Guide To Sex Toy Measurement

Find out how your sex toy measures up before you buy

The size of insertable or penetrable toys is important because, combined with the materials they are made from, it can affect how easy they are to use and if they are better suited to the more advanced among us.

Images aren’t always the best indication of toy size – something that seems big on a website can be tiny in real life and vice versa. So, always check for available measurements in product listings.

To ensure you know how these numbers work we’ve created this handy guide.

Tape measure around cucumber
It’s worth getting out a tape measure to really understand a toy’s size.

Toy dimensions you need to know

Length = Overall length from top to bottom.

Width (diameter) = Longest distance from one side through centre to the other side.

Insertable length = Maximum length that can enter the body (or be penetrated if a masturbator).

Insertable width = Maximum width that can enter the body (or be penetrated if a masturbator).

Girth (circumference) = Distance around the widest part of the toy.

Formula to calculate girth using width: Girth = π x width (π is approximately equal to 3.14).

The relationship between length and width

The length and width of insertable sex toys are often related – the longer the shaft, the wider the toy.

However, long and slim or short and thick vibratorsdildos and anal toys are available.

Insertable toys that are generally easier for beginners to handle are 7″ (17.8 cm) or shorter and 1.2″ (3 cm) wide or narrower, with a flexible shaft made from silicone or realistic-feel materials that can move with your body.

3 butt plugs resting on arm
Only use toys in a size you’re comfortable with.

Putting measurements into context

Once you’ve obtained measurements for your sex toy, try putting it into context so you can get a practical understanding of the size and if you’d feel comfortable with it.

To illustrate, consider the most popular dildo size compared to that of a soft drink can (holding 12.7 oz or 375 ml). The length of the dildo is 7″ (17.8 cm) while the length of the can is about 5″ (12.7 cm).

The average penis is slightly longer than the soft drink can when erect (5.16″ / 13.1 cm) and almost three-quarters of its length when flaccid (3.61″ / 9.2 cm).

A dildo with length 14″ is almost three soft drink cans stacked on top of each other!

At the other end of the scale, a dildo with length 14″ (35.6 cm) is about 2.8 times the length of the soft drink can. That’s almost three cans stacked on top of each other!

We aim to provide you with the most accurate sex toy measurements available, but problems may arise. If you find any discrepancies between the stated size of a product and its packaging or listing on our site, please let us know. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

Need advice?

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