10 Tips For Covert Solo Sessions

Your Guide To Using Toys When Others Are Home

Whatever the reason, many of us around the world have been shacking up with loved ones more than ever before – and this has had quite an impact on our solo sex lives!

When you’re living alone or with a partner, it can be easier to figure out your schedules and find any time is a good time to indulge in some self-play with your toys.

Now that COVID-19 has rocked the world and brought us all back to living with more roommates than we initially hoped for, there’s less opportunity to whip out the old faithful rabbit because the paper-thin walls have your family sleeping on the other side!

Shhh! Woman with finger over mouth
Want to know how to have a discreet solo session? Read on!

So how can you get your rocks off and have a good time with your toys when you’re locked inside with other people?

It’s not an impossible task, but you have to think strategically – no more pulling out the vibrator whenever you feel like it, but we’ve got a few handy tips for you to be cunningly quiet and reach orgasm at home.

1. Didn’t you know I was redecorating?

When it comes to being in lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation, you name it – you’re going to have moments when you’re absolutely bored beyond compare – which is a great excuse to say “I’m redecorating my room”.

Your roommates will think it’s because you’ve got nothing else to do, but in fact you can redecorate and move your furniture, especially your bed, so that others can’t hear you as easily when you’ve got a vibrating helper!

Think about where your bed sits and where your roommates or family’s beds are – are your beds against the same wall? Find a space your bed fits well in your room and isn’t going to rock the house down when you’re reaching O-town!

2. Sound check, one two, one two!

Not just for singers at concerts, sound checking your room – once you’ve redecorated of course – will help you figure out exactly how loud your favourite g-spot vibrator with clitoral suction is!

Best to do this test when no-one’s home: grab your vibrator and set it on your bed on full blast, leave the room and close your door.

Head to the kitchen, office, hallway, even the bedroom next door and listen out for your vibrator. Sometimes it’s not as loud as you think it is, and with these next few tips you can make it sound even quieter when you’re putting it to work!

Woman listening
Doing a sound check around your home is a great way to get started.

3. Nighty night, sleep tight!

This is a really cheap tip because it doesn’t require much else but waiting around for night to fall and for your roommates or family to hit the hay.

If you’ve managed to move your bed and test out the sound of your vibrator by now, you’ll know the coast is clear when everyone’s gone to bed and you’re ready to ride the train to Pleasuretown!

During a pandemic or living with shift workers, it can be harder to analyse and know everyone’s schedules because work is pretty fluid – your parents might be working in the home office through the night, or your roommate might be an essential worker, which can be tricky waiting for everyone to fall asleep if their sleep schedules are different.

Try to get ahead of the curve and have a rough idea of everyone’s schedules that day, so you can plan your forth-cumming climax in your own schedule!

4. Shhhh, we’re working in here

The next best thing to do when you’ve pulled out all the stops is to find a toy that has a silent mode! Most toys today are designed with neighbours in mind, so you’ll find plenty that have ‘whisper’ modes, like the Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral vibrator that’s your very own silent assassin.

If you’re looking for a deeper sensation that also works for clitoral pleasure, try something that’s powerful yet quiet like the best-seller Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator, perfect for getting your rocks off as quiet as a mouse!

Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrator
Gigi 2 features powerful yet quiet vibrations.

5. It’s shower time!

Everyone’s gotta shower at some point, right? We hope so! Now that you’ve got some personal time all to yourself, you can really start to let go and embrace yourself – take in the hot water caressing your body, the soapy suds getting you clean, and the saucy toys getting you dirty!

So this is the perfect opportunity for you to go H.A.M down there because it’s your private time; why not grab a rabbit vibrator with a suction cup base or fancy yourself with a chubby suction cup base dildo to really go to town in the shower.

Remember to bring some trusty water based lube because water itself won’t get the job done. If you’re using a glass or metal toy, luxury silicone based lubricant is even more stable under the shower water!

6. Turn up the tunes

Another great way to help drown out the noise of your vibrator and your moaning is to have something on your speakers or the TV going.

Listen or watch something you usually do, like a loud episode of your favourite TV show (mine’s the cabaret episode in Schitt’s Creek), or play your favourite artist’s music on loud – but not too loud or you’ll have fists banging on your door telling you to turn it down… or even worse, walking in on you!

Phone and speakers playing music
Let the music play!

7. When the cat’s away…

Your roommates are at work or have gone out for the night, or your parents are heading to dinner, and you’ve just realised you’ve got a full hour or so alone in the house? Brilliant! Bring out the toys you’ve been dying to use this whole time and let them have it!

Take full advantage of no-one being at home – I say leave the door wide open, get your favourite tunes on and absolutely let loose, you deserve it! It’s time for that party in your pants, don’t let it go to waste.

8. There’s no place like home

Okay, so everyone’s back at home and you’ve got to find a way to get your sexual tension released – and no one is going anywhere fast.

Time to soundproof your room! Shut the door, grab a towel or blanket that’s nearby and stuff it under the door – make sure your windows are closed and your phone isn’t going to accidentally butt-dial someone.

Take it to the next level, if you dare, and invest in a lock for your bedroom door; not only will this save you on peace of mind, but it’ll save a huge embarrassing moment if someone storms into your room unannounced while your hands are full of your new Envy Air Pulse Stimulation Vibrator!

Wild Secrets Envy
Envy is perfect for every collection.

9. Double down, down there

On top of soundproofing your room, laying on your stomach while fondling with your toys can actually help suffocate the sound! Not only that, it feels like a deeper sensation because you’re adding friction and pressure into the mix – why not grab a pillow and straddle it for dear life?

If you’re wanting a little pressure laying on your back, grab a weighted blanket to help crush the sound and put good pressure on your suction & vibration clitoral stimulator (the blanket is also super helpful for restless sleepers too).

10. Are you a risk taker?

If you’re into something a little more daring, why not try wearing a vibrating g-spot bullet around the house? When no-one’s in the living room, turn it on with the remote control and live life on the edge.

Go even further with some vibrating underwear and give your partner the remote at family dinner; they’ll have total control of your stimulation down there, and you’ll have to do your best to keep a straight face in front of everybody!