How To Buy A Lingerie Gift She’ll Love

Lacey (@sorrynocheques on Instagram) reclines on a bed in the Seven Til Midnight Heart You Red Lace & Heart Mesh Teddy with Garters
A valentine’s lingerie gift is wonderful, but which set is right for you – or your partner? We put the amazing Lacey (@sorrynocheques) in our Heart You Red Lace & Heart Mesh Teddy with Garters by 7 Til Midnight, but shopping for bedroom intimates is about finding the right style for the person you’re buying for.

Lingerie gifts are perfect. They’re sexy, intimate, and feel amazing. But they can also be tricky. Or at least they were before Kate Manning got involved.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and this is your friendly reminder to get organised now. Go on, put it in your diary, tell your lady to save the date and get your gifting on!

I’ve received some doozies in my time. Really. There was the time my highschool boyfriend gave me a teddy bear he took back from an ex, then on-gifted to me – I only found out after she showed me photos. Then there was the time an ex boyfriend gave me some flavoured condoms. Thanks bud. I stuck one on a banana, wrapped it and gave it to him with a card that said ‘knock yourself out’.

I remember my favourite Valentine’s Day card from my husband. It said: ‘Happy Valentine’s ay, I’ll give you the ‘D’ later’.

I gave him a card that said ‘I love you with all of my butt – I’d say my heart but my butt is bigger’.

It was still better than the roll of loo paper my friend got from her significant other, wrapped with a card that said ‘I love the poo out of you’.

Really guys, it’s time to lift your game and give her something gorgeous she’ll appreciate – and you can enjoy too! Some people shy away from this idea… but only because they are uneducated about how to buy it properly.

Give the Gift of Lingerie

Ladies love a Valentine’s lingerie gift! It shows that you’re thinking about her. That you find her attractive. Sexy. It makes her feel desired and wanted. But there’s a reason it’s called ‘intimate apparel’. Not just because of it being delicate, but because it’s a very personal thing to buy and wear!

However, lingerie gift shopping for a partner can go very wrong if you don’t put some thought into it first. Will she like it? Will she laugh at you? What if it doesn’t fit? Don’t worry, there’s easy ways to take the stress out of the lingerie gift shopping, and I’m here to make your life far easier with a quick guide on how to buy something she’ll love.

Just maybe don’t do what an ex joked he was going to do and ask a shop assistant what size she is or to model something because she looks ‘similar’ to your partner. Go on and have a giggle… but don’t do it.

Finding the Perfect Lingerie Gift


A range of lingerie gift ideas with one-size fits most options
If you can’t go shopping together, or you want your gift to be a surprise, try one sized options like these. From left to right – the Love Bud Lace Bodystocking, the Eyelash Kisses Fuchsia Lace & Mesh Babydoll, and the Mirage Black Mesh Kimono.

Step One: Work out if you can shop together

Do you want to surprise her or go shopping together for a fun activity? While a surprise is a nice idea, turning the present into a fun expedition can be even better one! Firstly, it’s exciting. Secondly, this way you know you’ll find something she loves, in her size. You can head out to your local shopping mall, or open a bottle of wine, order some canapes, and go shopping online. Whichever works for you.

Step Two: Snoop in her underwear drawer

If you’re opting for a ‘surprise’, do your homework! You cannot fly blind with this one, gents. So sneak into her underwear drawer and note her sizing. Both bra size and bottoms. Take note of the colours she likes to wear. Does she wear bras with a wire (these provide better support for a fuller bust)? Does she prefer thongs or full panties? Trunk-like boyshorts? Does she like lace, cotton or silk? If for some reason you can’t find her size, a slip, robe or one-size option is a great alternative.

Step Three: Buy a lingerie gift for her – not for you

Really think about what she’d like – not just what you’d like to see on her – or peel off her! It’s all about getting the vibe right. Is she body confident? Does she like kinky outfits or playful items? Is she likely to have heart failure if you present her with some crotchless panties or nipple tassels? If the latter, go for a comfortable, pretty and respectable item. If the former… you’ll have NO problems choosing something fun-derful. If you’re unsure, err on the conservative side. There’s always next year after you’ve broken the ice!

Step Four: Buy the right style for her body

There is nothing worse than receiving a lingerie gift that you a) can’t fit into – nobody likes flying flaps or boobies on the run – or b) you can’t fill out. If your partner is petite, buy something made for her size rather than for a buxom beauties. If she is conscious about the size of her lower half, don’t opt for a tight bandage skirt with a thong. Consider a babydoll dress or kimono instead. If she doesn’t love her breasts, avoid anything sheer – she’s unlikely to strap on some chains and tassels.

