Anal Play – Your Ultimate Guide

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While the thought of anal play can make some people feel a little uncomfortable because of the negative connotations surrounding that type of stimulation, there are plenty of reasons why people love and dabble in it on the regular.

What works for one may not work for another, so if you’re not into the idea that’s okay! But let’s take a look at the reasons why anal play is so popular and some anal tips for those wanting to explore the pleasure of anal stimulation.

If you’re considering exploring the world of anal play or are wondering how to pleasure yourself anally, our ultimate guide covers everything you need to know. Jam-packed full of nerve endings, you might be surprised to hear that the anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. And do you know what that means? Pleasure! Regardless of what people might say, there’s no shame in desiring a little attention to your beautiful booty.

Not sure where to start? Check out our topics below, we cover everything from anal for beginners to anal sex positions to how to introduce anal play to your relationship, and more.

What does anal feel like?

You might be wondering, does anal hurt? The short answer is no, it doesn’t have to! Although it’s quite normal to experience some slight discomfort the first couple of times, as long as you use lots of lube (unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating) and communicate actively with your partner during play, you’ll be in a great position to give anal or receive it.

Some report it as feeling like ‘reverse-pooping’ or feeling like you need to poop, and while accidents can sometimes happen, if you relax and give in to the sensations, it can be a full-body experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Foreplay for anal sex is much like any type of foreplay, get yourself warmed up for the main event by stimulating your fave erogenous zones, and the sensations you feel can be the most satisfying in the world. The great thing about anal play for people with vaginas is that stimulating the anus can also stimulate the nerve endings in the vagina and clitoris, as the vagina and anal canal share a thin wall.

Remember though, anal play should never cause high levels of pain, so if that’s what you’re experiencing – slow down, apply more lube, or stop completely. Check out our Guide to Personal Lubricant for our top tips on anal lube.

All about anal orgasms

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An anal orgasm can be the most explosive climax of your life.

Can you orgasm from anal?

If you’re wondering how to orgasm from anal, we can tell you now, an anal orgasm is absolutely achievable and can be the most explosive of your life! As everyone is so different, the climax will vary from person to person, but most report experiencing orgasmic sensations they’ve never felt before.

Depending on the equipment you’re working with, you can experience anal orgasm by stimulating the external anal sphincter, the a-spot, the p-spot, or even a combination of those spots plus clitoral, vaginal or penile stimulation.

As everyone is so different, the climax will vary from person to person, but most report experiencing orgasmic sensations they’ve never felt before.

Many people with a vagina find that simultaneous internal stimulation of the g-spot and anus creates a delicious ‘full’ feeling, which contributes to the enjoyment and strength of an anal orgasm.

Whether giving or receiving, it’s important that you’re relaxed and aroused, your hands and any toys you’re using are clean, and if penetrating the anus with a penis, ensure condoms are on-hand to prevent any STIs. Using condoms can also make your partner feel more comfortable if they’re worried about potential mess.

The anal g-spot

The anal g-spot, fondly known as the a-spot, or the anterior fornix in medical terms, is the sensitive area tucked away deep inside the vagina.

Located between the cervix and the bladder (just a few centimetres above the g-spot) the a-spot is ultra-sensitive, and can indirectly be stimulated by anal penetration because of the wall shared with the anal canal.

While not as easily accessible as the g-spot, you can use fingers and a gentle ‘come hither’ motion that reaches upward toward the bellybutton to hit the hidden hot spot, or a sex toy to reach the tender area. Keep in mind that all bodies are different, so it may be slightly higher or lower for some, and may require more or less pressure to experience pleasure.

Some may not find it pleasurable at all, but that’s okay! Your pleasure journey is yours, and yours only, so if a-spot stimulation isn’t for you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The anal p-spot

People born with a prostate have a super-sensitive area located deep within the anus called the p-spot. Also known as the male g-spot, the ‘P’ stands for prostate – a small, walnut-sized gland responsible for producing seminal fluid so sperm can live as long as possible once they shoot their shot. When stimulated, the p-spot can produce quick and powerful orgasms, and boy oh boy can it feel good.

