendly sexy Christmas gift choice.

From the Bijoux Indiscrets Candle with a scent designed to be an aphrodisiac to the JimmyJane range of massage candles, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to these beauties. We suggest picking out the scent that’s going to work for the person you’re buying for. And yourself if they’re your partner. Much like some of the gift sets we’ve mentioned about the nice thing about a massage candle is that it’s a promise of intimate times ahead. Ideally with you, of course, but it’s still thoughtful either way.

The Clone a Willy Range

“One of my friends is obsessed with dildos, so a bunch of us are getting all the different clone-a-willy kits and we’re all giving him home made replicas. And not telling him which is from who,” – Frank, Warehouse.

The Clone-A-Willy kit is a great novelty gift.
There are a lot of different Clone-A-Willy options, and this Glow in the Dark kit is just one of them.

While we can’t all have friends like Frank, there’s something both hilarious and intimate about making a personalised sex toy from your own body, and it can be a very meaningful gift. Or a really funny one for the guy who insists he’s really that big. For women, there’s also the Clone a Pussy option so personalised sex toys for everyone!

Cum Face Duel Pump Action Game

“I played this at a Bucks night, and it was so much fun – and I’m straight,” – Alan, Marketing

The Cum Face Game in packagaing.
The Cum Face Game is certain to be the talk of any party you bring it to.

Yes, this is a dual pump game. Yes there’s a pun in the name, and yes, you can fill it with any liquid really, but it’s designed for water, and you compete at pumping the penis shaped shaft to see who gets squirted last. Or first. Depends on what you fill it with.

Sex Dice

The Calexotics Naughty Bits Dice game
This Naughty Bits Sex Dice Set from Calexotics is just one of the available Sex Dice games. These are an affordable Kris Kringle option, and a great way to add some novelty into your sex life.

Sex Dice are a great Kris Kringle gift, possible stocking stuffer, or a real way to spice up your sex life and add some novelty to a long term relationship. Simply roll the dice and try out the combination of actions or positions shown. There are a lot of sets you can get – we like the Naughty Bits set as it comes with 3 dice or the In Case Of Sudden Lust set as the packaging is the joke in and of itself. And you can always mix and match dice from various sets as you choose. Sex games in general make for great novelty gifts as they’re cheeky enough to be suggestive but still relatively safe for most workplaces. Look, not everyone has a Moby sitting in the middle of their office.

Christmas Lingerie

3 models wearing sensual red festive lingerie.
Just about any set of sexy red lingerie can make for a very festive Christmas set.

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without holiday themed lingerie hitting our warehouse shelves. And from cheeky pom pom panties to the Christmas flavoured Lustful Thoughts Teddy and the Ruby Dream babydoll, there’s definitely holiday options already out there, and more coming in soon.

Alternatively, you might consider getting lingerie as a gift, as Lena from our merchandise team suggests.

Forplay Love Lock 3 Piece Black Teddy Set

“This is luxe and special and would be a thoughtful gift from a partner. I also wouldn’t normally buy it for myself” – Lena, Merchandising

3 views of the Forplay Love Lock Teddy Set
The Love Lock Teddy from Forplay could be a luxurious, thoughtful gift for your partner.

The entire Forplay range has been selling strongly since we got them in and it’s easy to see why – luxurious designs and fabrics at a decent price. Even then it’s clear that many people want styles like this but can’t quite justify buying it themselves. If that sounds like your partner, maybe check out our guide on how to buy a lingerie gift she’ll love and get her something she really wants.

Sexy Christmas Gifts: Honourable Mentions

The Satisfyer 4 Piece Advent set includes a toy for her, one for him, a storage bag and a bonus set of Penthouse lingerie.
The Satisfyer 4 Piece Advent Gift Set is great for couples, and is also a budget friendly mini advent calendar for the holiday season.

There’s a number of products that got put forward that didn’t make the main section of the list for one reason or another. These included the Satisfyer 4 Piece Advent Gift Set, a budget friendly advent calendar for couples, the Wild Secrets Kiss, which is a good option for people with vaginismus, and the Autoblow range for people with penises looking for the ultimate AI powered blowjob.

Whatever you’re planning on getting up to this holiday season, we wish you days and nights of connection with your loved ones, and that you’re able to make time for some self-pleasure. After all, self-pleasure is self-care, and you need to make some time for you – and your partner if you have one – amongst the crazy social calendars we’re all staring at as the year draws to a close.