Meet The Wild Secrets Vibrators For Women

Lifestyle shot features various Wild Secrets vibrators for women - the Charm G-spot Vibe, The Enchant deluxe rabbit vibe with clitoral suction, the Kiss bullet vibe, the Adore Panty Vibe, and the Dream rabbit vibrator
Wild Secrets has launched a number of vibrators for women since our first toy, the Envy.

A lot has happened in the world since we released since Envy, our very own clitoral vibrator with air pulse suction powered by our friends at Satisfyer. COVID came and went, Meghan and Harry defected from the royal family, and we’ve launched more so many more toys we forgot to tell you all about them. So we sat down with Molly Berry, Head of Merchandise at Wild Secrets to talk about the range, and specifically our range of Wild Secrets vibrators for women.

What makes Wild Secrets products special?

I’m biased, but for me it’s because they’re so much fun! All our products are stylish and colourful, so they look cute on a bedside table. They have great motors that provide many different types of pleasure, and the premium silicone we use is wonderfully silky-soft to touch.

How do you decide what products to create?

Our products reflect our Wild Secrets values – so they all have to be accessible, pleasurable and, most importantly, fun! In terms of selection, we use customer feedback and sales trends to know what products customers want. We also want our range to include products for any sexual or gender identity, so making sure we have variety is important too.

Is there a testing process before sex toys are allowed on Wild Secrets?

Yes, the Wild Secrets staff are quite ‘hands on’ with product testing during development! Products are all reviewed to match our quality standards, and we only use medical grade silicones and phthalate free plastics.

What do Wild Secrets vibrators offer women in particular?

We have something for all different preferences, and our range of vibrators for women can be enjoyed either by themselves, or you can mix & match them for different pleasurable sensations. We have the Envy vibrator – powered by Satisfyer – and the Enchant rabbit vibrator for those who like the flutter of air pulse, the Dream rabbit vibrator and the Charm G-spot vibe for those who love the classic forms, and the Kiss bullet vibe for newbies, or fans of clitoral stimulators.

What’s coming up for Wild Secrets in 2023?

There’s lots to come in 2023! We are expanding our range and adding products with new sensations and expanding into different categories. Watch this space for more soon!

The Wild Secrets Vibrators For Women

Wild Secrets Dream  – 7.5” Rabbit Vibrator

The Wild Secrets Dream is a classic style rabbit vibrator for women
The Wild Secrets Dream is a classic rabbit vibrator that may be named after a certain infa-famous dog…

Float off to Dreamland with our 7.5 inch classic rabbit vibrator.

Dream is a quality, affordable entry point into rabbit vibes, with 10 speeds and large shafts for broad coverage, all made of soft, silky silicone. It…may also named after one of the dogs that frequently visits our office.

Dream stimulates both your clitoris using its special curved head, and your g-spot, at the same time, is USB chargeable, and waterproof for those who like to venture into the water.

Wild Secrets Charm  – 7.7” G-spot vibrator

The Wild Secrets Charm is a G-spot vibrator for women
The Wild Secrets Charm is a G-spot vibrator for women with a gentle flex in the shaft that contours to your body and movements. Guaranteed to Charm your pants off!

Charm as an internal vibe is perfect to be used by itself, or bought alongside the Kiss Bullet or Envy so that you can mix and match sensations across the internal/external pleasure points. It’s also gently ridged to provide that extra level of stimulation, on top of its 10 vibration functions.

Molly says:

We specifically designed the Charm to have a slight flex to the shaft so it will move with your body while still being firm enough to mimic natural penetration

Note that Charm should not be used anally as it’s not designed for easy retrieval and has no base. If you’re looking for a Wild Secrets anal vibrator, try the Wonder.

Wild Secrets Enchant – 8” Rabbit Vibe with clitoral suction.

The Wild Secrets Enchant is a premium vibrator for with clitoral suction
The Wild Secrets Enchant rabbit vibe features clitoral suction as well as an internal shaft that flexes to provide a more pleasurable, realistic ride.

Enjoy the magic of our premium rabbit vibrator

Designed for those who want that extra level of pleasure, the Enchant combines 10 suction functions for clitoral stimulation, along side 3 vibration speeds for our adjustable internal arm.

Our soft feel silicone feels amazing inside of you, and the flex in the internal arm means you have something both firm and slightly yielding to clench down onto. With textured pleasure ridges on the head, we make sure this vibe provides more than just the buzz.

Wild Secrets Adore  – 3.7 Panty Vibe with remote

The Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator gives women a discreet option for public play
The Wild Secrets Adore panty vibrator is designed for women who want to enjoy a bit of discreet public pleasure.

If you’re a fan of discreet public play, you’ll adore our latest women’s vibrator… the Adore.

Designed to be worn out and about, the Adore is secured with a magnet clasp to ensure it doesn’t damage your panties, and the soft touch silicone vibrator feels great and presses gently on your clitoris for a pleasurable buzz – sometimes when you least expect it, if you hand the remote over to your partner!

Enjoy 10 patterns of vibrating pleasure, and try not to let it show on your face – unless you’re in a space where everyone’s consented to that sort of thing!

Wild Secrets Kiss  – 3.2” Bullet Vibrator

The Wild Secrets Kiss is a much loved travel friendly unisex vibrator
The Wild Secrets Kiss is a much loved travel friendly bullet vibrator

While technically a unisex vibrator, we still think it’s worth mentioning here. After all, who doesn’t love a Kiss?

This bullet vibrator is 3.2 inches long and lets you cycle through 10 vibration patterns with the push of a single button. And despite its size, it really packs a punch! Designed purely for external pleasure, the Kiss can be enjoyed by everyone with a silky silicone coating and round tip for pinpoint stimulation of whatever pleasure spots you want.

Molly says

“The Kiss is my personal favourite in the Wild Secrets range because it’s so versatile! It has a strong buzz for clitoral stimulation, its waterproof, can be used in couples play or solo, rechargeable, and its compact size is very travel friendly. The Kiss is one that every woman will love.”

And that’s it for now – we hope this has given you an insight into what we do and why we do it, as well as some ideas for your own pleasure, or gifts for the women in your life. If you want to hear more about our original toy, the Envy, you can check out our launch post here. Otherwise, please remember to use lube with your vibrators – we have several we recommend – and make sure you clean them when you’re done with warm water and anti-bacterial toy spray.

Thank you again to Molly Berry for taking the time to talk with us, and we’ll see you all next time!