If you’re not ready for penetration yet, external stimulation of the perineum (the skin between the scrotum and anus) can feel amazing for prostate owners and can lead to p-spot orgasms, but if you really want to go off with a bang, you want to massage the p-spot with fingers, toys, or a penis.

When hunting for the magical spot, you’re looking about five to six centimetres inside the anus. Getting warmed up and aroused beforehand with a cheeky bit of foreplay makes it easier to find, as it swells when you’re in the mood.

How to orgasm from anal

If you think you need to have a prostate to experience an anal orgasm – think again! Let’s explore how to orgasm from anal regardless of whether you’re stimulating the anal g-spot or the p-spot.

Achieving the highly sought-after anal orgasm is easier than you think. With a butt full of nerve endings, any sort of booty attention will feel heavenly whether internal or external. To take full advantage of a-spot stimulation, you want to put pressure on the spot which is about five(ish) centimetres inside the vagina – you may find that going in via the backdoor makes it more easily accessible.

Try these tips to achieve your own anal orgasm

  1. Lube yourself up! As you know, the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so lube that bad boy (or girl!) up. Silicone-based lube is best as it’s longer-lasting, but when using toys made of silicone you want a classic water-based lubricant.
  2. Be safe – we always recommend using condoms for protection from STIs, regardless of which hole you’re aiming for. Just because you’re entering the backdoor, doesn’t mean you can’t contract an infection.
  3. Start with foreplay of all erogenous zones. As with any sort of sexy time, you want to be warmed up and ready for action, especially when discovering the magic of booty play. Stimulating all of your hot spots will really get you in the mood. The prostate also swells during arousal, making it easier to find and please.
  4. Play your way – try different techniques, anal sex positions, anal toys and body parts… Getting creative is a great way to explore your desires to find what works for you. Just be sure to use fresh condoms or clean your hands, toys, and genitals before switching up your play – you don’t want to move any bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

How to have a prostate orgasm

This extraordinary little walnut swells in size when prostate owners are feeling aroused, so definitely jump onto the foreplay train before anal exploration – it doesn’t matter if you’re solo or partnered.

Accessible with fingers, sex toys, or any penis, simply slip into the backdoor with your preferred booty pleaser – if using fingers, the prostate will feel like a soft and squishy lump on the front rectum wall that feels different to the rest of the wall. The receiver may also feel like they need to pee.

  • Fingers – use a gentle ‘come hither’ motion, moving up towards the belly button. Try using fast and slow circling and massaging motions until you see stars!
  • Toys and/or penis – try to avoid thrusting, as consistent pressure and massage is better for a big finish. A vibrating toy is perfect for this, especially if your fingers need help getting a little deeper.

How to prepare for anal

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Preparation before anal play is essential.

There’s no shame in anal play, but keep in mind that you want your butt to be clean and pristine before you indulge your booty fantasies. Not only to alleviate any poopy concerns, but because the anus obviously harbours some bacteria that we don’t want to invite to our booty party.

It’s a common misconception that you should clean your insides before each anal adventure with a douche or enema, but it’s not essential and shouldn’t be done regularly to avoid irritation. If how to prepare for anal is constantly weighing on your mind, we’ve got you covered with our anal tips, using lube for anal, and even what to do after anal sex.

Preparing for anal is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! You want to go to the bathroom 30-60 minutes before anal play. Once you’ve emptied your bowels, wash your butt with your usual soap and warm water – if you’re pressed for time or facilities, an unscented baby wipe or two will also do a great job.

While this is enough for some, others may feel more self-conscious (for obvious reasons) and may feel inclined to deep clean. In that case, invest in a douche! You can even buy an adapter set to turn a water bottle into a douche on the fly, which is perfect for travel.