Step Five: Check the size chart

Remember checking her underwear drawer for her size? This is why. Every womenswear brand is unique and sizes are rarely consistent across them. Luckily, all good brands have size charts that can help you estimate the right fit. You mightn’t be able to review a size chart with her bodily measurements on hand – I can picture you asking her to hold still as you measure her bust! If you know what she wears, and find their size chart, presto, you have her measurements. Even if not, most sizing charts often have handy terms to help you choose the right form. Examples include petite for those who are shorter and smaller in frame, plus size/curvy for those with a little extra cushion for the pushing, relaxed for a looser, more comfortable fit, and slim for a tighter fit.

If you’re still unsure about size, there are some brilliant one-size options to consider as mentioned earlier.

The Two Rules of Lingerie Gift Shopping

If you need a quick way to remember my guide, it really comes down to the following two rules:

  1. FIT – Find or guess her size as best you can.
  2. FEELING – Buy to make her feel good. You want her to feel wonderful, rather than buying something you want to see her in.

Lingerie Gift Ideas For Buxom Beauties

Love a woman with curves? Try these gift options

Midnight Bloom Floral Print Robe

Midnight Bloom Floral Print Lace & Mesh Robe with G-String
The Midnight Bloom Floral Print Robe is sheer delight that will tempt and tease you while flattering her curves and providing relaxed coverage to suit a range of body shapes.

This sheer robe is relaxed enough to suit a wide range of body shapes, while the sheer mesh proves a teasing glimpse of her body underneath. With floral lave detailing on the breasts and hem, it teases and reveals slowly, making it a great sexy lingerie gift to fire up your passions. It also includes a g-string, but she’ll be able to wear anything underneath it that she wants.

Andi Caged Babydoll

The Andi Caged Babydoll has been specifically designed for full figured women
The Andi Caged Babydoll has been designed for plus-sized women specifically.

I love that the Andi Caged Babydoll is a design specifically made for curvy women. A lot of fashion is designed for skinny women, and full figured girls get something scaled up that often doesn’t fit.  Andi has been designed for plus-sized women first, so you know you’re going to get a better fit. The fact that it’s sexy, not made of mesh, and has neck and chest detailing to highlight the breasts is a bonus, but I’ll take it!

Fuller Coverage Lingerie for Demure Darlings

If your partner is more conservative, likes full coverage options or maybe isn’t as body confident, here’s some sexy styles anyone will look good in!

All In Red Chemise

The All-In-Red chemise is a great lingerie gift for shy or conservative women
The All-In-Red chemise is a fun, full coverage chemise which is luxe enough to sleep in, and a great gift option for the woman who prefers to show a bit less skin.

The All-In-Red is why I love chemises and babydolls. It’s racy in red with flirty floral lace detailing, long enough to provide full coverage, and is adjustable to provide a perfect fit. It’s great to sleep in, but equally sexy without being too revealing. If that sounds like something your partner would like, this may be the one for her!

Adore You Robe in White Tulle

The Adore You Robe in white tulle is a fuller coverage, but sexy piece and a great lingerie gift
The Adore You Robe is a more revealing option, but can be worn over a chemise or similar depending on her level of confidence.

The Adore You Robe by Coquette is suitably coquettish with its sheer lace and opaque detailing. I love that that it can be as revealing or demure as I want. Wear it over a bra and panties and it’s a super sexy look. Wear it over a silk top and boyshort lace panties and it’s much more discreet. As a robe it’s also more forgiving on sizing, making it a great surprise lingerie gift this Valentine’s Day. Or any day.

Gifts for Kinky, Playful Bunnies

If you know she’s up for outfits and looking for something to show off in at your next play party, try these sultry outfits…

In A Trance – Glow in the Dark Floral Harness Set

The In a Trance set is a glow in the dark harness that's a perfect lingerie gift for sexually confident women
This Glow In the Dark Set from Fantasy Lingerie is great for confident, kinky gals. It also looks great on a wide range of bodies.

Want to own your glow? No, not the wand, I mean this In A Trance set from Fantasy Lingerie. It’s vibrant neon green in the dark, and in the light has flirty, playful floral lace designs that look great on every body.

Velour Vixen Bustier

The Velour Vixen bustier is a great soft domme look
Yes, there’s plenty of black out there if you’re shopping for your domme. I personally really like this soft wine coloured bustier though. It’s shapely, definitely a bit kinky, but still soft and feminine.

This sexy little number is form fitting in soft velour and I think it’s great as a kinky valentine’s gift. It’s in wine, rather than the black I’m sure you’re expecting, but it’s beautiful, romantic, and an ideal lingerie gift for a sexually confident women. And I’m sure you don’t need my help picking out a sexy black something for your dom. You’re welcome, by the way.

Lingerie Gifts for me, Kate Manning

If my husband happens to be reading this – and he’d better be – here’re my top three. For my readers, if you knew my husband and I at all, you’d know that I’m writing this with a wicked grin and he’ll be reading it blushing and slightly terrified. I find evil pleasure in making you blush, babe, so I hope you’re ready to take a shot as a couple of high rollers. And I’ll give you some eyelash kisses when you turn the lights off.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers. Remember, it’s one important day to share your love… but share your love for each other every day. ‘Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart’.

Kate x