How to anal douche

  1. Start this prep 1-2 hours before your sexy session, to ensure all water has left your rectum as some can get left behind.
  2. You want a clean nozzle and douche to avoid the spread of bacteria – if using a reusable douche, ensure it was properly cleaned after its last use.
  3. Fill the douche with water that is just less than lukewarm – too hot and you’ll burn or irritate your tissues, and too cold you’ll cramp up making your cleaning pointless.
  4. Lubricant is your best friend! Lube up the nozzle and your butt before inserting anything, and start with a finger first to relax yourself. Deep breath in and out, and slowly insert the nozzle.
  5. Give the douche bulb or bag a slow squeeze, and hold the liquid inside yourself for 5 seconds before letting it out. You may need to very gently push.
  6. Keep going until you run out of water, or the water being released is completely clean – don’t overdo it, because you can make things messier.

Foreplay for anal sex

Before letting anyone (or anything) inside, you want to ‘ring the doorbell’ first, it’s the polite thing to do! This can include whatever you need to do to feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and sexy. Foreplay for anal sex is extremely important, and isn’t necessarily confined to the booty – anything that makes you feel good contributes to getting you ready for a spot of booty lovin’.

Before letting anyone (or anything) inside, you want to ‘ring the doorbell’ first, it’s the polite thing to do!

  • Talk about your boundaries first if engaging in anal play with a partner – there’s nothing sexier than consent.
  • Lube, lube, lube! We can’t stress this enough – get all slick and sexy before any butt exploration.
  • Begin with a sexy massage and relax your whole body, the more relaxed you feel, the better your play. Move to the butt – a cheek-y massage feels heavenly, if you’re ready you can bring your tongue or any toys the receiver is comfortable with into it too.
  • Pleasing your fave hot spots wherever they may be increases arousal, which in turn makes your a-spot or p-spot swell. Start with the places that get you off the most to heighten your booty experiences.

Using lube for anal

Lube for anal
The anus isn't self-lubricating, so lube for anal is a must.

Lube for anal sex is essential! We stock a wide range of anal lubricants specifically designed for anal play – they last longer and provide a ‘cushion’ to ensure your booty is always comfortable while it’s being pleasured.

These thicker formulas are often silicone-based, but not always. If you’re using silicone toys, always be sure to use a water-based lube for anal play so you don’t damage the exterior of your toys. Silicone-based anal lubes are great if you’re using glass or metal toys, or are simply playing with fingers and other body parts.

If you’re looking for a premium lube for anal that you can count on every time, check out the range from Pjur or System Jo, two brands renowned for high-quality lubricants that are suitable for a range of activities. Most of them are perfect for vaginal penetration too!

You might see some ‘desensitising’ anal lubes on the market that contain numbing agents like benzocaine. While these are designed to lessen the discomfort that can be associated with anal sex or play – be careful when using these. It might be tempting to numb your bum, but this can also make it harder to detect any irritation or internal damage.

Anal play making your booty feel a bit tender? Start slow and small – using training anal toys is a great way to move up to bigger things at your own pace, and of course, don’t forget the lube! Explore our range of training anal toys here, or keep reading for more about training your butt.

Giving, receiving or flying solo?

How to give anal

Before you indulge in any booty play or acrobatic anal sex positions, make sure you know how to prepare for anal, you’ve established boundaries with your partner, and have a trusty bottle of lube for anal on-hand.

Start with some foreplay for anal sex, our tips above are perfect for getting warmed up before the main event so you and your partner can relax into the amazing sensations you’re about to experience. Always be respectful of your partner’s limits and keep communication open and constant during booty exploration.

Does your partner want to try exploring with fingers and toys, or do they just want to test the waters with a little tongue action or maybe a butt massage? Keep your hands and nails clean and tidy, ensuring nails are cut with no sharp edges or hangnails.

If your partner is an anal beginner, get lubed up as always, take it slow when inserting anything, and if they’re into it, look into some first time anal sex toys.

How to receive anal

Take it slow! We know it’s tempting to go big, but don’t let your eyes be bigger than your booty. Start small and work up to your hole goals with training anal toys.

You also want to make sure your butt is properly prepped and ready to go. Skip back to our how to prepare for anal section above so you can live your anal play fantasies to their fullest.

We know it’s tempting to go big, but don’t let your eyes be bigger than your booty.

And yes, we know, we know, we keep harping on about lubricant…but lube for anal is your best friend when getting ready for someone to touch your tushie! Foreplay and lube go hand-in-hand, so get sexy and focus on your hottest erogenous zones from nipples to clitoris to earlobes… The more relaxed and aroused you are, the better you and your butt are going to feel.

Read on for anal tips on training, how to pleasure yourself anally, anal for beginners, and anal sex positions!

How to pleasure yourself anally

A fit person arching their back and showcasing their glutes

Whether you’re an anal extraordinaire or just a beginner, adding anal masturbation to your self-love schedule can be super fulfilling. The prep remains the same – give your booty a quick once over in the shower or whip out some baby wipes, make sure you’re relaxed and feeling sexy, keep hygiene and lube in mind, and warm yourself up with foreplay.

Exploring with fingers is a great way to start. You might feel a little awkward, but that’s okay! Change positions until you’re comfortable, you might find that placing a pillow under your lower-back or butt will help you get the best angle and easy access. A nice big pump of lubricant will make inserting a finger or two easy-peasy, trial different depths and pressures until you feel climax is near.

Introducing toys can elevate your sexy solo session. If you’re ready to take the plunge, try out a butt plug, an anal vibe, prostate massager, or an anal training kit if you’re thinking of exploring bigger things.

Anal sex positions

Now that you’re all ready and warmed up, let’s dive right in! If you’re wondering about the best position for anal sex, well, there are many.

Much like P in V penetration, you can get down in any way you like. Don’t worry if you’re nervous, you’ve already taken in our tips for getting prepared and how to orgasm from anal – continue reading so you can hit the spot just right.

Anal beginners of course want to start slow, and communication is always key. Jump ahead to our anal for beginners section for the low down on anal positions for beginners and more.

Positions for gay anal sex

As you know, prostate stimulation can be one of the most pleasurable kinds of play to enjoy. If you’re looking for the best gay anal sex positions for men loving men and non-binary penis owners, you’ve come to the right place.

Doggy Style

Now this is probably one of the most well known sex positions, and people love it for good reason! Another beginner-friendly position, it offers lots of versatile options when playing and also allows for deeper penetration if you’re looking for the best position for deep anal sex.

Get into position by having the receiver on all fours, as the giver kneels or stands behind them (if you want to stand, try having the receiver up on the bed while the giver stands on the floor). As the giver has the most control, they’ll be setting the pace – go slowly and make sure you’re warmed up and comfortable.

Want to elevate the position? Ask the giver to reach around and stimulate you from the front too!

Backside Lotus

If you want to get really intimate, this one is perfect for you, allowing for a massive make out sesh and maximum eye contact – it’s also great if you’re wanting deep penetration.

How does it work? To get into position, have the giver sit on the bed or couch – you want something soft with a little bit of bounce underneath you. When ready, the receiver simply climbs onto the giver’s lap, slowly sliding down into place. Go as fast or as slow as is comfortable, once you’ve found your rhythm, anal orgasm is inevitable!

Positions for hetero anal sex

Whether a beginner or a regular anal pro, you of course want to find your top anal sex positions.

Hetero couples looking for the best anal sex positions can really benefit from all of the anal positions for beginners further down in this article, but if you want a great one that offers room for clitoral stimulation and even (consensual!) domination then The Snake is your new go-to.

The Snake

Wondering how it works? Have the receiver start on their knees while they rest their chest on the best, then the giver simply enters from behind. If the receiver wants it a little deeper or feels like bringing clitoral stimulation into the mix, simply raise the hips up for the perfect angle.

What to do after anal sex

You might be feeling a bit *ahem* farty after booty play, but don’t be alarmed! This is simply your body’s way of getting rid of the air that gets trapped inside the anus during penetration – it’s not actually a fart.

It might be embarrassing, but just fart it all out. Try running the bathroom tap if you really don’t want your partner to hear, but honestly, who doesn’t giggle when they hear a fart?

There’s no need to douche afterwards, just keep an eye on your butt and monitor how it’s feeling. It’s normal to feel more sensitive than usual afterwards, so treating yourself to a nice warm bath is a great way to relax after your anal adventure.

A mild soap will do the trick when tidying up, be mindful of any sensitivities you’re experiencing and give yourself a gentle clean. If you laid any towels down, chuck them straight into the wash.

It’s normal to feel more sensitive than usual afterwards, so treating yourself to a nice warm bath is a great way to relax

Communicate with your partner and praise them for the pleasure they’ve just given you, or talk to them about anything you didn’t like or things you’d like to try next time.

While a little bit of blood if you are experiencing an anal tear is normal, keep an eye on it. Small accidents do happen, but if you’re in a lot of pain or notice a large amount of blood in your stools or changed bathroom behaviour – it’s best to check in with your GP to be on the safe side.

Anal for beginners

Firstly, let us just say that booty play can feel really darn good! You’re obviously interested in giving it a go if you’re here, and go you. Empower yourself with knowledge before embarking upon this new adventure.

It’s all about communication, prep, and being relaxed, so let’s start with how to introduce anal play to your relationship.

How to introduce anal play

Couple talking and setting boundaries
Consent is sexy! Establish boundaries before introducing any anal play.

There’s nothing sexier than consent! Establish boundaries with your partner, have an open and honest conversation about what you’re willing to explore, whether you want to bring sex toys into your anal play, and even select a safe word if that’ll make you feel more secure.

Sometimes it can get messy, and that’s totally fine and normal – we’re all human, right! Put a towel down first so you can indulge in worry-free play. This also helps to ensure that your sheets don’t get stained if using silicone-based lubricants, which can be harder to remove from bedding.

In case you missed it, check out our section above on how to prepare for anal – you’ll definitely want to prep beforehand. We look at top tips to get ready for your new pleasure adventure so you’re comfortable, relaxed and ready to go. While not essential, some may feel better by cleaning themselves with an anal douche first. Read our step-by-step guide above on how to anal douche before diving in.

Foreplay for anal sex is of course a must too, this can include exploring with fingers first and even introducing toys. You want to be warmed up and in a really sexy mood, ready for the fun to come and aware of your limits and boundaries.

Anal positions for beginners

The Lap Dance

This is absolutely one of the best anal sex positions for beginners as the receiver has full control, allowing them to ease into their first anal experience as deeply or as shallow as they’re comfortable with.

Simply have the giver sit on the edge of the bed, couch or a seat while the receiver stands in front, facing away from their partner. When you’re ready, sit down and embrace the new sensations going as fast, slow, and as deep as you like.

This anal sex position isn’t as intimate as some others, but try caressing each other as you go to feel a stronger connection.


Who doesn’t love missionary? It’s a great way to feel ultra-close to your partner, and is totally beginner-friendly. The anal sex missionary position means the giver will have more control in terms of how deep they go – so communication is key!

This one is super easy, have the receiver lay on their back, with the giver on top in the perfect position for penetration. You may need a slightly higher angle for missionary anal sex, so try propping a pillow under the receiver’s hips for some extra help getting the angle just right.

Don’t forget lots of eye contact for an even more intimate moment, and keep checking in with each other as you go.


As the receiver, if you like being in control or are having your first anal experience learning your limits – then this one’s for you. Easily take control and ride your partner however you like it most. Fast, slow, find your rhythm and get ready for a big anal orgasm.

So, how do you do it? The giver is the one that lays on their back this time, with the receiver on top straddling them with their knees on either side. When ready, the receiver simply lowers themselves onto the giver until comfortable.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, play with reversing the position! Have the receiver face away from the giver for an extra wild ride, but keep in mind reversing the position is a lot more work than your standard cowgirl/cowboy. So maybe save this for when you’re both feeling more confident.

First-time anal sex toys

As a first-timer, the wide array of anal sex toys can seem overwhelming. You want to start small before taking on any bigger commitments. The Frisky Beginners Bum Ticklers are a perfect example of this, featuring three novice-sized ticklers so you can explore at your own pace.

Butt plugs and anal training kits are great if you want to work your way up to bigger things. Keep reading for a full debrief on anal training and getting your booty ready for the main event.

Anal training

Different sized anal training plugs
Work your way up to bigger and better things with training anal toys.

What is anal training?

It’s like the gym, but for your butt! Like any muscle, your anus needs to be trained so you can move on to bigger and better things. As a booty beginner, you won’t be ready for that eight-inch dildo you’ve got your eye on – but soon you will be.

It’s like the gym, but for your butt!

Does anal training work?

We often get this question, and anal training absolutely does work! Inserting something inside yourself that’s too big before you’re ready can cause discomfort, so we highly recommend investing in training anal toys.

Anal training kits come in a wide array of bright and beautiful designs, so you can gently stretch your way to greatness.

If a kit isn’t your style, have a browse at our range of butt plugs and start small from three to four inches in length. These smaller plugs will often be less girthy so you can get comfortable at your own pace.

How to train for anal

You want to start with the smallest size first, and get used to the sensations. When inserting the cute little butt plug you just got or a plug from your new anal training kit, make sure you’re starting with the smallest size first, using the appropriate lube, and go slowly.

Once you feel ready for the next size, go for it! The aim of the game is to work your way up without causing yourself any pain or discomfort.

Anal toys

So, you’ve got your anal lube handy, and using it with toys is just as important as during penetration. Don’t forget if you’re using silicone toys you want a water-based lubricant so you don’t damage your toys, but silicone-based lubes are perfect for glass or metal products and will last longer.

If you’ve graduated your anal training course and are ready for more, try anything from butt plugs, to anal balls and beads, to anal sex toys for couples – the world is your oyster!

Anal toys for women

Many vagina owners love the sensation of a butt plug, as it causes a full or ‘stuffed’ sensation, which can be especially pleasurable during penetration.

Vibrating anal stimulators only add to the pleasure, adding extra sensations that can take people over the edge. Remote controlled anal toys are also super popular because of their hands-free convenience, plus there’s also the option of handing the remote over to a partner for a truly wild time.

Anal toys for guys

The range of anal toys for guys and penis owners is huge! An anal orgasm is never far away when playing with prostate stimulators and massagers specifically designed to hit the p-spot.

Give an anal stimulator a go for different sensations, and step it up a notch with a vibrating stimulator.

Some cock rings even feature anal plugs or stimulators, so when the ring is restricting blood flow to the penis to create an ultra-hard and prolonged erection, there’s a little something extra to enjoy in the backdoor.

Anal sex toys for couples

With so many diverse and beautiful couples around, there are just as many anal sex toys for couples to match.

Anal training kits are perfect for couples wanting to dip their toe into the booty play pond, meaning they can work up to full penetration or incorporating larger toys into their routine in no time.

Strap-ons are especially popular with men wanting to be penetrated anally by their partner. They allow roles to be reversed which can be especially empowering for both parties, as well as opening up new worlds of pleasure for the receiver. But they’re not only for hetero couples, women in same sex relationships can benefit from a strap-on too, both anally and vaginally – check out our Top 10 Toys for Same Sex Couples article for more.

For those really wanting to get wild, a remote controlled anal toy will really spice up date night whether staying in or going out for a night on the town.

How to use anal beads

Different sets of anal beads on yellow background
Pop anal beads in and out for thrilling sensations.

Anal beads are made from all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are long with many beads, some are shorter with only a few beads, and some might have big, weighted beads for a more intense sensation.

With their looped retrieval cords, you don’t have to worry about the beads getting lost in your butt. Once inserted, you might not feel them as much, but when inserting or removing a bead, the sensation can be truly orgasmic.

Lube yourself and the beads up first, and know that you don’t have to insert the whole string in one go. Insert as many or as little as you like, pop, pop, popping them in and out as you please, so you can figure out which sensation you like the most.

How to use a butt plug

Woman holding a butt plug and anal beads
Anal beads or butt plug? Both offer amazing, but different sensations.

Butt plugs are specifically designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place. They can give users a delightful ‘full feeling’, and many vagina owners love using them during penetration for this reason.

Featuring a flared base for safety so they don’t get sucked inside by the strong muscle that is your butt, plugs also feature a tapered end for easy insertion, and the base will help with removal too.

When you’re ready to insert, lube up your butt and the toy for smooth insertion. Inhale and slowly insert the plug into the anus, going as slowly as you need to. If your partner is doing the inserting for you, try missionary or doggy style for easy access.

Anal FAQs

Need more anal advice? Take a peek at some of our most frequently asked questions about butt stuff.

Does anal hurt?

While it’s normal to feel some discomfort the first couple of times you try anal, no it shouldn’t hurt. If you’re experiencing pain, you’re likely not doing it correctly (i.e. not prepared or relaxed enough, not using enough lube…) or maybe it’s just not for you – and that’s okay too.

Follow our tips earlier in this article on how to prepare for anal, the right lube for anal, and as always, keep a constant communication loop going with your partner so you can have a feel-good time.

As mentioned in the section above about foreplay for anal sex, be super careful when using numbing or ‘desensitising’ lube for anal. It might be tempting to remove the discomfort completely, but it also makes it hard to know if you’ve taken your play too far, and makes it harder to detect potential tears that may occur.

It might be tempting to numb your bum, but this can also make it harder to detect any irritation or internal damage.

Is anal sex safe?

When properly done, yes! Anal sex is as safe as any other type of sex, ensuring you’re taking the right precautions and using the right essentials.

Your booty isn’t self-lubricating like the wonder that is the vagina, so always, always, always have lube on hand. This not only heightens the sensations that you’re going to experience, but also eliminates discomfort and the risk of friction, and injuries such as tears to the internal or external tissues of your anus.

Don’t forget hygiene – thoroughly clean up afterwards, and of course clean yourself or any toys if going from anal to vaginal penetration to stop the risk of spreading bacteria from the booty to the coochie.

Should you do anal with a condom?

Open condom and wrapper metallic background
Safe sex is the best kind of sex! Keep condoms handy for any sexual activity.

It might not be the sexiest thing you can think of, but we think safety is sexy! A lot of people wonder, “should you do anal with a condom?” And the answer is a big resounding yes.

Although the risk of pregnancy isn’t there, using a condom during anal sex substantially reduces the risk of the transmission of STIs. Keep in mind you want to use a water-based lubricant with condoms, as oil-based can weaken latex and other condom materials causing damage or even breakage.

Can I eat before anal sex?

You absolutely can! There are certain foods you should stay away from though, just to be on the safe side.

Steer clear of dairy for a couple of days if you’ve got a sexy booty rendezvous planned, as well as fatty foods like junk foods and red meats as the digestive tract doesn’t break these down as well as other high-fibre foods.

While not essential to anal play, eliminating these foods from your diet before your session can give you peace of mind and allow you to be more comfortable during your session.

So, no need to starve yourself! The best thing you can do is maintain a high-fibre diet to keep your system clean and regular.

Want more?